Post Characters that are genuinely good people

Post Characters that are genuinely good people.

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Missguided, but good.

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Good people, not noble confidents ;)

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Don't use emoticons on Sup Forums.

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sorry i haven't slept much lately

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inb4 Griffith

He is human disaster but he is a good person.

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I miss him

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He want to save the world, so i guess he his a good lad

Objectively yeah, he's a good solider fighting for world peace and wanting all pirates to die, so he's our guy.

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There is higher moral peak than an adult woman wanting to teach a young boy the ways of sex after all.

>we want the jojo audience

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Kumagawa really is /ourguy/
His speech about living just so he can make normalfags miserable is pure kino

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Him and pic

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She's just trying her best to be a good wife to a boy.

Is Abe a good person?

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He saved more people than Mumen Rider will ever do

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99% of the haikyuu cast

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Nagatoro a good.

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_he was just misguided, that's all!

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He was the main character in my eyes.

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This. He did nothing wrong.

Husbando tier.

He is was a good friend

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dismantling a totalitarian regime because some girl said help

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>blocks your path

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best boy
hope he'll somehow get some screen time in anime, i miss him

He's pretty much Mumen with plot armour.

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You know she'd gas millions of jews If it meant better access to junk food and games for her.

It'll be rushed as fuck, and all the focus will be on Ash and Eiji thanks to Utsumishit's fangirling, but I do hope he'll get enough screen time too. I don't want his death to fade into the background.

I'd gas them because they're treasonous rats, as long as the house gets fumigated so what?

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I want to hug him

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he had some of the best character development I've ever seen. underrated as fuck.



I hated how everyone made fun of him even when he tried to be useful even in the serious moments.

The cutest JUSTICE

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>what is google images

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Am I too late?

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She's a genuinely good protagonist, yes.

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Ebin, I'm laughing so hard

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Too nice for her own good.

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I would let him suck my cock.

>late to the thread
>not even the persona 2 picture
poor form

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>genuinely good people
Finns aren't people

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