Through the years, Trigger has crafted time and time again some of the most lovable franchises we hold so dear...

Through the years, Trigger has crafted time and time again some of the most lovable franchises we hold so dear. Masterpieces like Little WItch Academia, Ninja Slayer, Inferno Cop, Turning Girls, and Sex&VIOLENCE with MACHSPEED. But who could forget the timeless masterpiece that is KLK which we were thoughtfully given two cours and an OVA? Of course it's not always sunshine. We often get times when our beloved Trigger cannot bring in new brethrens to our warm family-like pack. Such were the case with InoCho and Kiznaiver. But those didn't bother us as they were still evident of the loving craft given to us by the masterful hands at Trigger. However this season, it all changes.

Right now, Trigger airs a show titled Darling in the FranXX. Compared to other works, this lacked the loving craft they always poured. It's as if they've gone and become a no good second rate studio. Time and time again, it tested our patience. We held off through the storm that is "shitposting". Clutching on to our hopes saying that the ball will start rolling after a few episodes. But alas, the 3 episode rule has come. Week by week, episode by episode; we were disappointed by it's performance. We start turning on to ourselves and bashing the show due to our disappointments.

Trigger bros, it's time to stop fighting amongst ourselves. The real enemy here is this man; Nishigori Atsushi. A rookie of no vision. The true destroyer of our beloved Trigger. To delay no further, I propose we each make a letter about our collective thoughts to be sent to Trigger. At the same time I will petitioning them to fire this soulless director. It's time we took matters into our own hands. It's time save Trigger.

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shut the fuck up

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this one doesn't work for franxx because it's a coproduction

You can’t stop me from enjoying the show

Do we really need 10 FranXX threads

I can and I will.

No, realistically we need 8 Pro-Franxx, 3 anti-Franxx and at least 2 complaining about how there’s too many Franxx threads

I feel upset, let down again by Trigger
at least I didn't throw away my money on BD's and figures this time

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>the timeless masterpiece that is KLK

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that boob bounce. 02 is amazing.

It's like you're trying to be TAS but too faggy to admit that Trigger's other shows are mediocre.

Hate this show... Just going to be the new "SAO" of shit anime plebs liked until they eventually cave and realize they like shit.

Do I see this guy some more? I'm uh, I'm curious about him.

The first season of SAO is much better than Franxx though.

Hey, it could be worse. At least it's not that horrible piece of shit show KyoAnus is making this season. What's it called again? I think it's called Rick & Morty or something like it.

He isn't a trap or femboy if that's what you're getting at

No aspect of SAO is good other than maybe the first two episodes.

Premise was "fine" if not cliche, until they decided to Kirito it.

They need to stop trying to be ttgl or eva and do their own thing.

Trigger always makes low effort trash, I'm honestly glad they all end up flopping hard.

I know. I'm interested in him for being a man. I would like to know the backstory behind his mushroom hair.

KLK sold 10k. Suddenly that's "flopping hard" now? Anyway, you're stupid, because anything other than 2k is a flop, and FranXX is an original anime that's projected to sell 5k discs. That isn't flop territory at all. You VEGfags really are pulling out all the stops to pretend this show's bad, aren't you?

And another thing idiots don't realize, Trigger's only responsible for in-between animation and storyboarding for only a couple of episodes. A-1's mostly responsible for FranXX. Stop calling FranXX a Trigger show.

Shouldn't get involved if you don't want credit.

Shut up cuppy.

>fat apologists resorting to falseflagging

Do you want me to tell you how I know your are overweight?

>blaming a-1 because the anime flopping
Triggernigger is really pathetic huh?

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Well, the point hinges on the veracity of his statement, not how pathetic he may or may not be.