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>Show has the chance to show women and men can be equal and that Kokoro doesn't need protecting, blowing the white knight fatso the fuck out completely
>Ends with Mitsuru saying hurr I will protect Kokoro


Not so much literally protect; more like he's promising to be her bf

Who let Tumblr in here?

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My negro. What? I get called out for posting a shitty res image of 02 and this guy can get away with posting a shitty res webm just fine?

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I feel sad for Futoshi. People hate him because he is ugly.

>literal shipping wars: the anime

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>Expect mecha KLK
>get mecha Kiznaiver instead

Sasuga Trigger

She a maneater tho

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I still can’t believe it actually happened. Nishigori made my dream come true.

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Even if he’s wasn’t fat and ugly people would still not like him

Relax, user.

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I hate him because he's a stupid asshole.
Okay, okay. Sorry, I'm still kind of upset.

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I hate him because he's a lame white knight.

What did Futoshi do wrong?

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Because they're not equal and Kokoro can't handle her own shit.

Have born.

Kept eating

Why didn't Mitsuru dodge?

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Tonight I will remind them.

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>futoshi will learn not to be a sperg with a partner he can respect but not worship
>ikuno will get over her dyke phase by learning to appreciate men
>kokoro will get a partner of superior genetics and a "fixing project"
>mitsuru will go straight thanks to kokoro's kokoros
Everyone is better off with the partner shuffle, and you know it.

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Because he hurt muh Kokoro-san so he thought he deserved it.

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>superior genetics
>they outrighted stated he's always had a weaker body

>tfw I look like the fat guy irl
I hope fatbro doesn't get btfo in the end...

Frail but hot > fat

>he doesn't know

>superior genetics
>Needs meds to function/get it up.

Of course I do. But Ichigo and Goro absolutely need to stick together. They're being autistic about the confession right now but they will finally realize just how much they mean to each other later.

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Because he's not trying to control everything anymore. He's letting fatso act so all three of them can have the consequences of their own choices.

The characterization for Mitsuru is all over the place to be honest.

If "later" ends up meaning "when best boy dies" I'm going to be pissed.

They are fighting to death together, you retard.

How so

>I will protect Kokoro from now on
Goes against everything we've known of him so far.

If there's going to be any main character death, death is more likely for Hir02 than IchiGoro. Even then, it's not very likely. I see them pulling out all the stops to end this show as happily as possible, too.

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It's like you literally skipped entire episode ans only watched the very end.

There's a little thing called development, user.

Because he's taking responsibility now.

Character development =/= character rewrite

user, you are fucking retarded.

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Nice non-argument.


What argument do you want? It's all in the damn episode maybe stop being a speedwatcher.

Failing to pay attention to the story =/= rewrite.

He's right, are you fucking retarded? Milkman's character wasn't rewritten. He went from trusting no one to trusting someone (Kokoro).

bad narratives aside, just to trigger the fatso makes it so worth it

There was no development, though.

No, he went from trusting no one to being a white knight like Fatso.

Try watching episode.

If she had to use a petname with him, what would she use?

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>that last panel
Begone, lusty demon. More

no ship in franxxx is good,they are all garbage

Fuck off, Ikuno.

All the endgame pair are pretty good.

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Goro deserves better than Hiro's sloppy second.

No, dummy. He had already protected Kokoro at the beach. Him saying he couldn't protect her then (even though he did) and being smug to Futoshi about the promise are because of his insecurities, which fully come out during the battle when he can't pilot anymore and calls himself incompetent, and which Kokoro refutes by trying to go Stampede and having him save her. Futoshi thinks it's him being an asshole, but it's all Mitsuru feeling weak and useless and thinking others aren't safe by rellying on him.

Show shows how women have their own agency and cannot be forced against their will to be in something they don't like, and Kokoro chose Mitsuru over Fatty despite being forced in a promise to be with his fat ass forever.

Stop being triggered, fatty.

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That already happened in episode 9, you herb.

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Going offtangent since I can't find an actual discussion thread for the series, only NTR threads:

One thing I don't get about this series is how Ichigo is their leader when it's constantly shown that Hiro was always the one they all looked up to/creamed themselves over like a true self-insert generic anime MC. Ichigo doesn't even really seem to do much leaderly shit beyond just kinda bossing the others around a little and no one but her seems to acknowledge that she's squad leader at any point other than maybe Hiro himself just once.

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>Hiro was always the one they all looked up to/creamed themselves over like a true self-insert generic anime MC
He changed after the memory wipe.

>Pic ends with the other image of Mitsukoko

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>That last panel
Muh heartdick.

You'll find that in a lot of Nippon anime one of the girls is super overpowering in personality/knowledge and the other girl (usually the childhood friend), is passive-r and friendly but is always shoehorned into the plot

Milk should keep this hairstyle and this Kokoro.

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I meant this. Shit, I must have a bad case of carpal tunnel. I gotta get off this site for a bit, excuse me while I go shitpost intensely.

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Nyet. I despise "Pair the spares" in complicated romance settings.

How does Kokoro's waist feel, bros?

Yes. My inner fujoshit that I'm deeply ashamed of is in love.

>Ywn have a MOMMY Kokoro to give you hugs, kisses, and milkies all day long
Why even get up in the morning?

>Fatoshifags are SEETHING
It's like christmas times two


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Ichigo is the only one hardheaded enough to keep them in line. And he's the highest ranked among them.

Do you even know what white knight means?

So why did they make him gay?

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So that Kokoro can cure him.

So that Fatoshi can cure him*


>tfw had a dream about this

Considering a woman inferior and in need of protection, now that I think about it every boy in this show is a white knight.

He's bi.

Are you retarded?

I see myself in futoshi.

my dude

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Okay, you're retarded.

Nice lack of argument you have there.

Hiro basically dropped out. He had to go "find himself" and left everyone hanging. Ichigo simply showed up reliably to do the job when nobody else would, and everyone realized they could let her be the responsibility bitch. She even tried to drag Hiro back onto the throne and it didn't work.

So you don't know what it means. A white knight is someone who butts in self-righteously when they're neither needed nor invited.

Nice false definition of white knight you have there.


dubs says I have to oblige

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