ITT: Villains who got away with everything

I'll start.

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It's not like he didn't suffer in hell for almost two decades.
he deserved his happy ending.

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I'm glad I haven't watched Super so this isn't canon to me.

>almost two decades
That's a bit less than an eternity


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He got his way in the end.

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>Experimented on thousands
>Killed at least 25k innocent citizens
>Constantly abused his artifical daughter
>Used his own men as human bombs
>Was an all around asshole to pretty much everyone
>Still remained a respected member of the Gotei 13
>Got to keep conducting experiments on his new underground lab

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They all did nothing wrong

he died tho

They are not "villains" and they didn't "get away with it" but I'll still post this
Because someone has to

It isn't evil to try to stay alive and it is the opposite of wrong to protect a loli

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I'm not going to pretend to understand Eureka Seven's plot, but I thought he was trying to destroy the universe.

You can't just decide what's canon and what isn't.

inb4 >villain

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Why not? Stories are fictional and canon is relative. Super and GT are inconsistent with each other, so from the point of view of GT's plot, Super is non-canon. "Official canon" is usually just what's consistent with the most shit at the moment; it's not like there's some objective history to be soused out of Dragon Ball. If somebody doesn't like the continuation of their favorite chinese cartoon, what academic institution are they undermining by ignoring it?

>Gets sliced in half twice, and burnt to a crisp twice
>Literally spends 15 years in hell
>Had to literally help save all of existence in order to earn the right to have his punishment commuted
>Has literal gods and the guy who killed him the last time watching his every move
>Got away with it
He may have gotten off easy for his crimes, but no way he's gotten away completely. He's been punished a lot

absolutely delusional

>an eternity
Dragon ball hell isn't eternity. It's purgatory. You're there until you're cleansed then get reincarnated

it is for freeza because even ox king says he wont change. he should have already been reborn as a cleansed spirit or broken like dabura

>canon is relative.
No, it's not. If the creator of the series says something is canon, then it's canon. There is no "point of view of GT's plot". Super is canon. GT is not. You can't decide otherwise.

Evil always finds a way...

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>ox king
king yenma

OP please, he cut a deal for reduced jailtime.

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Eternity isn't the punishment though, it's simply the result of friezas personality.
Which, ironically, is shown to have changed in the ToP
Also, we don't actually know what happens to souls that don't ever repent


Bach created a civilization of literal team-killing subhumans. Mayuri did nothing wrong, and Ishida's clan was a splinter cult of relatively microscopic status.

dabura was sent to heaven to 'suffer' and got distorted by it, hell would not be a punishment for him

it's still funny

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Quincy being asshat didn't excuse him using his men as living bombs.

>enslaved billion, killed billions
is okay because Goku wants to see him grow.

>Got away

Not for long hah we all know Guts and skull knight will eventually kill him

But he just did

Didnt he helped to save an entire universe and more???

He's not a villain though

It never was.

I fuckin love Altair she's so cool

Easily the most pleasant surprise ending of the last year.
I was rooting from the start

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Freeza literally did nothing wrong. He'll make a great GoD.

We know Berserk will never end so Griffith won't get his comeuppance and technically will get away with it.

Freeza's brother. Golden Frieza.

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>Which, ironically, is shown to have changed in the ToP
He will never stop being evil, user. He is incapable of being good, the only reason he did what he did was just to survive.

Freeza can't (wont) be a GoD because GoDs have rules to obey and have a job to do, and Freeza wont stand for any of that.

Beerus and Champa don't seem to care too much for the rules either.

Beerus and Champa don't care. Freeza would actively hate being bound by rules and having to obey someone.

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worst endings ive seen, wasted 2 season for this shit

you mean they haven't yet? I dropped Berserrk a long ass time ago I don't even know if it's worth picking it up again

>Sasuke is now considered a hero
>Obito get to be witth his waifu forever
>Madara was forgiven by Hashirama

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Do it

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I'm well aware of that spoiler

It was impossible to avoid

>Tobirama was always right
>no one listened to him

No wonder the fucker started experimenting and making all sorts of dangerous jutsu by himself.

nothing comes close to orochimaru

You can tho No matter what timeline you watch you always end up being mad about the show going to shit

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>So powerful that heroes just let him win because fighting him was suicide

He killed trillions..


There was a time where frieza literally took the energy goku gave him so he'd survive and flung it back at goku in a vain attempt to take him down with him

That shows growth

*Zeke Asakura


Is there a more despicable villain who got away with all the shit he did?

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I don't get the ending
did the priest get assassinated by a gunman at the end?

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>canon is relative

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not only he got away with everything, he received a personal pardon from the Hokage himself and his spawn is running around unchecked. fucking hilarious.

>committed terrorist attacks on America and killed thousands
>becomes a god and destroys the world
>tortures protagonist for millions of years

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He is going to get killed again in the resurrection of F 2 after training for two days and becoming mastered ultrainstinct tier.


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They were all revived, so does it really count?

Altair basically only made some edgy fanfiction about a magical girl, a knight, a mecha pilot and the end of the world. She and Setsuna did nothing to deserve anything bad.

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It's funny because, as a villain, Cell did the least yet got away with the least. Freeza is back and is allowed to chill in his empire again, Buu is living the easy life at Satan's. Vegeta has a super mega rich hot wife. Cell? He's dead and will stay dead.

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Didn't he die?

Overlord 3 never

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Based Mommy Issues Villain.

Japan loves their "scientist who gets away with everything" trope. I wonder why...

>I'll start.
doesn't count. dragonball ended with the freeza saga.

Isn't this guy inspired on Saint Seiya's Deathmask? At least Kurumada allowed Shiryu to killed that faggot

freeza is a competent and /fit/ donald trump of space

Yeah, I wonder

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he saved the world though


Got to be one with his/her boy.
That's pretty much best end for Yubel

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Yeah, I can't quite put my finger on it.

Umm, most of the time he just keeps to himself and his rape dungeons maintain the good goys/ bad guys status quo in check

Also, he didn't kill Hiruzen

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Being an Eternal Cuck is enough punishment.

>didn't kill Hiruzen
You are an idiot. He did.

>How is it going Orochimaru-sama?

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>this guy runs an orphanage now

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Can any one explain how his tail was cut off in the final bit of the episode? There wasn't a scene showing it get cut off but he lost it

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Jiren rips it off after Goku throws Frieza.