Devilman, Nagai & politics

I keep seeing posts here (maybe from one guy?) talking about how "Japan reads Devilman as a story about the student movements" and how that was the authorial intent, how Violence Jack was specifically a "Maoist" work because Jack says "the fruits of the land should belong to the people working the land, not the feudal lords" and also literally referring to Nagai as "honorary Antifa"

Is this just one guy projecting his very specific political leanings over the extremely far-reaching truisms in his work like "racial genocide is bad" or "war is bad" or am I just ignorant of the actual cultural background of his work?

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The only Nagai quote I can find on the subject is
>Q: Do you often deal with social and political issues in your comics? Has Devilman, for example, a “political” ending?
>A: No, I don’t, I prefer to avoid a political connotation for my manga. I might be misunderstood and I’d risk to offend anyone. Devilman does not have a political ending. I just wanted to underline human stupidity.

And of course you could say this is wrong and stuff like this is political... and sure, it is, in a way. But once again "murderous fascism is bad", is more of a truism than something advocating a specific political position. So in that regard, Nagai's explanation isn't wrong.

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As for Nagai actually directly touching upon the student movements? Yeah, this is totally a dead fucking serious political activism manga.

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Also it's not really Nagai as much as Dynamic Pro, but the vibe I got from Hayato's school terrorist introduction and Ryoma's reaction to it in Getter was something along the lines of, "you've got a lot of balls kid, now it's time to put them to a good use". Hardly 100% approval of bombing teachers or whatever.

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It's some twitter user Odeblah, isn't it? He tends to get really infodumping about Nagai if anyone criticizes or doesn't "get" his work.

Naw, no way. I'm mutuals with that dude and he's pretty normal even if he gets a bit pretentious about Nagai sometimes and overly defensive. I'd say it's a /leftypol/ guy given he uses Nagai to push stuff like Antifa and Maoism.

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Regardless of anything, Nagai’s personality and work could NEVER by the furthest stretch of the imagination be associated with the definitively PATHETIC “””antifa”””(anti-dialogue, anti-free speach, thought policing) “””””movement””””

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Nice try but I haven’t been to that shithole in at least 4 years. Devilman discussion isn’t inherently tied to Crybaby

Yeah see I see themes that can be considered 'leftist' in plenty of old manga but it's the good kind of leftist. Guys like Tezuka and Ishinomori felt like they legit wanted people to get along instead of acting macho towards the 'bad guys'. There's this very honest hippie attitude I get from their work that contrasts hugely with the shit that edgy pro offensive violence far-leftists get behind now. Same with Nagai sometimes despite his 'edginess'.

I dunno if even the Japanese student protests/riots can really be compared to the white-ass privileged Americans chimping out and attacking conservatives. From what I gather they did shit like fuck up trains carrying Vietnam war equipment; that's pretty radical action of course, but it's not comparable to attacking civilians for their opinions.

Regardless I still don't see how Nagai was some kind of avid supporter of such movements.

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And also worth noting is 日本の新左翼 デビルマン or 新左翼 全学連 デビルマン brings up fucking nothing with google

yeah I think it is one delusional guy, but it's weird how he'd come up with something as specific as 'JAPAN AS A WHOLE SEE IT AS A METAPHORICAL MANGA ABOUT THE STUDENT MOVEMENTS'. maybe he read one post and decided 'JAPAN THINKS THIS' like Sankaku does.

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Thank you for replying to my post with something actually constructively refining and expounding on my lazy post lol

It’s imperative that people keep things in perspective, the current “antifa” movement hardly has any ideological groundings so it can be vaguely relegated to anything really

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