We can all admit this was Anime of the Season for Winter 2018 Rite?

We can all admit this was Anime of the Season for Winter 2018 Rite?

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Garbage compared to 20 year old OVAs, so no.


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Bloody Roar with Fanserivce: The Anime

That's not Sora Yori

Yes, and?

So you're saying it's good?

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It's good but its not anime of the season

and probably not getting a Season 2 so why bother

Yes. Only idiots can't admit it. Devilman Crybaby is AOTY.

why bother what?

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Oh Bites of Mortal End, what be'est thine nature?

I hate anime that has a ending like LOL SEASON 2 NEVER Go read the Mango so maybe we can fund a season 2 kek

It's necessary, though, or else there would be adaptation compression (actually, there's already some, like the Bear hybrid's backstory being left out), and this arc and the next one wouldn't be as understandable.
Also, bump.

>already forgotten
>anime of anything

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Crying so hard you shoot semen to the ceiling doesnt mean its a good anime user.

>and this arc and the next one wouldn't be as understandable.

Why not wait for the manga to complete and adapt a complete story?

>anime of anything

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>NTR: the anime

Hang yourself

Maybe besides anime serving as advertisement for the source material, interest for a series tend to lower over time, in favor of newer series, and the latter you release an anime, the more anime you'll be competing against, you'll be more subject to genre saturation.

Is definitely a contender - it had lots of soul, which I haven't seen in quite a while.

sure, if you ask the fujoshits.

That show would be garbage even without the NTR. I really can't comprehend why Sup Forums liked it.

There wasn´t much of competition really.

>Garbage compared to 20 year old OVAs

Agree, but still better than anything that has come out this year.

Is one of the most inexplicably boring shows I have ever seen.

Like, you have mechs, cute girls and sex jokes, how do you fuck that up?

>There wasn´t much of competition really.
Yeah, I dropped every show I picked up this season. It was one of the worst in a while.
The director was caught up in his love with his waifu and wasn't critical enough. Miyazaki was right.

Easily AOTY.
OVAs are incomplete its only fragments of the story with great animation.

This, I got interested in the franchise from this series but I don’t like it much out of Nagai’s style, just something rubs me the wrong way, feels a lot less campy I guess.

Yes. Not because it was a great adaptation, but there was no competition.

But Overlord, Violet Evergarden, Killing Bites and Mitsuboshi are better.

>Violet Evergarden
zzzzzzzzz with filters
>Killing Bites
kys furfag
Never even heard of it.

And yet, they are better than Devilman Crybaby. But the soundtrack for Devilman was pretty good and I loved the remix of the original opening.

>no sora yori
>no YC

Speaking of competition, how do you aotsposters think of SoraYori? Havn't watched it and I don't mean to bring it here for shitposting, but the ugly character design was pretty interesting.

Not one (AotSposter), haven't watched it yet.

>zzzzzzzzz with filters
Hyouka flashbacks right there.
You couldn't have found a better way to out yourself as a dirty pleb.

I sadly got bored of Sora Yori at episode 5.
I haven't started watching Yuru Camp, but will do it at a later date.

>implying that I watched any of that garbage to know what that refers to

Now do everyone a favor and go back to your DB threads.

>Never even heard of it.
There is a thread up right the fuck now with over 400 replies for mitsuboshi and have a thread up all the time. You must have tried to ignore it.

Oh god, are you the objective quality faggot nobody wanted to talk to?

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Epic comeback. Make sure to show it to your mom!
I have selective vision for generic seasonal shit at this point.

None of you can do it even if you wanted to anyway.

i agree.
the only acceptable contender is sora yori, but i think devilman is better (despite not being anywhere near as good as the manga).

>thread full of unamusing boring shit
Looks like it's just people are desperate to justify their purchase / invested time. Textbook seasonal shit.

I'm gonna watch it later, only because the show is located in Ueno where I lived for a while prior to moving to Shinjuku.

Killing Bites
>that's what anime of the season is!

Who's "we"?