Tokyo ghoul re 166

All our predictions came true
Goodbye the end. Hello the end

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Watch her regen from that when someone pulls the cross out to prolong her existance, pain and agony

what sound did she make as her head was sliced off?

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Fuck ishida. He's a hack.

>"Ishida a hack"

I am an etofag and I am not even sad, I am laughing my ass off, who is with me

How do we call this thing now? Necrowl? Zombeto?

And Eto is the one who got hacked

Watch eto status in the wikia be updated to: in the limbo of hackery

How does corpse Eto sustain her Rc cells? Even in kakuja form, the head is sewn with a mask on. Unless donato can send over energy like wifi into her new cross head

Bow down to the king!

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Everything we've seen of Donato has been pure bullshit so don't think about it

I can see your tears, user.

>How does corpse Eto sustain her Rc cells? Even in kakuja form, the head is sewn with a mask on. Unless donato can send over energy like wifi into her new cross head
Because nothing make sense anymore lad, watch her regen her head in the next 2 chapters after jobbing to suzuya

Kaneki is a complete trash of living being, I really don't understand what was thinking the author of the writing of his main character when he decided make him betray the trust of the man who saved him at the beginning of this story.

Gotta love how Donato was one to say ghouls are drawn to faces most, showing beheaded head at that moment. Plus he also beheaded his jailor when Uta busted him out.

>Kaneki becomes a ghoul
>Touka wants him to die
>Yoshimura saved him
>years later
>Kaneki worships Touka and lets Yoshimura's daughter be used as zombie toy for clowns
What an ungrateful bastard.

>can clone
>couldn't use said ability in past because...???
>can use corposes to control them
>couldn't in past because...???

Not to mention he got raped by Mikito and Iwao.
>Mikito, one who jobbed to teen Eto.
>Iwao, who got fucked by Roma in her kakuja.

A complete piece of shit. I really don't understand this writing.

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The real Ishida died long ago...

Touka is best girl. BEST GIRL.

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Kaiko showing who's the boss of the Sunlit Garden.

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Remember this face. Always remember that this was made Eto squeal like a pig right before chopping her head off.

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Saving Kaneki was a mistake.

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So...... what are chances he is innocent?


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I don't know those arms seems a little to long for eto


Who the hell is "Kaiko"?

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Who else has cross shaped kagune fragments and is known to have absurd abilities?

>likes beheading people
>has crosses as his kagune
Idk user, unless you know somebody else to fit this criteria then it is clear this was Donut's handiwork.

Read the manga, anime only.

Did Furuta keep his promise and rape Eto long and hard before killing her?

>Eto gets raped by urie and suzuya
>gets her head back and revives
>Eto: sorry guys my bad!
>Urie: I love you.

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Touka saved Kaneki more than once and taught him a thing or two herself, Etofag. She was also a pillar that supported him emotionally despite being hard on him, and Touka was one of the few reasons why Kaneki joined Aogiri and fought.

>and Etofags claimed body build + too small boobs for Hairu was epik
Just deal with it! She dead. Got raped by Furuta then pedo priest and his pal later on who made her owl mask for her kakuja.

Eto rape r-18 needs to happen.

>why Kaneki joined Aogiri and fought
animeonlyfag pls.

Kaneki was a miserable crybaby and an ungrateful bastard who decided that help his "he is like a father to me" figure (the first one) was not worth of his time or effort. What a great man to be a king and what a great man to be worshiped by the entire cast.

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I was referring to what are the chances that he is innocent as in wasn't one who finished her and cut her head.

>Wait for eto status confirmation 100 chapters
>100 chapters later: She is dead but not really, maybe she jobs and dies or maybe she jobs and revives haha did you rike the chapter 166:et
Fuck off ishida

I hope Arima kills Kaneki for real next time.

No, I mean, who the hell is this guy? He is a complete no one.

>The Please save my child plotpoint Yoshimura asked Kaneki.
>Tragedy of Yoshimura wanting to be with his child.
>Asks Kaneki to help him/her
>Revealed that Kaneki's favorite author who he has been a fan of since early on is Yoshimura's child - Takatuki sen.
>Is an older woman
>learn to find out Kaneki and Eto are very similiar, they mirror each other
>encounter happens
>Ishida enables the red string of fate to Kaneki and Eto.
>peak reaches it's peak and Kaneki and Eto fight.
>Kaneki declares in his edgr mode that he doesn't care about the promise.
>Procedes to put her in Cochlea for absolutely no reason.
>She goes apeshit and saves literally the people most important to him.
>She fights Furuta.
>Get's one-shottes becauase Furuta pulled O MY RIZE KAGUNE out his ass. (Granted surpressents probably)
>Says she is dying
>"Last words"
>Never shown dying.
>Kaneki is somehow so imcompetent and heartless he leaves her there. The person who saved his friends and his favorite author who has been with her through her books.
>Not eveb kind enough to burry her for Yoshimura
>Comes back after 70 chapters
>Headless with a cherry on top
>This is what has become of one of the best thoughout and worked upon characters in Tokyo Ghoul.
>Idiots think this is fine.
Ishida changed his story, this fucking confirms it. Also she wasn't even wearing bandages, so like what?

I see a few comments in the previous thread about how she can still be saved, how? Isnt the head a guaranteed way to kill a ghoul? Pulling out the cross will just let the body drop dead, its not like some stupid bullshit where Eto transferred her brain functions into her spine so she can retain her memories.

