Girls und Panzer

What'll ya have?

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Grape juice for adults.

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Welcome to the Salty Shark. How tough are you?


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Cuba Libre.

I don't know why, but everytime I look at her I get the feeling I've seen her get capped in Gungslinger Girl.


episode 2 next year

>Momo's suggestion to aggressively move on BC's flag tank at the very start of the battle was a much better idea than Miho's "Let's all cross this rickety wooden bridge at the same time idea".
In hindsight. But for the moment, none of Momo's plans actually worked.
Plot armor is plot armor but do you really have to exaggerate and ignore details to force the issue?

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I'll take one fluffy autist to go please

That dork over on stage, please.

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So, would Miho instinctively grabbing her and throwing her have been better or would that go against her peaceful image?

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17 year olds don't dress that classy.

Her awkwardly apologetic side works just fine.

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It's meant to be comedic, it was, leave it at that.

Why didn't they just TOTSUGEKI Marie at the start of the battle?

If you know the enemy is split up and disorganized isn't that the best tactic?

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One Bakahip please.

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WHY THE FUCK DOES THE FRENCH TEAM NOT HAVE B1's? This get me madder then it should but wtf. Also why is the japanese school a mix of all countries tanks? Did the author know their tanks were that shit?

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Was the stream announced ahead of time in the GuP threads?

Miho has some insane back strength.


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>Also why is the japanese school a mix of all countries tanks?
Do you mean Oorai? Because they don't have a theme. Chi-Ha-Tan is the Japanese themed school, and they use the right tanks.

Semen and cola.

Hold the cola.

nishizumi school of arts is canon as fuck!

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Oorai is too poor to buy tanks, they use whatever they can get their hands on.

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Is that what Sodoko was scrubbing off the floor?

Ooarai crews are all oddly gifted for some reason.

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best doujin

I love team shark and all, but what the fuck are they going to do in the future fights with that shit tank?

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has the movie been subbed already?

The main characters can't fail unless the plot demands it.

The OVA had me thinking, is it ground penetrating sonar if we're using it on a big ship?

the cola?

I merely wish to sit and bask in the beautiful sound of the alluring siren song. Also a Dr Pepper wouldn't go unappreciated.

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Please give Saori more screen time. She's the only Anglerfish who doesn't get any time in the spotlight.

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I'm not too sure about this but the two cannons on the side should still be decent.

Yeah, it's up on nyaa.

I love it. I've cum to it so many times.

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>high flying flag announcing "here I am, bitch"

Bait and/or improvised cover.

thanks mate, guess I'll have a relaxing sunday night GuP movie watching night.

Damn, guess I'll just have to watch more closely next time.

Poles in two years.

It would be hilarious if Alice joined them because Boko.

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rosehip has best hips!

>I love team shark and all, but what the fuck are they going to do in the future fights with that shit tank?
That was the point. The rule was that Anglerfish can't be given any new tank that was better than what they already got, and the director requested the IV. The idea isn't to have good tanks, but unique tanks.

>The rule was that Anglerfish can't be given any new tank that was better than what they already got
Is that an official rule or an implied one?

Use it as a roadblock?

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Imagine her doing this on your dick.

The fights are more interesting when they use shit tanks in creative ways

The primary advantage of that style of tank is that it can probably cross much larger gaps than the others.

>wants to go to a russian school
>sleeps instead of studying how to speak in russian
if neither of the big girls follow her she's screwed

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You know what's shocking? This is actually a pretty even match numerically.

10 tanks versus 9. This time Ooarai isn't an underdog by an actually matched competitor. Guess that's why instances of plot armor seem to be more egregious this time around.

If their tanks are crap they need plot armor to win which will become boring. Like seriously, Frogs should win this match in 2 minutes.

Not even one Ourai tank getting fucked on that bridge was ridiculous.

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Flint looks off-model for some reason.

The cannons are basically like early short-barrel Sherman cannons. It's not great but it not completely worthless.

>you will never get a job as a small bar piano player as your wife sings along side you

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are you kidding? that tank and that crew was made for each other! they can ram over everybody, dual weild those cannons while spinning and doing all kind of crazy pirate/ship things you can imagine

5 ARL-44 could just camp on top of a hill and Ourai could do nothing to them. It's not a close game at all.

>momo is a delinquent and dumb

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Especially now that the only bridge across the river is busted, they could just camp on that hill.

I'd like to take a moment to pray that our lord and savior BT-7 will show up at some point, and maybe race leopon team


>ywn give Murakami lingerie and make her feel like a woman.

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>ARLs not breaking down constantly

>make her feel like a woman.
Which in that universe, if the propaganda is to be believed, is someone who rides and controls a massive steel beast.

I can already imagine an Asian romance drama called "I Want to be Your Panzer"

why is katyusha so shit she ruined the whole ova

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So you dropped it before you saw the Tiger with NOS right?

Miho poisoned their drinks with carbon which effected their reasoning abilities.

Why are bullies so great.

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>I love team shark and all, but what the fuck are they going to do in the future fights with that shit tank?
The MK IV is "technically" a better tank than the Duck team. Not by much, but it sort of it. MK IV has armour that is almost as bad as the 89, but has a slightly better gun despite the nerfing of its range by having a shorter barrel.

I mean, it is still just a giant box with no armour to speak of. I am not denying that it is more of a joke than anything.

I am a proud Frenchman from California and I blame plot armor

>I am a proud Frenchman from California

Good one.

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I'm actually enjoying how fanarts keep making her fit instead of thicc

Yes, "gifted".

Compare to the Pravda battle. Momo championed a charge strategy, Miho tried to countermand her but was too timid and Momo was too forceful so they charged. This turned out to be a mistake.

Here, Momo championed a charge strategy, Miho wisely laid out an alternate strategy, Momo showed growth and restraint by listening to the more experienced commander. This also turned out to more or less be a mistake but that's just life.

Will Yukari finally get a quality doujin that isn't total fucking shit?

>ywn be dominated by a cute girl while role-playing as a tank being driven
Why even live?

>french winning ever

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Frogs need more porn.

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Boarding action when

>detailed map on an Etch n' Sketch
How is this possible?

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Don't bother. They'll just keep pushing the plot armor propaganda despite all the logic you throw at them.

>posts victorious pseudo-frenchies

So are they actually drinking alcohol or what?

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>rude spoiled bitch

I love her already.

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They mention in the episode that it's non-alcoholic, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to depict minor's drinking in Japan.

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