Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku

>he loves older women
>he won't touch little girls
>she's an older woman in the body of a little girl
Being Arisa is suffering.

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>"Sniff, a person like me, it's alright to protect the membrane forever. I'll end alone in this world too."

>I'll end alone in this world too
Too heavy

She won't die this time, so she might not end alone since that end never comes.

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Lookin cool

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From left to right:
> elf
> best girl
> 17 again
> my power is depression
> dog
> other best girl - saberface
> cat
> kirito

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Do we know how old she was before she isekai'd?

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are the LNs only translated up to 4? I need my cot damn escapism fix NOW NOW NOW

anyone know who voiced the potions shop lady last episode? sounds so familiar and its bugging me

Blech... Lulu is HIDEOUS

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Just look at how ugly she is

LNs up to 4, WN up to Vol 16-40, Latest Manga chapters are basically the most recent episode of the show

thanks mate.
Damn, guess I might as well dive into the WN

If an older woman who is trapped in little girl body grows up, what would she become? Christmas cake²?

A super cake

Why do I get the urge to hug and protect her?

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because she's the most loyal and experienced at being a working slave but inexperienced at being a woman

because she’s secretly best girl

what do you mean "secretly", it's a known fact.

>No more Sena
>No more Dryad-chan
It's not fair

some people are ignorant, unfortunately

A crime

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Is that banana armor or something?

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It's more about him not touching anyone he feels is under his protection. He doesn't fuck any of the maturer ones, either.

But yeah, being Arisa is suffering.
>get shanked in your first life and die as virgin
>reborn in another world
>fall for the one guy who is basically god and can easily block every single one of your attempts

She's cute

>we'll never see the golden armor animated

Or this.

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It could get a second season. Crazier things have happened.

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I'll take one of those please

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I wish I was Pochi

Why would anyone want to be Pochi? She isn't that smart. Satou is the better choice.

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Nano desu all day

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That’s the face of suffering.

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The scales though

The anime scales are much worse than they should be, which is a good example of the quality of the rest of it.

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yeah, let's call those "scales"

Arisa a best.

Why is Arisa's voice so annoying?

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Why's it annoying?

probably coz she is not gobbing with my dick

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i watched one episode of this and really enjoyed the OST when he was in the forest.

ending theme is also really good.

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Reminds me of Ringo

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someone spoil me how he solves the (((merchant))) issues regarding the potions.

Best present

It could be better if it included Liza and Mia

Is this show similar to In Another World with My Smartphone in terms of wish fulfillment?

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this is such a shitty anime i think sao was better

How old is she really?

She starts at 11, plus probably at least 30 before she died.


What did they see?