APOSIMZ 013 (2018) (Digital) (danke-Empire)

>APOSIMZ 013 (2018) (Digital) (danke-Empire)

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Thank you as usual, danke.

>black cover
He wishes to toy with us. To torture us; for what!?

God bless you.
I think tankobons are going to be published in my country soon so there's two good news today.

When he finished the cover, he realized he had used up all his ink. Shoot, how could this have happened yet again, he thought, as his daughter asked him whether he was finally drawing something interesting like Shingeki no Kiyojin through the half open door.


Thank you for your hard work.

Is this actually good? I haven't bothered to read it after the preview or whatever it was came out and the pages were like 95% white

Take a guess.

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I like the aesthetic, its not like its totally barren and only filled white swath of nothing like webtoon/phone manga.I dont know if its good but I enjoyed the laser beam fights and the world.

It could be good if he removed about 70% of all the text. It's already very straightforward, yet every little thing that happens has to be explained textually for some reason.
It's extremely annoying. Like one guy obviously fails to transfrom and some background character says 'Oh he failed to transform'. Then someone uses a air attack - some of the characters have magic-like element manipulation abilities - and a background character says 'Ouah, he used a air attack!'.

Blame > Biomega > Abara > Sidonia > Aposimz

Read in order to truly enjoy the Niheiverse.

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Biomega was not better than Abara. Abara had an ending.

I second this post.
It's also interesting to notice that Nihei got progressivly more literal in his writing and plots, with Aposimz spelling pretty much everything out to the reader.
Biomega is a little more sloppy than Blame but despite the fast pacing it still retains subtelty and ambiguity. Nihei gave that up for the sake of becoming popular.

A thought which I had originally refrained from posting in response to was that maybe Nihei doesn't even like Aposimz; it's just an expression of spite towards his family and friends.

>"when I finished Blame, my parents and friends told me they didn't understand anything. So I tried to make something simpler with Biomega. When I showed them they said they didn't understand anything again. So I made Sidonia, and when I showed them they said "yeah, it's a bit more clear, but I didn't really understand well"

Do you think Nihei is the type of artist who will lose some of his skill when he stops using it. Will he be theoretically able to draw something like Biomega again after finishing Aposimz or will he never be able to reach that quality again?

>Nihei is a genius born in a family of dimwits

Haha, what a cruel fate for a writer.
>Kafka-kun, why don't you write something interesting like Charles Dickens?

I very much doubt this.
I think the problem is that he's aware his stories can be somewhat hard to follow, but he himself doesn't understand why. The real problems of his stories are weird pacing, transitions from scene to scene that aren't clear, seemingly random time skips, things like that. It has more to do with the whole structure of his manga than with a sheer lack of information.
So he's been trying to make his manga easier to understand by making stories more simple and spoonfeeding information to the readers. By doing that he not only fails at correcting the original problem but he also removes a big part of the charm his older works had.
I think it comes from a good intention, but he's very misguided with his new manga. Though I still have hope it gets better since there isn't really all that much to change in order to turn Aposimz into something cool.

That reminds me, what's the verdict on the re-release of Blame now that it's complete?
Last time I heard of it people were complaining about the translation and the art being worse in some cases.

I find the world boring, the characters boring, the fights scenes are stiff and lack any excitement and the art is meh.

I think I'm done. I tried to give it a chance but I can't keep going.

>people were complaining about the translation and the art being worse in some cases
That remains true.

The only translation complaint which has been redacted is the one about the passage from the book that Killy reads in the first volume. It turns out that the passage, along with the general scenario of that moment, was an homage/reference to a short story from an obscure sci-fi collection. See pic. Incidentally, the story may also serve as the skeleton for the overarching plot of Blame - concerning the Netsphere Terminal genes. The story is about a strange quest to find someone on the planet with a Y chromosome.

"Kyrii" is still impossibly and unforgivably wrong.

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