Most underrated show of the season

most underrated show of the season

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I love it when memes blend together! Seriously, I unironically love it.

But that's not Mitchiri Neko

That's not Beatless

i cant believe chapter 11 raw of choubu no shinobi didnt get uploaded

This was my first serious go at watching anime and I gotta say, Killing Bites was pretty dope.

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Yeah. It got doom’d for not being on crunchyroll

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Yeah, that’s why it was such a hit you closet furry.

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go back there retard

Furries don't eviscerate people

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>Decides to watch kb to get into anime
Cry more normie. You probably saw kb because you it was “liiit and goreeee!! XDD”.

Should have watched nge, bebop or dbz like everybody else.

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dumb phoneposter

Anyone got hitomi throwing her arm?

In order to survive, we have no choice but to watch Killing Bites™.

not that user but i fucking hate furries

and concur killing bites is indeed dope

I, I really like this meme.

scrape your killings, catch some bites

Is there enough source material for a season 2 yet?

Everyone thinks their "first" anime or so was great. Then they watch more and more and have a "Diverse™" enough catalog to understand it just wasn't good. There is the off-chance that the first few were actually good, as I remember Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and Kiki's delivery service... but those weren't my "starting point" so much as an introduction. I remember the shows that actually got me into watching anime regularly and... lets just say I won't rewatch them now and just live in semi-ignorance.

No, if the anime really ends at chapter 30, there will be only 19 chapters (each chapter comes once a month) and no proper place to end a S2.

I watched old stuff such as Zillion, Macross, Groizer X, Honey Honey, Little Prince, and a lot of anime that would become mainstream series (which I don't enjoy now), and I consider to be lucky.

desu my first "anime series" that got me into wathcing it more or less regularly was...
>Mirai Nikki
>Guilty Crown
>I unironically liked the second half of guilty crown at that
>Still do because it's "unconventional" and off-putting from the rest of the show
Before them I kind of just watch it here and there *maybe*. That also why I won't rewatch them.

You faggots only like this because it makes your dick hard. There isn't an ounce of good writing in it.

The fights are good (despite the talking), the characters have a reason behind everything they do (even if they may not be the most optimal choice), I liked the flow of the game (thoughtful player movement choices), the arc/season serves as an introduction to the setting and gives information on most of the more important characters (worldbuilding), it ends with a few important twists that have lasting effects in the story. Not to mention the reveal that the male MC will probably have to fight against the OP FeMC, besides the next arc introducing even more characters, so no one can predict what's going to happen in the story.

Yeah yeah I'm a newfag lol hilarious haven't heard that one before.

Anyways, explain this meme to me. And be quick I have to get back to work in ten

kill yourself

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Free country moron

I like it because the fights, battle hungry MC, AND it gets my dick hard. Mostly because of the first two things. And tiddies.
Some animr you can just enjoy, they dont need to be philosophical DEEP LMAO.

It doesnt, but its enjoyable as fuck to watch. It doesnt take itself seriously and neither should you

If this show aired like 10-15 years earlier it probably could have been a hit.

its aoty though

Yeah, I was thinking that too.

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It's bad but just """good""" enough and especially self aware that it turns out to be a lot of fun.