Amanchu S2: The Return of Upyo


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I've died and gone to muppet hell.

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There's no escape.

Man, I want to fuck sensei.

I can't wait for more butt

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How far do you think S2 will go? Is it too much to hope that we'll have the entire Peter Pan arc? Either way I'm ready.

Three more months of glorious upyo are right around the corner

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Figures of diving Pikari and Teko WHEN?!

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I wonder if Teko's nervous farting has been cured?

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>1st day at a new high school
>Hear a spirited UPYO on the stairs
>Look up
>See this
Wat do, Sup Forums?

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I want to upyo upyo's upyos

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looks like somebody left this grill on the grill too long

The manga is better.

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Ye but scanlations are kill

not enough hmanga or fanart

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>look up raws
>Brown girl introduced a few volumes ago who was meeting Pikari in secret every week is now going on dates and stuff with her constantly while Teko watches from the bushes like a pervert.

What the hell happened?


I really hope not but they definitely will. Worst arc.

>Can't bring myself to lewd the Arias
>Have zero problems in lewding the Amanchus
Feels weird

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Yeah I had to double check that because he's still wearing a skirt, even when on their date in the latest chapter when he basically asks Pikari to marry him. The reveal basically happens like the next chapter after the last translated one which no one will do probably for the above reasons.

That's okay, yurifag translators suck anyways. You're better off learning moon.

>Wat do, Sup Forums?
Wonder what kind of school has an escalator installed

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I hope we get the chapter where Ane-chan forgets to wear panties. It's one of my favourites.

When is it airing? I'm kind of looking forward to it.

Is this the 'tism?

I just checked the lineup for next season. Holy shit, other than Amanchu it's the worst season I can remember in a long time.

But user, LoGH is airing and everyone loves LoGH.

That's a gay anime for gays without enough cute girls or cute things for them to do.

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Why the face looks like cooking mama?

>Piano no mori
>Golden Kamuy
>Hisone to Masotan

This season looks great to me.

But everyone who loves LoGH won't like the new LoGH because the character designs already show that shit is going to be bottom of the barrel fujoshit-pandering garbage.

No, it's tanoshii.

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It was a joke. They did everything in their power to make me hate the remake. It's a fucking travesty.

is this shitty aria?

It's really good and comfy but somewhat less good than ARIA ARIA.

Arias are pure, amanchus are slightly above average cgdct

Wait, S2 has already started? I need to get on this.

That face is what got me watching the show in the first place.

Take a close look at who made it.

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Good. I need to catch up on anime I've missed throughout the years. A shit season where I only watch 2-3 shows will allow me to do that.

I'm with you, there's a bunch I'm really looking forward to

I keep waiting for a backlog season but the closest I got was a year ago, and even then I still had 10 shows.

I want to anally penetrate the Upyo. Is this normal?

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No one has high expectations for Space Jam

I'll watch it if they strangle the butt-cat in the first episode.

I thought it was very clear that I was making a joke.

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My body is ready!

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god hes lucky

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Raws are out

Why did I like her in the manga but dislike her in the Anime?

J.C. Staff has 3 shows airing next season,

Sexiest combo ever.
Why did we never see her butt in tight jeans? Why??

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