Tatara and Noro were always with Eto so that so doesn't get raped by other men but now...

Is this manga almost over? I read all of the first one and the first 40 or so chapters of re but I kinda wanted to stop until it was all finished and then just reread it all.

>getting his shit whipped by a little kid

Well there is chance they found her already dead but even if she wasn't then Donato for sure was one to do all work as Uta's favorite hobby is just standing and doing nothing.


You are not the only one user. This is completely retarded

Why are these toukafags so disrespectful and disgusting?

Faggot he's the one who destroyed Matsuri, read the manga already.


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He changed his story somewhere in :re, it's literally the only explenation. This makes so little sense.

Fuck you Ishida. I had already made peace with her death but you had to bring my hope up last chapter just to do this

He reattached his face though and didnt seem too worried as he never fought full power

>he doesn't want rape doujin or fan art
What kind of an Etofag are you? Vanilla is boring as fuck. Rape is fappable and hot.

Fuck off he didn't even use his kagune yet.

>Etofags BTFO again with salt rubbed into old and lasting wounds
I'm starting to feel sorry for them, and this is coming from a Toukafag.

I have never seen an author shitting so much on characters he build up this badly. Eto was the main antagonist in part 1 now look at her, offscreen raped by Furuta and his meme clowns.

>and Touka was one of the few reasons why Kaneki joined Aogiri and fought.
Holy shit quality bait right here

Imagine Eto pumped full of RC suppressants so she can't regen her arms and legs, and sedatives to keep her limp and powerless.
Pinned down, forcefully stripped and violated, pumped full of his defective failed OEG seed, again and again and again and again until she's barely even conscious. Then Furuta takes out his sword and presses it to her neck. A weak wimper and tears rolling down her cheeks are her last words. Then the sword cuts clean through her neck with immense force and the head is separated from her body. Blood flows out from her nostrils and her eyes witness her own decapitated body. For 7 miserable seconds she is allowed to view her own defiled, mutilated and headless body before her consciousness sinks into oblivion. Never to resurface.

She is very dead. No use hoping for anything more at this point, user!

Why did this turn me on?

>Never to resurface
Oh user, that would be a good outcome. That headless body is somehow concious, it did the same entrance as eto and fights with the same movement, that is the worst part

I consider her a respectful woman who deserve to be treated like a best female character of her respective manga not like one of that retard hentai girls.

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If the head is in one of the oviducts she can revive like Rize did. But reviving her wouldn't be in their interests.

Hope? It would be better if she was totally dead, as this user said she is concious somehow, you think some etofag would want her to be concious in that state? Jesus christ

He asked for one simple thing, the man that believed in you, helped you and made you believe that you do have a place in the world. Fucking mirroring Eto's situation as well and fucking Kaneki failed so fucking hard he set a new level.

>implying that's wrong when his muh protecting included her
It's 2018 and Etofags are still in denial.

Calm down, it's not even confirmed to be Eto.

>best female character

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Daww poor wittle Eto fags... how badly it hurts hmm?

Does it hurt you to know your waifu got raped by Clowns and is now their glorious fucktoy without head? Who do you think enjoyed dat cake after Furuta once they found her? How many times did they cum inside her? Did they skullfucked her beheaded head too? Do they fuck her even now like this? Did she enjoyed it?

Do tell?

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Ishida put so much work and promise into introducing, forshadowing and building up her character. She was one of the most well build up characters in this manga and now look. What is he doing seriously?

>"Touka and baby will die! Kaneki will get BTFO and Eto will save him. Then the true OTP will begin."

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>best female character
For doing what?

Do we have any other pics besides this one

Anyone who hasn't realized how much of a hack Ishida is by now is deluded

Kek. Threads are unironically looking great today.

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Waaahhh but I'm so sad, I'm the poor victim of these diabolical games. Touka I need a hug wahhh... and I need to kiss Hide again.

The whole chapter on imgur.

Kaneki was always a selfish piece of shit who only ever cared about his own happiness. He failed so many times the only reason why the cast even cares about him is because he's the MC why else would they believe in a stupid retard like him?


>Kaneki joined Aogiri
Go back to wherever you came from inbred.

What? Do you think that Touka is the best female character? Eto has the best story between the female characters of this manga and the best writing and background. She has style like a fighter and a good parallelism with our hero, her personality is good and likeable. That's why she is the best female character of this story being objective.

>Eto comes back just as a jobber puppet

best girl didn't deserve this

Does anyone have that "Eto save me" comic?

Etofags here and outside Sup Forums are being so salty. What's the point of shipping Kaneki with Eto when the girl he has always loved and the one he married is Touka? The competition has been dead for a long while.

I'm just surprise that a bunch of shippers who likes to talk about "Sweet", "cute" and that kind of "romantic" shits are playing around saying this "girl was raped lol" just because they prefer another ship. It's curious, I'm not exactly disgusted by you because it's Eto, it's just... let's say interesting.

What the fuck is this? And what the fuck is that cross doing on that headless body?

>Eto has the best story between the female characters of this manga and the best writing and background
Etofags actually believe this. How scary and sad.


Maybe if you stared reading the manga instead of asking stupid questions you'd know. It doesn't take much to be a better character then most of the female cast in Tokyo Ghoul.

>Best Girl

She is probably the worst character right now, at least I can't think in a worst character inside of this manga.

Answer the question that you just evaded.


>Best Girl

She is probably the worst character right now, at least I can't think in a worst deader character inside of this manga.