Darling in the FranXX

Best ship. Period

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IchiGoro is better.

>More "Meme in the Cuckshed" threads trying to bait Sup Forums

you really think that's a clever pun, don't you?

what are they listening to

Darling is for 02!
02 is for Darling!

>Show is a meme for how bad it is
>Show is littered with cuckery to the point of more memes
Clever enough.


Pity they've just been sidelined with unresolved mystery for 3 whole episodes now.

>the absolute state of Anti-Franxxfags



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>Being so pro-franxx that you create a name for people who don't like your shitty show

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>literally combined existing names/memes on this board in two seconds
>painstakingly drew out a tortured "joke" over the name of the show

Wow 3 whole episodes to develop side cast out of 24.

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I want to dance with her!

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>one of KAs for episode 12 discussed blizzard backgrounds on twitter

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>Steals someone else's joke-name because of audible keks
>It's different when I do it
Cool story.

Worst ship.

He’s trying to force it in multiple threads leave him alone

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Holy shit so we are finally going to see her full Oni form plus the healing that comes after. I'm fucking ready.

>>Show is a meme for how bad it is
Where? All of the normies say nothing but good things about it, and here what you think is a hate circlejerk is actually 80% shitposting.

I admire your optimism, user.
I, however, am prepared for the cour finale to be a Futoshi episode.

Kiss of Death by Mika Nakashima, of course.

Too bad, it's going to be a recap episode.

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Anywhere with actual criticism and not mindless consumption.

this show is fucking shit

>t. IchiHirofag

it's pretty boring desu

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I laughed at it too.

That will be 13. And 14

Don't we all?
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. That's my rule.

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Like where? MAL? ANN? Anywhere that's just blindly jerking off Rick & Morty every second of every day? Give me a break, that show is so overrated.

>Holy shit so we are finally going to see her full Oni form
>plus the healing that comes after.
I doubt it. They've been alluding to 02's issues with her past for a while now and she's one of the main pillars of the show to begin with; it would be weird if they resolved them all in one episode. I expect a two-parter with an end-of-cour cliffhanger at best, and the beginning of a plot arc that'll span the first six episodes of next cour at worst.

Zero Two and Hiro will be escaping the plantation as she promised in the third episode in the second cour. They will be lost and wandering around outside of the dome in an unknown location for quite a few episodes.

Zero Two is dying from her Klaxosaur blood. This is why she is so depressed for these past few episodes. You will see her melting slowly from it, and then eventually she will destabilize so much that she will seemingly explode and then disappear, but it's unknown as to whether or not she's actually dead.

Ichigo and Goro will finally resolve their tensions towards the end of the show, especially after 02 and Hiro disappear. Ichigo decides that she loves Goro too, and they will share a kiss during a fight scene.

Kokoro will stay with Mitsuru from now on, as they discover that they share a much higher compatibility level. Futoshi will adjust, but he will spend half of the second cour doing so.

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Everyone is this episode's focus is pathetic.
>Futoshi is classic white knight, putting his slut on the pedestal and idealize her. Despite being partner, he is the only boy who failed to pick up basic emotional and non-verbal cues that Kokoro is uncomfortable. Being a Fatass does not make him a piece of shit when characters like Boss and Musashi exist.
>Kokoro is a spineless, selfish lying cunt
>Mitsuru is an edgy faggot who hold a grudge from years ago and basically became a liability to the whole group half the battle when he froze up and had to have the fatass saved his ass while he bawled his eyes because his boycrush didn't give him enough attention. Anyone who said he is smart or actually aware of how fucked up the society is can fuck right off when he failed to even recognize that something abnormal happened to Hiro. He's as much of a sheep as anyone in the group, barred 02

>it would be weird if they resolved them all in one episode.
It would be weird indeed, but I think that we're still getting at least a first step. Hiro is probably going to reassure her that he's not scared of her true form and that he wants to stay with her.

I too watched Eureka Seven.

This show is basically a more perverted E7 to begin with. I don't get the people who keep comparing it to Eva.

