Buyfag Thread

Post things you've bought.

This is my collection which has been dubbed complete shit by Sup Forums, twice.
IDC though, I'm proud of it.

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I bought this. It's basically a cheap way of having a figure without paying nearly as much for one.

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Someone make a different, better thread. Herbs go in all pastas.

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Read the guide before asking questions:

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I think I'm gonna do it, boys! She's only a day or so of overtime.

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Make that thrice.

Might as well have just printed it out.

i doubt many people have an acrylic printer

bought an R20 and ive never been happier with a purchase in my life

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Make that four times.
Clean your room.

Are you implying the material is the selling point of a keychain meant as a replacement fig? The guy obviously just wanted some physical cutout of her.

I saw the hole at the top, and assumed it would be a keychain.

I'm not gay but I'd let astolfo fuck my ass any day

It can be. See the protrusion at the bottom and the circle with a matching notch in it, though? It's a keychain with a stand. I don't know if I'd call it a replacement figure but if you're desperate it's marginally better than nothing.

Doubt a clean room would concern Umaru*2, Popuko, Chiyo-chichi, Flan, Miku*4, Azusa*4, Yui Hirasawa*3, Kuroneko*2, Reimu, Kirino*2, Mugi, Mio, Ritsu, Taiga, Serval, Konata, Akira, Cirno, Yui Funami, Akari, and Yotsuba.

I'd also suck his tiny feminine penis whole (with the balls)

Thirded, to go along with your trips.

Yeah, same.

Yeah but dude what if he has a monster cock? Like, it's not all going to fit if it is.

Fuck off

I'll do what I can

And with my hands behind my back as he gets close to cumming he grabs my head and starts ramming my skull with his tiny cock Nd then after cumming he apologises for being so rough

I'm only bi because of anime traps. Other than that I'm straight.

Who cares what it is? As long as it looks like a cute girl that's all that matters. This bi/gay thing is redundant.

Wtf me too

>get notification about my queen getting merchandise
>gets excited
>its pic related


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buster? I barely know 'er!

These are some of my favorite shows.
Believe, user. Believe.

My most recent purchases.

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I'm expecting a permaban for the RPing faggots, mods.

Just nuke the thread, shit op anyway

>not porkchop
Actually it's pretty good.

My Rem vanished after going through customs so now i have to contact amiami to investigate.
Are Remfags destined to suffer?

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I hope so.

Magical gramps of huge anime tiddies has granted your wish! Say your thanks now!

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Bought all this at once, getting stuff from other shows next and gonna continue on this series over time

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I like the weird hand puppet thing.

Something tells me I'm not the only one.

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I like it user.

I had a hug with rem and ram in an anime convention, happiest I've ever been rly

Yeah, I didn't realize that it was a handpuppet when I ordered it cuz it was late as shit but it's cute.
Also forgot that the wall scroll isn't in that image

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Of the two Megumin nendos, which should I buy?

both. have fun paying $100 each though

>what does he mean by this?.jpg
>click on the MFC buy links
>product has been discontinued

Oh fugg I thought they'd stock Megumin forever and now I've left it too late. If I have to spend that much on a nendo I'm inclined just to get a scale fig of someone else.

Are my girls going to be okay?

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Do amiami let foreigner accounts purchase from the jp site? She's up for pre-order on there for 12800

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let this shit thread die

read amiami's faq

Why isn't she up on the western site?

Damn, my bank's fraud protection rejected my payment to Native while I was asleep, and now I've got to sort it out and hope it works this time. I don't know if they'll give me a third chance.

Couldn't find anything on western amiami, the JP FAQ seems to say no though
TOM is the 'brand', they want more to go through their website I guess

Rip in pieces

Fuck that, I'm not paying in advance for something that doesn't even exist yet.

Always Native

A group of wild boxes appear!?

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Nice grain

They'll ask you who is rem.

thanks user

Anyways it's Katou and Megumi! (and 10 posters)

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No surprise.

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Fuck I mean Utaha

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This Utaha is beautiful. Kinda small though

Never backed a kickstarter or spent money on a microtransaction?

No, why would I do that?

I'm in Japan and I wanna buy some figure but all I really want is either sitting on my shelves or pre-ordered so I need suggestions. no idol shit tho Only own 20 figs so chances are good that I dont have it yet.

Yeah I definitely wish she was bigger, she's around the same height as the GSC scale when she's bending over

You might be proud of it but it's wierd. Unless you're a girl that is. Tell us you're really a girl and not a dude.

>Never backed a kickstarter
have you

Since you don't seem to have anything to put your figures on for pictures, maybe use the boxes as a platform so that you don't have lay down on your bathroom floor.

Is that supposed to be her ass?




>wasting money on kikestarter
>calling anyone else a poorfag

Police Pochaco figure when?

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Thanks for the advices, I'll make sure to put them on something besides the floor next time

why did these all get deleted

this is a christian website

I'm running out of space

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They need to stop being gay.



only the good shows


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>LWA card
I wanted them but not for the prices id have to pay


Tattun was giving them out for Secret S/a/nta

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This looks like the collection of a man who likes to wear his sister's panties.

I don't have a sister
Or a brother for that matter


What's the most cost-effective way to ship a bunch of figures at once? I had four figures I ordered through Zenmarket and I accidentally shipped just two of them by SAL small packet since they wouldn't all fit. It seems like it obviously would have been cheaper to send them all in a single SAL standard parcel, but I don't have a good grasp of these things

Never enough porkchop.

If you're in the US, DHL packet/express is shockingly cheap. Caveat: Your box may have holes in it.

Serves you right, Remfaggot.

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Fluffy and thicc, nice.