KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful Flatchest

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You know what they say about girls with black underwear?

I love her so much it actually makes my stomach churn

Why is she so ultra smug?

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invisible skidmarks?

Damn Kazuma looks like that?

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I want Aqua to piss into my mouth.

Literally golden piss

Isn't that just water?

Stop fucking posting this you piece of shit

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Man Chris is so hot

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t. kazuma

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Season 3 when?
I heard LN was shit and I don't like reading

fourteen years old

An imaginary prime

Anime project for this year was already announced last year. I kinda hope it's a movie adaptation of volume 5 now, cause that wouldn't be that bad.

The ln is pretty fun, it just had a horrible translation for the most part. Thankfully some guys have re-edited skythewood's translation to something acceptable.

but it will still be warm

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I'm pretty sure that you can see shitstains on black if you look close enough.

Every time I see this I hear that smug "heh" in my head.

Legal in some parts of europe.


Part of her education, and even partially in her genes.

All the girls are good. But Aqua is a godess.

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>below average intelligence
Pick one, discard other two.

They're all pretty good for different reasons and therefore for different activities. Aqua is a great companion and drinking partner, but you'd have to be insane to stick your dick into her

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>main aqua's trait is nopan
>whole art is just aqua in panties
just why you do this

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She wears shimapan in the novels.

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she is dumb hysterical alcoholic, if not for that she would be ruined for me, dont crush my dreams

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As an Aqua and shimapan fan - very very disappointed these weren't seen in the anime.

6.5 million copies sold, oh my.

Your dreams were only in your head.

Even after having read the ln, I like the thought of Aqua going nopan all day every day. Suits the goddess of no restraint

The reason she's seen going nopan most of the time is just her not wanting to do laundry as much.

>Stage event planned for the Sneaker 30 year anniversary
PV soon? Will we finally get more information?

>still somehow not getting a season 3

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Wouldn't a season 3 start entering the shitty volumes of the LN?

Fuck you Volumes 5 and 6 are the best volumes of the LN.

>Goblin Slayer anime before Konosuba season 3
What were the odds?

Goblin Slayer is so boring too. I had to drop the novel when I realized I was only reading because I was forcing myself to keep going and not because I was having fun.

>shits her panties while drunk
>lazy to wash it so goes commando
>still gets drunk
I guess she is not so popular among men as we think.

We're getting a movie at least


She's a goddess, she doesn't poop. She does throw up rainbows though.

Except that it's been said she properly washes her goddess garment every day like an autist. Wouldn't really be a lot more effort to do the panties while at it.

Aqua's piss is distilled water, right?

Aqua is known for her childish behavious, I doubt she's an popular in any way like that. The guys have the succubi for that

I don't know but I want her to sit on my face and let me taste it to find out.

source thanks

They might be reffering to the "new animation project" that was annunced a year ago.

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See here. It's either an OVA, movie or season 3. Place your bets


>your cock will never make a woman smile like this

Probably because your cock is bigger than the average Japanese member.

What volume is that from? I don't remember that one. Also, that's fucking terrible, the upper body doesn't fit with the lower body, it's completely rotated.

Volume 12, it hasn't been translated by yuNS yet, but there's a link to the translation on his page

She's a thief. Being doublejointed and catlike comes with the job.


Are you fucking serious? That's actual approved, official art? Fucking trash.

yuNS's basically retired , all the konosuba stuff is with CGtrans now.