How does it feel knowing a 10/10 (perfect) anime will never exist in your lifetime if at all

how does it feel knowing a 10/10 (perfect) anime will never exist in your lifetime if at all

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are you 16?

taste is subjective so theres ones out there that I believe to be 10/10 and i'm comfortable with that
not that I would list them here because everyone will just tell me they're shit

I'm 20 years old. Every single 10/10 anime that could exist out there aired before I was born. There hasn't been anything as great as LOGH, Eva, or Gundam 0079 ever since I was born.

Happy. If such anime existed watching anything else would feel like complete shit.

>what is code geass
>what is gundam seed
>what is steins gate
>what is nhk ni youkose

I don't know how much I'd insist that they're 10/10 but there are two currently running manga that will probably be in my top 10 depending on where the story goes with them as they go on. "I was born in the wrong generation" is a something felt by teenagers.

Nothing is ever truly perfect, so I'm fine with it.

There is only on good anime on that list

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou was extremely recent.

there is no 10/10 anime

If it’ll never exist then there isn’t a point in worrying about it.

Why is Karen so shit? She ruined the whole episode.

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I wish I could be as cool as you and not like as many things as you don't. It's such a shame to enjoy things.

>A 10/10 anime doesn't ex-

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i want to shag karen

but user, haruhi exists

Ping Pong The Animation already exists though

I was born in the wrong generation bros................

Haikyuu was good, but it wasn't even as good as Kuroko no Basket.

>as good as Kuroko no Basket.

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