Thunderbolt fantasy thread

Many new photos this week

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Damn those 3D models are shit

They are puppets

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I thought these things are based on Taiwanese traditional puppet shows. Why is everyone fabulous?

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Was Liè Mèi secretly a target of sexual fantasy and affection by many Genkishu goons ? Like many of them secretly sexualy fantasize about her, like fat Shāng did in the movie

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The designer are Japanese artist, plus, even in Taiwan, they are fabulous now

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Duck did nothing wrong

Ugh, I need to get around watching this.

Curse my laziness.

I hadn't noticed before how much underboob the puppet itself had.

Why was this deleted?

I made an accidental mistake, sorry,
I will re post it again

They evolve
the most traditional puppet looks like this
,they are small like a gloves, which is where their name came form.

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Than they become like this in the 60’s~70's.
The the puppets became bigger and able to have mouse and eyes movement

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>mouse movement
But is interesting how much they changed, just the detail from the ones on the 90s versus the ones from TBF is astounding.

From that point on, through 80's~90,
the puppets become bigger and more details and good looking, here are some examples of female form that era

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can't see shit captain

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Another example of this era

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2000 ~now is known as the morden era, witch is what we see mostly now.
Just the puppets become become better and better looking

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>3D models

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