Eva was a show with a lot of sexual undertones and overtones, which Franxx also has aside from presenting them way more baldly. Plus it shares a lot of elements of the setting like an authoritarian government body using teenage pilots to repel the regular attacks of inhuman monsters of varying shapes and sizes. I wouldn't call it an Eva ripoff but the comparison can certainly be made.

Cause anything with mecha is compared to Eva. It's essentially not avoidable.

Uh, no, sweetie.

The second cour is actually 12 more episodes of sidelining Hir02 because it's a Fatoshi healing arc. The second cour is all Fatoshi. Goodbye S3.

No this is the best ship, no drama, no cucking, no love triangle bullshit.
Just two tsunderes, that despite having constant banter still deeple care for eachother.
You can not deny this is the objective best pairing.

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They're the most annoying characters aside from Fatoshi, so that'll be a NO.

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>no drama, no cucking, no love triangle bullshit.
not yet.

I want 02 to fuck Ichigo senseless with her futa dino dick.

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I'm down to 90kg from 125 thank you very much


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Name 5 places

who drew that awful picture
do they know basic human anatomy

I'll fucking riot if 12th episode won't be Hiro and 02 episode.

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when does the next cour start

Everything post in a Darling in the Franxx thread should now end in "Also, lose some weight."

Also, lose some weight.

>it's a nana and the dude episode

this was me 10 years ago 90kg was skeleton tier, but now I'm back to 100 and it's allright.

>tfw PV is voiced by hakase.

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Strawberry Moon by Cascade

Both of them have been teasing about changing partners
>Zorome to 02 (before she raped Mitsuru)
>Miku wanting to ride with mature P26 dude
>Obaasan suggests Zorome change because he keeps fighting with Miku

At least he's finally realized he's a Mikufag. Now all we have to do is get them to go dere somehow.

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>Hakase gives Nana and Hachi books on human sexuality
>"You need to study these to understand what will happen next"

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>Clueless retard
>Frigid moody bitch
>best ship

Hachi most likely

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>"You need to study these to understand what will happen next"
>Turns on spying camera in Hiro room

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Just who are Nana and hachi? They aren’t like the other adults.

Sounds of sales flopping

>names literally mean 7 and 8
Really makes you think.

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It's true

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Agreed. Can't wait for suffering in next episode.

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OVA in high school setting when?

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He also said he would switch with Ichigo during their test fight. And said he would rather be fed by a cute girl like Kokoro instead of his partner. He's kind of a manslut.

so do we have any ideas what happens to children who grow up and don't become adults? Do they have a high enough mortality rate that they can just be the new instructors, or are they also the dock workers and cleaning people we saw?

Imagine shitfest that would happen if Miku is revealed to have a crush on Goro.

Post more lewd Hir02 stuff. I need to update my collection.

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Honestly it's not in bullshit tier theory. We don't know much very much about Miku.
I can see that somehow happening.

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Wait if Hiro lost his memories, wouldn't that mean that he's a clone and there's the original out there somewhere? And will he show up?

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Either Papa or one of the Nine dudes.

Or that he was just mind wiped.

This is the correct opinion. People taking sides and defending any of them are cock suckingly retarded.

Never post this slut ever again

And forgot red oni little 02

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B-but Genista didn't do anything wrong.

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Genista didnt go stampede mode so fuck it

Time for drastic measures, Hiro. Unleash the kabedon.

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She did go stampede mode. For three seconds.

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If they made that Hiro 9 alpha It'd be pretty cool.

Not nearly enough

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She had a thing for older guys in general.

She gets pissed at Ichigo for holding out on Goro, but does acknowledge Goro belongs to her.

But it's probably just tsun teasing, otherwise she would have offered last episode.

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Yea it's unlikely that she has some feelings for Goro, still it's fun to speculate about the drama that will hit ZoroMiku pairing.
Because sooner or later, there will be drama.

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>people will no longer like Genista because of the slutty actions of Kokoro
I only got into this show because I liked the robots and now they're being dragged into the shitty drama. Fuck whoever thought bringing NTR into this show was a good idea.

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Blame Milkman.

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Why does it seem that even the people that like this show specifically hate at least one aspect of it?