What stand would you rather have in real life?

What stand would you rather have in real life?

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Star Platinum, desu.

Being able to summon Superman at will is all kinds of useful. And hopefully I'd be able to train myself to use timestop with enough effort.

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Hey Ya! Good luck is always useful


>tfw spend my entie time looking for a dimension where my sister didn't die

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Heaven’s door

I can commit any crime and get away with it as long as I tamper with their books.


Gold Experience Requiem

Put my enemies in eternal misery and pain


Main villain Stand I want the most is Killer Queen, JoJo Stand would be Crazy Diamond.


>in real life

If you have "enemies" in real life you might be autistic

Made in heaven. I'd speed up time untill part 5 release

>speeds up time to the heat death of the universe

B.I.G. so I could kms


Hey yeah

>not wanting to live a comfy life by just healing pro athletes or something and work for whatever team for whatever sport pays the most
>basically not even work, just fucking touch an injured player and heal them and make fucking millions since every team ever would want you since they wouldn't even need to invest in a second string
Crazy Diamond is clearly the best option

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>Not wanting the two stands that can do all of that and also do pretty much anything ever
Go Over Heaven or go home.

Gold Experience, but not Requiem.
Being able to create anything on the fly is amazing. Plus I'm Pre-Med so I know the chemical configuration for a lot of anesthetics and painkillers. I'd just become a miracle worker and rack fat stacks on booty cracks from being the best doctor in the world.

Alternatively I have an idea of my own stand which is based on using DISCs to digitize objects and combine them into new objects like Tron.

Hey Ya! doesn't give you good luck, it just makes you feel better about yourself and offers helpful advice.

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Oh fuck man. Me too.

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Killer Queen:Bites the dust
I could use do overs some days
My condolences

Nah there were straight cases of good ass luck.

Italian spaget one

hierophant green so i can tentacle rape everyone and their moms

That's not how MiH works.

>implying anime only wiki readers know how it works


The Hand, I could definitely use it better than Nijimura-kun.

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Pearl Jam.

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How can you even figure out something like this if each stand is catered to the individual?

Star Platinum
Aside from Time Stop, he can draw pretty good. Finally my dream of making comics can come true, and deadlines wouldn't be a problem. I'd basically be Rohan.

>Get kidnapped by the government or some other group after they learn about your magical healing powers

I'd rather use it for just myself if any of my stuff breaks.

King Crimson, of course. Considered the average IQ of world governments you could easily conquer the world with it.
Literally fucking invicible until some fucker like you shitters pulls out from their ass Gold Experience Requiem and other retarded stands

A less edgy choice would be Heaven's Door. Much more useful overall, I'd probably use it to get a gf, get super bad about it after a while because she wouldn't actually love me for real, and kill myself

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>get hammond
>stop aging


You are the only one that's correct. These fags think they're going to be fighting epic stand battles. Why not have something practical?

it's not working too well for the man himself

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>implying most stands posted here don't have practical purposes on top of being able to fight

the World so I could touch girls boobies whenever I wanted

Reminder you would never be able to use The World if you were living. You'd have to be undead to perfect it hence why DIO got it. If he was a regular human he would've gotten a completely different Stand.

killer Queen so I could blow up girls boobies whenever I wanted

>buy completely destroyed technology for cheap
>fix with CD
>sell at a profit
How is it that everyone in this thread doesn't pick this?


king Crimson so I could confuse girls boobies whenever I wanted

All of them. Isnt this the obvious answer?

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Heaven's Door is probably the most practical and broken stand there is so that.
>You will donate a billion dollars to me
>you will let me fug
>etc, etc...

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Winner winner chicken dinner

Harvest isn't the most powerful stand in JoJo, but what kind of autist would choose a combat-focused stand in a world where the majority of people have no reason to fight?

Harvest would make me rich in no time. Shigechi's morals kept him from utilizing Harvest's money gathering potential to its fullest potential, but I would have no such problem. Harvest's range is wide enough that it can spread throughout an entire city. Just go somewhere densely populated, set the fuckers to collect any sweet loose change and cash that they find and bring it to me.

Also, they can gather pretty much anything you want. It's like having an army of tiny, infinitely loyal servants.

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Also they're super cute and can get you drunk instantly (probably not a good idea to use for that purpose very often).

Heaven's door.
> unlimited memory and mind control
> memory reading
> can send people's souls to hell
> can cause physical effects on people ("this person has no cancer and lives forever")

Baby Face seems like it would be fun to use.

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I would choose CD. Become rich as a anonym superhealer.

Would you still want to have a stand if other stand users existed in real life?

following jojo logic stand users attract, you could easily get your shit fucked up

I'll have magical kung-fu breathing instead. And the good one from part 1, not the nonsense from part 2

[Money for nothing]: Everything it touches becomes into shit

That was just Pocoloco's own thing, nigga was extremely lucky from birth.

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I'd only want Za Waurdo..

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Killer Queen so i can kill roasties without being jailed.

Geb so i can kill myself like N'doul

Last song you've listened is your「S T A N D N A M E」
powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Random this is your stand's power

>but what kind of autist would choose a combat-focused stand in a world where the majority of people have no reason to fight?
They can stealthily kill a target with poison from ages away with no serious risk to the user.
Harvest is broken af Heaven's door still better though.

Man you reek of virgin

>not choosing White Snake so that you can have literally all the powers you want.

If Stands are reality then Star Platinum or The World. If not or

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White Snake is only useful if other stand users exist.


Such a useful stand

>Can remodel things to make them weaker,repair and enhance literally ANYTHING. Doesn't matter if it's living or dead,it can fuck with it.
>While remodeling things it can fuck up so bad in the process it causes insta-death
>Its ability to repair can also replace lost body parts on the fly,even the users
>Basically can go full Tony Stark and make all sorts of shit out of goddamn scrap iron. From Ammo to Medical Kits

>Can drop a road roller out of goddamn nowhere and just have it smash the opponent

I still wish all the 7th Stand User stands got a Requirem form because this faggot would be so dumb

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> Not reading Part 7
Diago would like to have a word



Do we know the origin of paralel universe
Diegos the World?

If mandom can turn back time multiple times in a row .
>Just go to a roulette table and win
So any stand would kinda work for that .
But in reallity Natkingcole would be fun to use , just fucking around with people