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Vegeta is getting smaller every time I see him

Now that all the universes are back, who do you think will come back when the series eventually returns.

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Personally I think that none of them will return unless it's for filler. I would enjoy to see some of them again, like the U6 saiyans, Hit, Magetta, Jiren, Toppo, Dyspo, the furry jobbers, and even RiBrianne, but their arcs are done. They were only there to either provide filler while we waited for Jiren, or give the secondary characters something to do in the tournament. Now that the ToP is over, and it's the Goku(and Vegeta) show again, no one is a threat for him and if he's not fighting the next bigger badder bad guy then the show wouldn't work. The only way I see them coming back is if they can provide some sort of challenge for Goku, which only Jiren is able to do if he gets even stronger, but I see him going to way of Hit, jobbing to make the next villain seem powerful.

Unfortunately, not Hop

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Dude was always a midgit , he just wears heels

I want her to hop on my dick.

According to Sup Forums, Frieza is the best antagonist whilst Hit is the worst. When it comes to the main antagonist of the main sagas that is.

VOTE: strawpoll.com/f825a848

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So is Goku now stronger than Beerus?

I would honestly rank them this way:
Cell > Freiza > Zamasu > King Piccolo > Jiren > Omega Shenron > Vageta > Baby > Buu > Beerus > Piccolo Jr. > Super 17 > Tien Shinhan > Golden Freiza > Jackie Chun > Hit > Commander Red > Pilaf

I think we can all agree on this

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Sorry if it's already been pointed out but I just noticed this.
Is Gohan's hairline receding?

Holy shit I didn't notice this pottery at all

I feel her name was meant to be Sorrel and the rabbits Hop

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>tfw we'll never have all the females in U9 move to U7 so they can get human'd

U6 and U11 definitely.
Maybe some cameos from major members of other universes like the Trio De Dangers


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Based CHADunks poster

>Cell that high
Dumb gohanspics.

ten bucks says Yamoshi is alive in the movie because someone used that time machine the other universe invented to bring him to the present

>dude this spoiler says goku is knocked out
>duuuuuude jiren and frieza for the final battle
>DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE that's exactly what will happen are you fucking stupid this translation can't be wrong

Fuck you guys, I was right. I said Frieza was going to save Goku from a blast by Jiren.

I actually thought Frieza would deathbeam Jiren to save Goku, not shoot Goku to knock him to a platform.

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Cell was mostly a watered down Frieza.

>Cell > Freiza

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>rotten tomato brat

whats the story with super? is it actually over or are they taking a break / lay off till they want more $$$

a break. New movie in December though.

>Goes SSB
>It's basically his normal hair and eye color

Huh, this really works

anyone else really get turned on by long hair videl


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Why can't Pan go Super Saiyan?

So if Vegeta can go Super Duper Blue or whatever the fuck and Goku can't Ultra Instinct, does that mean the series ends with Vegeta being stronger than Goku and some random AYY LMAO being the strongest character?

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>punching bags
He never won against Jacky Chan.
He never won against Vegeta
He never won against Cell
He never won against Buu in a fair fight
He never won against Jiren in a fair fight
He never won against Beer
He never fought Pilaf
Commander Red was killed by a traitorous negro before Goku could even get to him.

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why did she have to lose her tsundere too

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Kawaii Vegeta is roughly equal to Kaiokek SSB.

that didn't seem like a last episode, personally they should have done more with a corrupted kai type thing(like zamasu)

More like why did she have to lose her entire fucking being and character and end up like a generic permasmile housewife

Brain damage sustained from Spopovich. He beat the spunkiness right out of her.

Spopovich large meaty cock fucked the tsundere right out of her. hot

Holy shit, you're right.
This scene was a reference to all the Z fighters who participated on Namek.

>gohan is accused of cheating
>there's even a photo of him kissing another woman
>videl doesn't even believe it for a second and knows there's a good excuse

She's top tier waifu.

I refused to watch the vhs that had that episode on. I used to marathon the series and skip that tape.

He was barely taller than Krillin when he got to Earth the first time, on Namek he was taller like he is now.

Gohan's jobber seed polluted her.

All Videl is good Videl

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I think they might have gotten a little too real with those screams she does in the original Funi dub.

It's easily the worst beatdown in the entire series just for how long it went on and how it was one sided after a while. It beats out Vegeta getting slaughtered by Frieza on Namek due to the fact that Videl was barely a part of what was going on.

I agree.

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1. Jiren is still stronger than Goku. Goku couldn't have defeated Jiren in a real 1v1 fight

2. Jiren is not even the strongest warrior, please remember that only the WEAKEST eight universes got invited to the tournament. there are 12 universes, which means there are 4 universes with warriors stronger than Jiren.

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nice find

Link? Honestly it's been so long since I watched it I don't even remember it being as bad as people keep claiming it is.

>roughly equal
Also, kawaii vegeta doesn't waste so much stamina as kk does.
Anyway, they should just have a good old dragon ball adventure and go find the universal dragon balls again to wish full powered ultra instinct forms, with no side effects.
I'm sick of the tournament/big bad wants to destroy X formula, bring adventure back toriyama


It's even worse in the manga. She's missing teeth and shit.

i need my manga fix now right about now desu

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Nothing beats having a high and mighty girl be brought back down to earth with a hard and rough fuck that she'll never able to forget.

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I don't wanna see it

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why the fuck couldnt gohan beat him?

team villains
Gohan confirmed for being the LSS4 wannabe in new movie.

