Now it needs a key visual and a PV and the ded meme will be silenced forever. By the way, who made this chart?

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Dengeki Magazine.

Btw, it looks like the show might be coming in the fall or winter. Keep your fingers crossed for fall.

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>who made this chart?
My wife Mikoto

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Seiyuus's Interview (Talks)




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What should the new Key Visual about?
Hard mode: only three characters but should not contain all three of the same characters featured here Insane mode: Index must be in there because the series still carries her name

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Hoping for translations, or at least rough if anything.

>All the Maxwell bullying in the Zombie vs Vampire update
Satori continuing the tradition of Kamachi MCs being abusive fathers I see.

What is the new JoJo?

>Do you think Shirai-san's feelings will reach her onee-sama as the story progresses?
>Ah, I really don't know (laughs) Because I think girls at that age are just experimenting with their feelings especially in an old-girl school. Well, I really don't know since I was a normal girl in a normal school you can find anywhere. I think Shirai-san will grow up into a fine woman and marry like me (laughs). Maybe she will even end up with Kamijou-san instead and have many children. Sorry about your characters, Iguchi-san and Satou-san.
>(Everyone laughs)

To be announced (TBA), to be confirmed (TBC), and to be determined (or to be decided) (TBD) are placeholder terms used very broadly in event planning to indicate that although something is scheduled or expected to happen, a particular aspect of that remains to be arranged or confirmed.

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> I was a normal girl in a normal school you can find anywhere
Maybe Abe isn't the only one who reads the novels?

>2018 Spring
>2018 Summer
>Coming Soon
What did they mean by this?

Looking forward to the Mob Psycho and also Goblin Slayer and Vinland Saga.

>believing in lies

Damn it you're right, it doesn't say anything like that in the image.

It's a timeline of what is to come.

Currently, anime such as Index and Mob Psycho are in the "coming soon" section.

She know about the meme shipping of Touma and Shirai. Someone working for Kamachi is on these Sup Forums threads.

I think it should be take like "its gonna happen, but it could get delayed if something wrong happens."

Are producers still unsure?

I mean, they might be working on the slot that will take in the TV, with their sponsors or the workout in the animation by itself. Like for example, not even a day is confirmed in the Hi Score Girl and Sirious the Jaeger anime, only the month.

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You can tell by the way they’re approaching this that they really don’t want to make it and there’s going to be no heart in it. It almost feels like they think they’re being forced to do it. They’re not even enthusiastic enough to created new art, announcements and previews or even games or contests. They’re just doing it because fans keep bringing it up to the point where they were getting angry chants from their audience at events every time they didn’t announce it.


>Someone working for Kamachi is on these Sup Forums threads.

Speaking of "meme shipping of Touma"
Kamachi call that "relationship", and He had the latest charts (inc. Female Aleister):


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Will ever get a high quality scan of the bonus material from Virtual-On?

Was there ever any doubt that Tsuchianon was a spy? I mean, he was literally avataring Tsuchimikado.

I’m not trying to be “baised” or anything. That’s just how this all feels.

This is surprisingly realistic thinking. They would have atleast have new key art for the anime. Just let one the previous animators draw something, just like how Railgun's artist did it.

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>I can't read
I guess that just confirms it truly was a shit post

I can read. You’re the one thinking I’m trying to be “based” like I’m special or something when I’m just simply saying how I feel.

If anybody here is “based” it’s OP.

Whole relationship chart album, I hope someone can make English version later.

We will try for the best, but it will take time.
now AR priority is:
>Dengeki Daioh Raws (March 27 release -May issue) 9 more hours
>Accelertor Manga Vol.8 and Accelerator Idol Vol.3 raws (Kindle)
>Gangan Manga Raw (April release) Index #126
>like SAOfag, put a team to stole Miki IndexPV USB.

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>Misaka to Touma connection:
Interested in him.
>Touma to Misaka connection:

Yes, this is literally what it says. Don't take this to be a shipping chart.

Well even thinking about the reveal of Index three it’s all just forced. It should have been a huge event they were excited about but they couldn’t even bother to animate even fifteen seconds of cool new content with the characters from the series or anything. They just quickly hashed together 98% old animation and music and said that will do. They’re showing less enthusiasm for this project then they did with the movie and you can tell they didn’t care about the movie at all.

>They just quickly hashed together 98% old animation and music and said that will do.
I don't think you've noticed but that's what a lot of series do when making the initial announcement. This isn't a matter of them not caring, this is a matter of the fanbase being petty and impatient. You KNOW it's coming, so let them release promo stuff when they want.

