Leave Kokoro to me

Leave Kokoro to me.

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>leave Hiro's dick to me

How about you leave Sup Forums with these fucking Franxxshill threads every 10 minutes.

And Futoshi was like "cool man, protect her and make her happy" but Sup Forums is mad as fuck and can't get over this. Why can't you be as nice as Futoshi Sup Forums?

Same reason NTR is so popular with this board in the first place.

I knew he was alpha when he fucked mc's girl

>Leave Kokoro to me.
No problem. This SHITTY SLUT is all yours now.

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What happened to that dude that tried to get with pink hair girl?

My hero.

>I'm glad you agreed to be father to out ten children Mitsuru!
>The doors are locked, silly Mitsuru!

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>not twelve

Sup Forums is now /franxx/ territory
get used to it

nobody is stopping you from talking about your favorite aots, except you

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NTR used to be hated on this board, until the massive infulx of redditors.

NTR was always liked.

In the depths of your sick, delusional mind, perhaps.

We are the chads of Sup Forums, the darlingchads
Get used to it betaboy

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Futoshi would be proud of taking care of Mitsuru and Kokoro's children and being the best uncle dad for them.

People also think that anyone who overall likes the development must be into NTR.

Leave Mitsuru to Kokoro.
She will heal his broken heart.


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>And Futoshi was like "cool man, protect her and make her happy"
Things that never happened for 300.

Now that Mitsuru was forced to promise to defend Kokoro, Futoshi has to accept it and be happy for them. That is what it means to be a white knight.
He officially made them a pair and gave them his blessings.

>Why can't you be as nice as Futoshi Sup Forums?

Because we aren't spineless numales who worship anything with a hole.

I want Kokoro to hug me.

Is she charging up her battery

>thinking of ways to tease him

Can we all just agree that "Franxx" is the most disgusting name ever. Like you just imagine some 40-year old gruff male saying it like he still thinks he's a playboy "hey darlin' want to grab some Franxx hot wings" *lots of disgusting smoochy sound-effects*. Its fucking annoying, seriously.

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It's like you are dissing all of the frogeaters, dude

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how it actually is

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>twink soyboi
>surely dicklet
>"leave women to me"

He got 100% with her now.

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Honestly I thought it was her thinking about his dick.

Pretty manly desu. He just claimed her as his woman. Her panties are probably from being claimed by the right man.

>Fat: "Bwaaaaah I want my Kokoro-chan back!"
>Milk: "Don't treat Kokoro-san like she is your thing!"
>Fat: "..."
>Milk: "She is MY thing!"
>Fat: "Bwaaaaah!"

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>that filename
They totally should've made that a gag somehow.

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Godspeed Milkman.

The absolute dilapidated state of fatoshifags.

He can protect Kokoro but who will protect HIM from Kokoro?

I'm only watching it to see fatty committing suicide at this point

I though his haughty ways where gonna lead to him being a traitor of some kind, but he wasn't secretly evil, he's just trying to hide his winking anus.

is ntr all it takes for something to blow up so hard around here?

>Kokoro leaves him for Mitsuru
>new partner is a lesbian

How will he ever recover?

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porn when?

He will get himself together, become chad thundercock and steal Nana from Dr. Franxx

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Go on

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D-don't worry, Futoshi, there are plenty of fishes in the po-

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milkman want milkies!

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How do I send Futoshi this video?

>stop liking things
No thanks.

Only one way, buddie!

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Poor fatoshit, just as he gained a bit of character development he's going to get paired with a total non character for the rest of the show

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Poor Ikuno, just as she gained a bit of character development she's going to get paired with a total non character for the rest of the show

It's fun to try to bully purity fags by proxy, because those are considered asinine annoying otaku who ruin anime through their open online autism.

Both are non characters but at least we got a glimpse of the closest thing Fatoshit might have to an actual motivation and stake in the story. Librarian dyke is just there for the writers to dump love triangle losers onto


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i bet this bastard likes linkin park

I'm not going to rename the crap I find on google images to protect your fee fees
t. Dumb Phoneposter

>being a phoneposter

Nah, but I bet Fatoshi does

smelly dumb mobile scum

What are those circles around each chibi?

straps for attaching to shit

Thank you, japanese jesus, or whoever drew this

where can i get that 02 charm

Must be either movic or aniplexplus.

Because Sup Forums hates cuckoldry.

No one likes the lesbian, the fat man or the cuck best friend lul.


t. slut/soyboy

Don't you dare insult 02 and Hiro.

Well, aren't you a clever one.

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>Fatoshi getting /fit/ on a run around the park
>he passes the greenhouse
>he sees movement inside and recalls Kokoro saying she spends alot of time there tending to the flowers
>"its my chance to maybe talk things through with her and tell her I am sorry for my previous behavior"
>he stops his jog and starts walking towards the greenhouse
>he recognizes Kokoro's figure and she's alone
>he gets closer
>wait, she's talking to someone
>"Mitsuru, what do you think about kissing?"
>Futoshi freezes
>"Kissing? Do you mean when two plantations share magma fuel?"
>"fufufu, no I mean when two people put their lips together"
>"Oh that, it's a thing of the past, just like child birth"
>"I asked what do *you* think about it"
>"It was something couples did together, we don't have need for it now"
>"You're dodging the question again, Mitsuru. I would like to try it."
>Futoshi watches as Kokoro's figure in the foggy glass moves towards the other figure.
>Futoshi knows what's about to happen. He closes his eyes, and clenches his fists. *cue leather stretching sound due to his fat leathery skin*
>His eyes closed only made his hearing better.

why the fuck are you people so into NTR

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as someone who just thinks MitsuKoko is cute, and not hater of Futoshi it saddens me, that most of their stuff will propably have this netorare vibes.

Hopefully Futoshi will find some love outside the plantation

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Yeah you could do a story without Futoshi suffering

I wanted to vote, but you left out both options I could vote for.

>Futoshi suffering
that's the fun stuff, maybe you should stop being a fat loser and come join the fun with everyone.

Not me, I HATE IT

Having just cute Mitsukoko stuff is good enough
I dont care about Futoshi

Masochism of the most disgusting variety. I'm hoping Futoshi takes a page from Goro's book and just learns to not give a fuck.

t. kokoro

The Furoshi suffering will not even continue to the next episode IMO. He's gonna get over it especially now and Mitsuru promised to keep her safe which was his biggest issue with the dude.

especially now that*

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what is, if Futoshi is going to cure Ikuno's gayness?

>new partner is a lesbian
it's at least something, I guess

And she'll cure his fatness. /fitlit/ revenge.

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I hope he's miserable for the rest of eternity. Disgusting fatfuck.

>or the cuck best friend
come on, Ichigo at least partnerzoned him

I want Ikuno to become emotionally and physically dependent on fatty because he makes her cum super hard.

I wanna see Futoshi criticizing Ikuno for not being feminine at all.

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"I'm gonna steal your girl, creepy fatso"

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