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Supreme forced him to job and then Spopovitch was killed before Gohan could get his revenge. The whole thing sucked.

>please remember that only the WEAKEST eight universes got invited to the tournament
No, the universes with the lowest NINGEN level got invited. The 4 universes that didn't get invited are more peaceful and thus have weaker fighters. Jiren is strongest in all the multiverse.


This is exactly what I've talked about in regards of the next one. The next tournament will either be one vs one or Battle Royal again. I want another 1v1 tournament

Wasn't it literally said that the weakest 8 universes only have been invited though?

Someone has just been doing a really shitty job cutting his hair.

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I guess it's vicious but unless women scream like dying cats when they're beating beaten it's just bad dub acting

you tell me.
this is concept art form the new movie.

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He isn't called cuckhan for a reason

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No, the ones with the lowest NINGEN level were getting erased, meaning ones with least developed populations and with the most conflict and war.

The top 4 universes are developed, with large populations and largely peaceful.

7 is the among the ones with lowest NINGEN level because Frieza went around killing everyone, among other bullshit.


Cell was fucking boring.

You already know those two bitches will be back.

There's nothing to suggest she can't, she just didn't.

>bring adventure back toriyama
Last time they did that it wasn't received very well, I doubt they'll go in that direction ever again.

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the more I think about how zeno's wish was a test or whatever, the less sense it makes.

How does winning a fighting tournament somehow make you more or less qualified to make a decision that could end all of existence? If freeza somehow won by dumb luck all of the multiverses would be destroyed, even the good ones. (which makes no sense why some of the universes were even exempt if it all came down to the wish anyway). Literally if one guy out of 80 happened to be evil then that's it everyone is doomed. Or even the reverse is true - literally everyone in the universe except 17 could have been evil but because 17 happened to win it "proves" the universes are somehow good. If the point was that it was supposed to be a "random" person then that's just following probability and not really a good measure of whether all universes are good or evil. That's just too small of a sample size to really tell.

That's not how i understood it, but okey. if you gave me some sources to support your claims it would be appreciated

db super's level of retardation is on par with GT

>traumitized so badly he starts balding before 30

Watch the episodes where they introduce the tournament again. Alternatively, google it.

Thanks for correcting my misconception

El Grande Padre was just fucking around with the U7 Gods and Zeno never thought things through at all.

fuck you nigger. GT is comfy af.


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Pan a cute.

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What's next for this chad?

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There are four fatal flaws with this scene, as well as this entire arc.

>Goku is in it instead of Goten
>The cast selection is horrible, these characters simply do not belong on-screen together and have shit tier interactions the entire damn arc.
>Trunks acts like a manchild the entire arc and is horribly out of character. Future Trunks revels in the moment and would dance with everyone like this, but this Trunks was raised by Vegeta his whole life and would obviously act more like Vegeta. He'd cross his arms and be indifferent to the dancing.

>He'd cross his arms and be indifferent to the dancing.
Except it's mind control dancing.

He's too busy plowing his wife everyday on that cruise. He also has infinite stamina so he can go on literally all night.

>yfw Freeza will become now a Mr. Satan kind of character, living a farse as "the emperor of the universe" while knowing it's only so because Goku & Co allows it to be.

GT Trunks' character is pretty inline with how he acted at the end of Z. Not sure why you'd expect him to act differently.

>Future Trunks revels in the moment and would dance with everyone like this, but this Trunks was raised by Vegeta his whole life and would obviously act more like Vegeta. He'd cross his arms and be indifferent to the dancing.
It's been ages since I watched GT, but I'm pretty sure they're not dancing because they like it, they're dancing because those guys are forcing them with their powers.

Is it safe to say this ending was the least asspull of all endings to any of the arcs? No outside interference, the bullshit power up ended up being temporary, and it was all settled with an amazing fight to the finish with minimal energy blasts and none of that ATATATATATATATATAT.

poor krillin, dating a cock-hungry limitless thot like 18 must be excruciating

>Infinite stamina
Holy shit this is the first time i thought about it. He probably destroys his wife every time they fuck so badly she needs a sensu.

By the way... Freeza now is SSGod tier. This makes him, in fact, the emperor of the universe even more. He's among the strongest even in the multiverse.

>bullshit power up ended up being temporary,
>"i only did it by accident! rofl xD"
If that's not a premium golden class A aspull, idk what it is


> GT heavily features Adult Trunks
> we never get to see Adult Gotenks

Still mad. Dragonball Heroes got me covered though. I'd like it if Adult Gotenks still focused on being as flashy as possible but without being as childish. Constantly shittalking his enemies whilst flashily slapping them around. So basically Saiyan Dante (Devil May Cry)

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To be fair, UI was introduced as a concept very early in Super and Goku and Vegeta wer directly working towards it, so it wasn't really an asspull.

I think it's more of an asspull that he ended up losing it, desu.

Trunks IS a manchild in GT. He has an important job as the Capsule Corp president and instead of actually being responsible and doing his job he fucks off everyday to go flying. Him and Goten being lazy pieces of shit is why Vegeta wanted them to go into space with Goku in the first place.

It was referenced and then used multiple times before being perfected. It was only a bullshit power up because he required Goku to be gassed and being in a battle royal allowed that. But that's all the lead up to the finale. The arc was shit and convoluted and made up its own rules as it went along. But the ending went exactly as it should have.