Girls und Panzer

La chanson de l'oignon
yfw it's actually a Napoleonic marching song about ONIONS.

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The OVA was phenomenal, it's inspired we to push out a ton of new renders today, which I've all got in the Mega now. I've not posted in a while but there's tons of new ones if you'd like to have a suss. And as usual, if you have any screenshots or images you'd like a render of, just link it to this post and I'll do my best to get it done for you, if I don't post it in the thread it'll most certainly wind up in the Mega folder. Here's to the 50th rewatch, no time for sleep.!I0wWmbgY!A6VocvlY9oNs3pSvTJD6FQ

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Ooo... thanks
Have some Azumi fan-art

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1st for best girl

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woah user i never realized.
you are so smart!

Erika a shit.

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>Pepe was already eating
Duce should kick her out of the school.

I wonder, the story of those OAV seems to be about passing the torch, a lot of school have the leader retiring soon and new commanders will lead them.
Isn't it the same for Oiara? At some point, maho will retire too and the team will become shit. The start with Momo and the shark team who obey the commander but not Maho directly may be the start to make everyone grow independant from Maho, and this way, the school can find its own senshadou will remaining safe in the future.

Have you heard of this song?

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After rewatching everything and watching new OVA, I want to get into model building again.
I've been on hiatus for few years because of some reasons, and now I feel inspired again.

LA2 predicts the commander of the Rabbit team, Azusa, will take over. Par for the course imo. Rabbits have great initiative and are clutch when it matters. And to think they were complete tank newbies a few matches before.

I don't know about you anons but I for one welcome the shark team as a fine addition to the roster

She's so perfect

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>you will never be pinned down and reduced to a husk of a man over a weekend satisfying her sexual needs

Why live

Why do Spaniards dress like professional strippers?

That theme certainly is there, what with Momo-chan trying to find a tank for Ooarai after she leaves. As far as commander skills go, the first years are the only real candidate post-Nishizumi, but they're investing in a graduating student oddly enough. Considering that Mipiron's tutelage consists of helpful suggestions I think it's safe to say that the replacement commander wouldn't be a copy of Nishizumi.

Every thread.

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Easy paizuri access. Gotta pay for tanks somehow.

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My point still stands, why do they dress like professional strippers? What was the context of their uniform design years ago when it was first submitted? I'm really curious as to what's the story behind it.

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All the sharks are too sexual for their own good.

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Would flatchested girls avoid their team to not be reminded daily of their inadequacies?

Cute tan fluff

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It's hot in Spain I guess

How many matches will there be in total? Forgot the bracket.

it was hot as fuck in the colonies

They just use the shirt buttoned like the women in the Spanish Legión.

Did Spain even had colonies when that uniform come out? they lost them pretty soon and didn't keep much.

Humikane Shimada alone had to design all the girls (18 or more?) who showed up for this one OVA, so it doesn't surprise me that he'd go lax on characters that don't even have lines.


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Then why aren't armies in those ex-colonies nowadays dressed like strippers?

I'm talking about the real Spain user.

Miho's fat butt.

Because is from the Legión Española, and they still do it.

Thank you!

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I want to munch on her French carpet

meant for

I hope they'll do full version like they did with Katyusha.

They still have colonial cities in Africa.

Can you render the Sharks here?

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>and they still do it.
Spain still has colonies? And here I thought they lost most of them ages ago.

Love how the carrier is a photo with a filter over it

Because their historical dress uniform calls back to something else? fuck off with these faggot questions i'm not wikipedia

Marie is a FATTY who should stop singing about FOOD

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>fuck off with these faggot questions i'm not wikipedia
But it's tanoshii to learn!

>butchered french, full edition
user, I...

I love Marie's fat ass

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Two cities + few smaller territories in Morocco and few islands around Africa. Not very impressive, but it's something.

You can only choose ONE

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I want to give Marie's fat butt a nice grope and a squeeze

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Sometimes, those few islands can means a lot since each island mean Spain get the exploitation rights for the sea around.

Waiting for Flint


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I only need one.

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Rosehip desuwa

>GuP art starts picking up again because of the OVAs
>constantly forgetting which pictures I have saved
Hoarder problems

But it's a for reals French marching chant...

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>no fat ass

You're doing wrong

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I want to care that fat ass

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She needs to go on a diet, I suggest a semen based one

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Ridiculous ass

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Flint's singing was awful.

Marie is not that fat

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nice photoshop, marie

I'll fucking deck you mate

I want to see Andou panties

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imagine the smell


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this thread needs more anchovy

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ローズヒップ mind?
Pic from:


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>school full of tanned paizuri whores

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Nobody likes Oshida, right?

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I need more

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Its impossible to teach at their school without getting an unstoppable erection

In a year.

Sure will be more next year, user.

She's got a pretty high quality pussy

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So it's a school full or Perrines? Jesus Christ I never knew I wanted this.

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I want to start a revolution with Andou
Ideally ending with Marie's head tumbling in to a basket, finally coming to rest with her lips gently touching Oshida's cooling cheek

Don't forget the poor ones

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Nobody likes Perrine

As a Spaniard, I find the sexualization of young Spanish girls practicing Senshado pretty fucking hot.

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Can I put these into the Panzbot Loop? It's a bot on Twitter which posts an image every hour.
Otherwise I'd just link your mega.

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Imagine how classy the sex would be. And how good her mouth trained on thousands of cakes must be.

I want to date Andou and make Oshida really jealous!

Then I'll cheat on Andou with Oshida and make Andou feel really jealous too!

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>faster !!

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Nobody likes Perrine

I want to provide for them

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>tfw no pirate gf

Why even wake up anymore

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Is Andou a rough, delinquent girl?

Summer campaigns in Africa.
Pic related was already used in the 20s and some colonies were kept until pretty late in the 20th century. Spanish protectorate in Morocco was lost in 1956. Equatorial Guinea gained independence in 1968. Western Sahara was lost to Morocco and Mauritania in 1975.
Probably because they don't identify themselves as Spaniards or now belong to other countries.

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That's not nice

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I want to be her ass pillow.

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And a fine ass

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