They’re probably rushing Index because they know Railgun is going to be a lot more popular among modern day fans. The thinking is probably that the sooner they get past Index the sooner they can start on Railgun.

No they don’t. Even Children of the whales got a cool preview and tons of art and stuff way before it was released.

If I were involved in making this, I'd be a bit scared of how to make OT15. Not kidding.

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And in general, deciding where to end it if its 2 cours is going to be an important decision.

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Railgun got previews almost right away.

Maybe it's gonna be a split cour?

Split 2-cours, with the whole thing spanning 4-cours would be a miracle

Considering they’re probably going to rush it I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what happened.

Anymore you can read, user? Maybe we can make facsimile of this chart and don't need the scans or at least tide us down until user Raildex gets some high-quality scans. After all that's what we did with those other relationship charts way back when.

Where were you when denialfags were fucked?
I am just happy, now I have even more motivation towards reading the novels. I fell into a slump

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I guess they were more confident in Railgun from the start. Especially because it also got announced in the Index specials.

If you watch the Index PV, you can see that it is incredible lazy and almost nothing was done at the time. (It does contain unique footage that didn't make the cut so that's interesting I guess)

Also... gonna leave this here for no reason in particular.


Whoops didn't meant to link the last one.

Where are you so far? I've been stuck on OT16 for months for some reason. I'm almost done.

OT 16

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>yfw Toaru Project means a Raildex-related anime every year for the next half-decade using split cours

We OneBleachutomon Super soon.

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Everyone was focused on Toradora at the time, nobody expected that it would be a sleeper hit and later a phenomenonon when Railgun aired.

Yes please

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>talk about split cours
>posts Frenda
user pls

How many more LN volumes until something worthwhile happens do you guys think? That’s not including things that are obvious like the current big bad getting punched.

Sorry buddy. I didn’t mean to link you.

Misaka getting BTFO soon.

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My guess would probably be at least 5/8 and maybe if things get really bad 10 max but eventually something will happen. It’s gotra happen sooner or later unless Kamachi dies or something.

got to*

He has good taste in shoes.

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That goes without saying but there’s really nothing new happening there.

>still no Astral Booty spoilers

But we already got Astral Buddy spoiler a while back.

Touma is a demon.

Put it this way. If you had to make a guess as to what the next big event that would that would cause a lot of discussion in the LN would be what would you guess?

Misaki a pile of shit

You mean IB is a demon.

If they mess up we can still burn then on the stake. Of they don't care. That why there a high chance that Index III is coming out on the same season as SAO. Most company only care about how must money they can made. Well the angry of the Index Fanbase was most likely damaging it. They want to promote there new stuff which a lot of it just being garbage. The only thing is if they mess up Index III too bad, they will see real angry from the Index's Fanbase. That will made the angry of never getting season 3 seen like play angry.

I am ready for when they mess of Index III really bad. To show then the Christian's Crusades, Index style.

We’ve still got bout thirteen volumes before we figure that out.

Index in the shadow of Toradora
Index II in the shadow of Madoka.

Do you guys ever get the feeling a lot of what happens in the LN is disguised filler?

And yet, managed to sell 10k+ despite being in their "shadow"

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Dengeki Daioh (May issue) March release bonuses*
*Tankōbon/paperback only, not in digital

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Yeah. Serial Killer-kun and Izzard Body Double was pretty obvious padding.

Though the shortness of OT8 made me think that this might not have been the case. On the one hand, I like the volumes that are a bit shorter, but on the other hand, I can see Nips being a little upset about spending money on them.

Based kakine poster

Kizuna Ai sure is teaching bad habits to LO.

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Eternal underdog

I only ever felt that for Kamisato.

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Hasn't worked then, Last Order still hasn't molested Accelerator.

Has Worst?

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That’s cute.

Is it confirmed summer or is this just some shoop

Say what you will, to get those kinds of sales in the conditions it was placed in is most for both of it's seasons is SUBARASHI
And 10k+ is generally considered to be a success in the industry, so it won.

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High Quality Dengeki Daioh "Accelerator" cover May 2018 issue (March 27 release)
Hmmm Korean and Chinese overseas are hype!
so If we were lucky, raws more sooner than expected.

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It's in coming soon


Apparently I'm blind


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want to surprises Sup Forums/a/raildex

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So, yeah. Raildex.