ITT: Those male MCs you're actually a bit gay for

ITT: Those male MCs you're actually a bit gay for

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i've got a such a boner for killy

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Then again, who isn't gay for guts.

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He's such a cutie.

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I would marry him

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Reg is so cute and lewd

I'll go gay for the Producer, no lying.

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>Those male MCs you're actually a bit gay for
user, I believe there's already a word for that.

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subtle /itstime/ thread?

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He looks pretty girly already, would it even be considered gay?

ITT: faggots pretending they're not faggots. Stick to your trap threads.

unfortunately this is nu/a/, I doubt they get what you are talking about

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If you aren't GAR for Archer then you shouldn't be in this thread

I like Ren better though.

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This pisses me off

It's only going to get worse.


Noone remembers GARcher. Its lost to time, user.

>he will never say this about you

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My Husbando.

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Good taste OP

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male nozomi was the only good thing about this borefest

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Not MCs

Yato is the MC you retard

Am I the only one who was more hard for the wolfie than the girl?

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Well, you know what? You are right, I am. I didn't enlarge the picture and didn't read the file name. My brain told me he was Sonic from OPM

Quite a few, now that I think about it.

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How long has it been? Is this really how its going to be? Feel like I am lost in time, like new Sup Forums just isn't the same.

The first time i self-inserted as the girl

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quite yes

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Excellent choice.

Does this count?

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Moeyuki is a miracle of the universe.

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you guys are gay

Everyone is gay once in a while.