Piss isn't fucking around anymore

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Now the other three need to do it also.

She's so disgusting

I fucking hate pissgirl, but if sensei has taught us anything, this will be an arc where she gets in the lead but ultimately gets thrown in the dumpster

This manga has gone on way too fucking long as it is but if it ends with piss girl I don't think ANYONE would be happy

It can end with all of them, but her alone would be the worst possible ending.

Fuck off piss is best girl

This series went completely off the rails. It was on its way to have sisters and sensei share MC (with loli semen demon most likely included), but no, it had to go for this magical realm garbage. Fuck this shit, wake me up when Piss loses or let me slumber for eternity.

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>high school girl with big boobs, a kinky disposition and no bullshit about wanting the D is worst girl
I knew we were all gay on Sup Forums... Bit THIS gay?

Piss is garbage. Bring back the sis(ters)

>high school girl with big boobs, a kinky disposition and no bullshit about wanting the D
Those are fine and all, but the piss shit is literally degenerate tier.

I've been following this series for 9 years.
When will it end?

Shit this series has gotten lewd. Which series is lewder? KissxSis or To-Love-Ru?

I haven't been keeping up with KissxSis, is it lewder than the artist for TLR showing the character's uncensored vaginas in reflections?

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Whaaaaat? Yakibuki does that? No waaaaaay.

>Piss isn't fucking around anymore
We still haven't passed apex piss fetish pandering?
The author need to just make a swimming sports manga already.

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>not having piss fetish
Fucking normalfag detected

You can't compete with Yabuki. But its nice to see KissxSis getting more ecchi.

I still mad over sensei cucking herself. Come on! We can reach 30 replies!

When piss wins

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god this is disgusting

>le Rito falling on girls joke x10000
>most action is teasing on Rito from Momo or Nemesis, again x10000
>once in a blue moon it's vaguely implied that someone had an orgasm offscreen
>most dirty fetish is Mea's lickity lick
The only thing TLR:D has on KissxSis is god tier art.


I want Sensei to kill me after i raped her

She is not violent. Most likely would fall in depression because of your rape.

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but i want to die in her hand and make sure she will not forget me forever, i love her very much

>mid sensei arc
>spoil the break up by reading discussion
>piss arc coming up
Think I'll just drop this shit now

If he fucks piss girl on my fucking life from that day forth I'm going to devote my life to the fucking country until I hold enough power to unleash nuclear fucking hell on Japan

calm down Kim

Fucked up

Wait, this was still running?

Is everything at least pointing at sensei end?

Sensei end is dead jim

Piss is great, the problem is that she’s a boring glasses girl character.

Wait a minute, last time I checked on the series it didn't even dare to show a nipple and now we get see-through panty pubes and outer labia?!

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>that pic
What a nice ending could’ve been

Haven't read this shit in years. Amazed its still going on.

Why is he with piss now? What happened to the teacher? Weren't they dating?

We've been getting that since forever actually.
Well not pubes since the sisters barely have any best girl Riko

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Not anymore. Now she's a MUH DICK!-tier lewd glasses girl character.


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Wait: she deliberately pissed herself now?

Stopped following along with this around when he was dating the teacher, did he dump her or something?

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Also links?

Thats not piss its love fluid look how sticky it is between her legs

Spotted the newfag. Come back after reading the past few dozen threads.

piss = love fluid

I know her piss fetish but if thats piss on the spoilered pic she should go see the doctor because she might just have a urinal infection

Wouldn't be surprised if she did, what with all that masturbation she's been indulging in.

Fuck this author.

In this particular case it's not piss. She just masturbates 24/7

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Pretty much, her being the least taboo option makes her the worst person to win a taboo manga. Also her fetish is piss.

Just dropping in from the catalog, I just watched the anime. Please tell me at this point he's put his peepee in a vagoo.

I understand that some people don't have a thing for piss ( I don't either) but it's undeniable that she makes some of the sexiest and horniest expressions in this manga. Seriously, look at that look of pure kinky happyness.

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Fuck her happiness. Every time I try to fap to her I remember piss, the worst fucking girl.

Here take a look at this.

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Are the sisters even still relevant? I dropped the manga when they started pushing the sensei x MC stuff

Lewd sis very much so. Sporty is going to sneak into his bed soon and force him, if this pattern continues.

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So when will there be more cum shots?


>not liking hair down there

Better. He came on lolis face.

And that's not even the lewdest scene involving the loli in those chapters.

Yeah, I'm honestly just waiting for this series to end. The story has dragged on for so long that none of the girls winning would make for a good ending.I'm honestly rooting for Piss, but I'm honestly expecting same type of ending as pic related.

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