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right looks less like deivantart design so i like it better

Design? SSJ4 is more creative, but the magic pants are so gay it makes it worse.

Power? SSB is obviously more powerful.

SS4blue when?

>Blanco > SSBlue
>SSJ4 > Blanco

> SSJ4 > SSBlue


>the one that is entirely original and is an interesting concept for a saiyan transformation is more deviantart that recolor OC donut steel over there
pedros will bend over backwards to defend DBS

>magic pants

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>magic pants
pants are the only part of the design that makes sense

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Blue would turn 4 into a fucking furball.

>literal recolor looks less like a deviantart design
I don't even like SS4 and I know you're full of shit.

SSJ4 >>>> a cheap ass recolor.
Also powerlevel is irrelevant long ago

Why the FUCK does Vegeta's hair become BROWN? Also ORANGE for Gogeta.
I mean I can accept the everything else no problem but why would his hair color change when Goku's doesn't?

SSB looks really cool.

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for sure my man i agree but i disagree

god what atrocious artstyle

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But it genuinely looks good.

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>Why the FUCK does Vegeta's hair become BROWN?
same reason vegetto does it. vegeta hair is actualy realy dark brown

>Also ORANGE for Gogeta.
Its actualy RED. goku got ki from pan, goham, trunks and goten before fusing with vegeta
Gogeta is a SSG 4

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Vegeta in a diferent lighting showing his real hair

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and from Z

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>right looks less like deivantart design

You're a lying faggot, it's a literal re-color it doesn't get more deviant art than that. Just look at Sonic shit.

>winning a fight
HAHAHA good one

>chaning official colors

maybe is just more clear looking because they are constant on fire or some bullshit?
i didnt designed those

Toriyama-esque, amazingly thoughtful and fitting designs for the Dragon Ball universe.

Fanart, furfag shit and it looks like Toriyama hired some western weeb to design them for him - doesn't even hav toriyama's signature artstyle

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How could you possibly think that? They go from naked apes to pants-wearing dudes. In DB, Goku was always naked following oozaru form. Same with Gohan in DBZ. Vegeta didn't in DBZ because he had expanding clothes. Magic pants make no sense.

SS4 > lazy palette swaps

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i miss spikes in animes
i realy do

what about gotenks growing clothes after fusion

or vegetto's gi becoming blue


SSJ is strong enough to undo magic from shenron so might be some kind of clothes magic like piccolo clothes beam

I like both SS4 and SSB

The one that actually looks like the ultimate form of apemen looks way better than the one who's just applying hair dye

But SSJ4 isn't done by that senile hack Toriyama so it's bad!

In all honesty though dragonball has been shit since namek. There's no point arguing over what's good or bad since then because it's all garbage.
They'll keep shitting out "new forms" for the saiyans and you guys will keep going "WOAH so cool!"

>base goku hair but longer
>but furry body but stops at mantits
>dude it somehow turns goku back into an adult
>dude detransforming brings your clothes back

>ss1 Spike hair
>ss2 spikier and slightly longer hair
>ss3 more and spikier hair and monkey face
>ss4 Spiked hair in all direction and more hair all over the body and a and monkey face

There is a pattern

>normal but red
>ss hair but blue
>normal hair but white
doesnt follow the pattern

>base goku but stronger!
>red/blue/white hair!!
>he got bukkaked by pure hearted hillbillies so now he kills gods!!!

too hard to animate just make everyone bald and round

It could be worse, he could be magically regaining all his stamina and energy the moment he power ups.


>no arguement
as expected of a rejected furfag

>>no arguement
>ill ignore the posts that gave me arguments and just respond to the one that doesnt
As expect from a tumblr sonic fan

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>posting le nint*ddler nigger

>complaining about the image itself and not understanding the BASIC concept behind REACTION images


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>trying to fit in so hard with epic bain image

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>SSJ4 is Skull Greymon
>SSGSSB is Metal Greymon
All there is to it. One occurs when shit goes wrong, the other occurs as an interesting in-between to a better form.

>no you

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