Lived to see the guy who always surpasses him teaming up with the guy who wiped out his race and made him his bitch

>lived to see the guy who always surpasses him teaming up with the guy who wiped out his race and made him his bitch

Is there anyone who got cucked harder than he did?

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Yeah Yamcha, he literally got cucked by Vegeta, who had two kids with his ex girlfriend.

The whole time he was chadding it up and living the easy life though. If anything he won in the end tossing Vegeta the used goods.

>Vegeta even comes in second for being cucked
BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Dude's "pride" is all he's got left, and he ain't even got much of that either!

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Oh yeah, Yamcha totally was the one that tossed her aside. Nobody tops this utter failure at sucking, at least Tien beat Goku in a tournament once.

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>Used goods
>Billionaire woman
>One of the few entities keeping their planet from being blown up by a fickle GoD

>fucked prime teenage bulma
>cut ties once she became a cake

Face it, Yamcha was playing 4D chess the whole time.

Gohan easily

But Kakarot is his Saiyan Pride.

Vegeta seems pretty glad at the whole end. And by that time he had kicked Freezer's ass.
But yeah, I'm tired of Toriyama's head canon.

At least our nigga's got SSB-EVO

Everyone in Darling in the Franxx

>Face it, Yamcha was playing 4D chess the whole time.
Yeah, and losing. he lives in a 10x10 shack on a roof somewhere with his cat.

Dude hes rich.

And lonely. and mocked and largely forgotten by his friends and family.
Beerus kind of respected him that one time at the end of the baseball match though. Then again Beerus respects a delivery man.

Vegeta is the strongest mortalin universe 7 at the conclusion since Goku doesn't know how to do UI on command.

It's okay, he'll be the champion of a future arc in Dragon Ball Super Ultra Waku Waku. Goku gets clobbered by Cell Dorado (Final Fission) and Vegeta will unlock Kawaii mode 1.27 and save the day.

Unfortunately he'll then return to his old ways of jobbing a few episodes later in the Resurrection of King Kai arc

>Champion of a future arc

Haha good one. Vegeta will ALWAYS be a jobber (he's my favourite character btw).

I dunno, that cat was sexy when she transforms. Sounds like a winner to me.

Puars a dude.

>4th Place

I really wish cabba got to see vegeta fight toppo.

Technically 5th place.
Goku, Freiza, and Jiran tied for Second.

Vegeta is stronger than Goku now.

No, she's not.

Who has ever delivered a burn as nasty as Freeza?

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Yes. Yes he is. considered Male in the manga and by toriyama himself.
Only thing that ever considered him female was a translation error in the English ocean dub of DBZ.
Everywhere else is male.

Is Oolong a girl too? Just because he transformed into bulma a few times?

there's always godtube..

If your fight against goku isn't cool enough to have spanish people rap about it then you are not worth it.

He's speaking from experience.

sparkle blue only put him on par with kaioken

Filler episode where Jiren and Kale goes to LEGO shop when?

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I love it when Freeza bullies people.

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