Märchen Mädchen is a better yuri anime than Citrus in every way other than animation

Märchen Mädchen is a better yuri anime than Citrus in every way other than animation.

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Smut can't portray the true feelings of a maiden like Hazuki.

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Hazuki is a different kind of cute today!

Being a better yuri anime than Citrus is not an achievement, even by Hazuki's standards.

I like the animation.

Sorry, I actually like seeing actual kisses

I want to Fug Hazuki

Ariko's life was in their hands and they had butterfingers. Truly the worst timeline.

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When I saw some clips of it earlier I thought it looked pretty good but what in the fuck is that?

This is what happens when the staff tells you to hire some gooks for tweens, but you're a cheap bastard, so half of them quit, and even a two week delay can't save your shit.

You don't watch episode 9.

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This show is QUALITY

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This is just getting better.

If it has German in the title, it must be good

Just read that article yesterday, shit was sad. Ganbatte animator-kun or whatever role he has.

They should be proud of episode 9 it generated a lot of enjoyment throughout the world.

why do all japanese have the same posting style when being mediocre at enligsh

Yuribait is not yuri.

According to some yuri creators in Japan what you call yuribait is yuri
I think your opinion is worth less than theirs

Because they all learned to write English poorly the same way at school, and are translating it from the same language in their heads.
It would be much stranger if they all invented their own ways to write English poorly.

can anything out there even top this quality? I fucking dare you Sup Forums, not even THAT one soul eater scene tops this prove me wrong.

>He didn't watch Qualidea Code

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I actually did and no way is that more quality than episode 9

Today the mainstream perception is that yuri is about an actual relationship between girls. Yuribait is yuri? For some extent yes, but this is debatable between the nip community.

Every episode after the first half is worse than episode 9

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was mahou sensou actually good compared to these 2?

Don't give up little dudes, you animators are wonderful people. I hope their next project goes well.

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Cute like Hazuki!

That's certainly not the "mainstream perception" I get from all the random JP talk on twitter.

Yuribait and yuri subtext are different things, and either way, this series goes bit further than that.

Not that matters, second season never.

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post the one where they're holding hands beside the lake under full moon

But that one is too lewd.

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Every second an animator spends on the internet is a second they're not working.

my sides

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Citrus isn't even top 5 yuri anime this season.

Though yuri posting aside, I wish that after they defeated the russian the show focused a bit on Haduki's new sister and mother.

The LN is extremely action oriented. So even there it cous use a bit more of exposition for many characters including Hazuki's family, a pity since the characters for this series are all really enjoyable.

The ceo of the studio should fire all the staff and blacklist them forever from working on any anime after reading the interview.

I don't remember how bad the QUALITY was in Mahou Sensou, but it's the worst simply by virtue of that final episode.

>when the botox kicks in

Did you watch the live action?

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Those girls are so ugly, is the studio that animated that in trouble as well?

Kawaii sou.

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This anime is so bad it has MALs lowest rating - a 5.8

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>MALs lowest rating - a 5.8
Ah, I wish.

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Production and desk. Assuming he's the same Kitamura (highly likely), it's the guy who came up with a plan to save the series back in Autumn using outsourcing, the one that was rejected by the CEO and only approved in January when all was already fucked up and people started disappearing.

I wouldn't want animators to work 24/7, to consistently produce quality work they have to lead a lifestyle of a normal human being with sleep, rest and some recreation. And this guy is moving around a lot due to his job so he can even tweet from the car or something.

Please feel free to go back to MAL.

This desu, if they have time to post on twitter it means they are slacking around or don't have work to do.


This will probably be the biggest train-wreck of 2018 already.

There's no-one left to fire, that's the irony of the situation. Almost everyone already left, or was thrown to work on >3D Kanojo.

And I think this CEO needs to be blacklisted from the industry himself, at the very least I'll be very wary with a Hoods produced show next time (not that they had a great track record to begin with, but Fantasista Doll was good at least).

>I wouldn't want animators to work 24/7
Fool. They're Japanese animators. The moment they decided that they wanted to make anime is the moment they had willingly abandoned basic rights.
Now they must forever live with the consequences of their decision.

One episode of melted animation doesn't make for a trainwreck.

And you know how Japanese people are kinda like sharks, if they stop working they die.

9 was a complete meltdown, but we had warning signs ever since episode 1 and all went to shit by episode 6 which wasn't much better than 9, with 7 and 8 being barely serviceable, mostly due to the amazingly hilarious Russians making up for production problems (QUALITY made slapstick comedy even better, arguably).

Then he should hire yakuza to punish all those traitors who left his company.
Those filthy mongrel animators should never dare talking badly on social media about their lord and master who gave them a job.

Only two episodes looked really off, anyone who keeps referring to Marching Madoka as that one quality show is clearly a faggot who only gave it a try after episode 9.

Surprisingly yes, what was QUALITY there was the plot itself. The animation wasn't bad.

Best yuri couple

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good choice

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it's the mainstream perception on my discord bro

Can already feel the approaching ironic teens latching onto Hazuki's show to be funny.

Not even Sayaka's best coupling.

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>Today the mainstream perception
*The perception among a small group of ignorant and autistic western fanbase
In China literally everything is called yuri.

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Whole staff confirmed for dorks.

that one cracked me up. if it hadn't been QUALITY throughout the whole episode I would have totally believed they did that one on purpose

Don't laugh at my girlfriend händsome girlfriend.