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Black Clover thread
Magna vs Elf Luck when?

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Magna vs Luck would probably happen in an arc or two, The Base is pretty far so unless Magna was following the Royal knights because he was jelly he wasn't picked they wont be fighting soon

Well it'd be good for Magna to get some training anyway. He's pretty weak as it stands, and with Luck now being strong enough to blitz through Kirsch and Noelle with ease, he has basically no chance unless he can talk-no-justu Luck hard enough. Pretty excited for whatever powerup he'll get.

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Nah, Magnas strong desu. The first ice bad guy was just insanely strong

I'd say he's probably an upper mid-tier magic knight right now. Having low magic power really holds him back and I don't know how he can really remedy that

Zoras Regulating the thread


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He makes it up with finesse, which is cool. He doesnt go balls deep

Who's looking forward to this week's episode?
literally who

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He looks like he could steal my waifu

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How will Magna react once he finds out his best friend got Elfed.

I just hope


is animated well

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How about instead of spicposting we do our own thing. Like russian or german posting

BC Elves are heavily influence by Jewish/Hebrew culture, so hebrewposting?

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I miss Julius, anons

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He failed

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Ok goy

It's just a couple pages so it might get a good cut. But the preview pic makes it seem like a gag scene.

Whats the chances bc s2 will have a different production company?

same as madhouse giving a second season to a non-sports anime

Guys, I'm a speedreader, but what exactly makes witches from Witch Forest different from your average mage?

Magna is hot with hos hair like that, No homo tho


They are special kin have unique magic power and long lives

We can't spics Litterally flock to BC

I want to see this girl in action

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Basically a different race.
Longer lives
powerful mana pool etc ect

would crowbar and clover have the same pronunciation in a typical Japanese accent?

Nightmare magic

How does that work

Excel in curses and can have familiars, also all of them are the progeny of the witch queen

so there's a chance?

Also I forgot they wear pointy hats.

The most important aspect desu

All of them are pretty beautiful too

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Their mom is hot, y'know for all the waifu Tabata keeps giving we are at still 0 doujins. We're getting Bara shit before proper doujins.

Someone posted a Sally x Asta doujin a few threads ago. Not the entire thing but its a shame I didn't ask for sauce. I just hope we get Leona doujins soon.

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Oh yeah I remember that Sally shit, 2 bad shes kill now.

still makes me sad

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Tbh they're all kind of assholes and people only liked Sally cause she was waifu-able.

Mods won't notice this because it's a black clover thread.

She was our version of that Yandere chick from mha

Toga + Sally crossover art when?

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Will probably happen eventually

Yeah, too bad we never got backstory of Sally since she dead.

Himiko is better

We never know what Tabata might asspull to bring those 3 back

Nah, they've turned into ashes, I don't think there's enough magic for that one. I'd rather he not bring back characters back to life.

well I guess the anime can just add filler to expand on them

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I don't get why people don't like the filler, I like the filler in the case of BC since the first few arcs are so fast paced. Anime gives you more world building. I mean I like how they made Magna have history with the Sossy Mayor.

Filler and bad filler aren’t the same thing sadly outside of the thing you just mentioned most of it’s bad filler

Yeah didn't like when Yuno went to the Hadge, I think that could have been done in 1 episode and not 1 and a half. I do hope we get the LN filler since they're not planning on translating it.

what was so bad about watching Yuno and Asta travel to Clover Kingdom?

It was pretty boring dude.

you're face is pretty boring

No need for harsh words friend.


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So Vet and Liar know that was a fake LIcht right?

Good question

Liar and Licht were pretty much brothers and Liar treats Patolli as if he was actually Licht so I don't think so

Yeah but they know Licht used sword magic and Vet and Liar kept whining about how they took Licht, wouldn't make sense to do that if they believed Licht was back

>We're getting Bara shit before proper doujins
Unless there's a proper bara doujin, there's not much to complain about. I've seen like 2 images of yami but much more noelle, mimosa, sally, etc.

It might just be one of those don't ask don't tell situations
They know it's not Litch but they act as though it is since its in their best interest.

The only Noelle, Mimosa, Sally shit I've seen so far are Western shit that looks like it was doodled by a 15 year old

hows this?

Please no ban

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Eyes are pretty weird, where are you guys even getting this? It's not on panda.


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For what reason?

At least, Liar knows it.

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Wait, Are you the artists for that? Its the best lewd Noelle on pixiv!

> Pls no ban
>Implying mods will ever enter this thread

To rape him user! Try to keep up.

>Gender neutral

Why not u nazi?

Could be a cause of poor translation


reminder that Black Clover OCs exist

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Doujin of her getting elf dick when?

This is a boy aint it...


Really gets the dick going

He needs to stop wearing a dress.
He's not fooling anyone

Previous character and her crystal magic + another character with plant(?) magic

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What's going on here?

Damn the sonic teir OC potential is actually scary.

As long as we're posting OC, post you're grimoire element and abilities.
>absorption magic, I absorb my opponents magic and store/use it launch attacks that come out as pure magic
>whip lash, lots of unpredictable whips
>beam roar, powerful beam attack that rivals the fire spirit
>magic armor, pure armor of various sizes
>sword, shield, spear mode, all can extend and fire magic attacks as I please
>buckshot beam, spread out attack
>airwalk, use the magic under my feet to go fast

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Here's Yuno's second cousin

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Nips still like this meme?

Honestly the art is pretty good.
But the cringe is also at a very high level.

I'm not creative enough for OC

People think Patry might be a girl. The theory when he was introduced was that it was the old Fana's real name.

Well he does look pretty fuckable

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I would follow this man to depths of hell


>Golden Dawn
Fucking elf cockslut,

are you gay for him user?

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The music in the anime is fanastic.

Who else is Silver Eaglefag there?

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Literally all shit members

Compared to Purple Orcas who is almost entirely made up of turncoats, I'd say they're pretty good

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