One Piece

Expectations for 900?
Maybe we'll get early spoilers if it's a big chapter.

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Jinbe dies.

If he had any honor, he would make sure FI is safe from BM's wroth before joining.

This character is the epitome of JUST

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>Maybe we'll get early spoilers if it's a big chapter
Wishful thinking user, same late spoilers as usual

I'm not really hoping for early story spoilers. I doubt that happens. I'm hoping for early color spread spoiler. Last time Scotch released it pretty early. I'm going to post the last few color spreads.

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it's gonna be a long week: chapter 900, mama finally eating the god forsaken wedding cake, katakuri's introduction in the anime... you animals better behave for the next couple of days

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W-will he be allright, anons?

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There is some KX in the cake. Big Mom dies.

>Big Mom eats the cake
>Puddings request is revealed
>Caesar returns
>One of the fishmen is killed
>Zeus returns to Big Mom
>Smoothie does something

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I'm sure Caribou will be fine, he has valuable information about Poseidon after all.

So yeah, last time we got color spread spoiler a few days before chapter came out.

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I'm expecting
>BM eats the cake and BMP loosen the pressure on the SHs
>Germa and Fishmen retreat safely
>Sunny gets out of Tottland waters
>Jinbe asks to join the crew but before Luffy answers Carrot asks to join as well

I'm not sure. Seeing Pekoms get hurt like that was a horrible sight. I can't really envision him being ok.

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Now for my predictions
>Big Mom eats the cake and focuses only on the cake allowing the allies to get away
>It's revealed what Pudding did
That's about it

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He has the turtle fruit after all, maybe he's badly hurt but manages to get away somehow.
Maybe the germa boys help him out?
I just want him to be alive, he's been hurt too much this arc ;_;

Moira is a shadow of his former self.

Moria appears from shadow of the cake and kills BM

you sure about that? if i remember correctly, the zodiac color spread was posted along with 890 spoilers by yonkou

Yonkou is an attention seeker and doesn't even drop early spoilers
Scotch and Redon are the only ones who post early spoilers

What will Luffy's bounty be after word come out that he defeated both Cracker and Katakuri? 500 mil is way too fucking low for what he did,he should be at least 750 mil.

Well, lately redon posts the short summary spoilers while Yonkouprod does the full summary

Would you prefer no spoilers at all or short summary atleast?

You could be right. The chapter was supposed to come out officially early (1/4), which is a thursday. We usually get spoilers on thursday and officially the chapter comes out on monday. So spoilers come out 4 days earlier. The color spread came out on the 28th, which was 7 days earlier than the official release. So about 3 days earlier than when we usually get spoilers.

Actual spoilers could have come out at the same time as the color spread.

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>Big Mom dies
>Gecko Moria makes her a zombie
>sends her and her family after Kaidou while pretending she's still alive so he can use them as revenge




It isn't an early chapter user, why create false hopes?
This has already happened two or three times.
OoOoh Ben Beckman!


mugiwara wa shinda zo...

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That scene didn't make much sense when you consider that Big Mom had that fake deal going on with Sanji about letting the Straw Hats leave.

>Buster Call happens
>Kata and Flampe are trapped in mirroworld
>Katakuri wakes up and he finds a gum on her wound
>"I didn't help you because I wanted, I helped you because I have to use you to get out of here, you pelican eel!"
>"Flampe..."pats her head

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His wound*

>things that will never happen

If it's something big (Which it likely is), you won't get any spoilers. Koala and Sabo's reveals weren't spoiled. I'd like to hope the same could happen here, but that was a different time.

mont-d'or wasn't even trusting opera's words at the time. it was a little, failed, play by him to get at sanji and spill the beans about his real location overnight

>Buster Call
From where the actual fuck does it come?

>Strucy informs world goverment
>Akainu and all the higher ups take the chance
>They destroy BM pirates
>THE BIG NEWS: "The marine destroys a Yonkou"

What is Big News about that?
Already happened with Whitebeard and an other person replaced him as Yonko.

And even Stussy informs Marine, the ships for the Buster Call should arrive which requires at least few days. No way they would already arrived within few hours.

>tfw I wanted Flampe and her gum gum fruit to become a Luffy fan

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this comic page has been made by eiichiro oda at the request of a fan and shows what would have happened if Sabo had saved Ace and Luffy in marineford

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Wow amazing totally brand new information! Thanks.

Nope, Thursday as usual

It really should happen if Sabo was already planned bak then. Sadly Oda just came up the idea about him after Marineford and wrote that shitty amnesia thing. Which is funny, because as the second hand of Dragon, as a Revolutionary he already must met with Ace's and Luffy's wanted posters before. Which already should trigger him and his memory.

Who cares, this chapter is probably big, so I think I'll just avoid Sup Forums and spoilers both.

2 minutes later
Aokiji kills Sabo
Ace gets punched by akainu as usual
And luffy is killed by Kizaru

Yeah it;s BM eating the fucking cake and passing out,stop acting as if Oda isn't a hack and he won't do the most predictable thing.
Oda probably thinks that the whole cake subplot is really fucking great and all his readers are loving it,fucking senile hack.

I think the effect of starvation on mama has been overstated like how would she fight another yonko if she can’t last a day

Nah I expect it will be more than just that. Something big is coming. Oda might just be tricking me and actually be a hack though, you're not wrong either. We'll see.

The starvation excuse was probably to make it more believable that the Straw Hats could hold her off a bit.

Peros thinks she can still keep on destroying the country if the cake doesn't stop her.

Bege poisoned the cake anyway and Big Mom dies.

It's not like she's just not eating for a full day while sitting in a sofa. She's over exerting her body. Picture a car going at 300km/h for ten hours straight and complaining when it runs out of gas "this car is shit! It can't even do that much without refueling!". Well no shit it can't it's a car not a ship. She's been spending a huge amount of energy for the last 10 hours, spazzing around, destroying ships and entire cities.
Luffy too can't fight for too long without his fix of meat.

Luffy needed a reason to train with Rayleigh. This drove home the point that if he doesn't train he will lose more friends in the same vein.

Another day closer to Monet's return!

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hope oda fucking quits

No problem with that. Ace needed die for that, it is clear. Bringing up Sabo was the mistake, not Ace's death.

Bringing up Dadan is fine though?

its fine.
I really liked when she hit Garp.

Me too. I liked her before but that really confirmed her as a favourite of mine. What a cute old hag of a mom.

pekoms is a jobber afterall... which makes caribu an even bigger jobber.

Dadan was hinted at all the way back in post-EL when Garp met up with Luffy, wasn't she?
I recall Garp saying he left Luffy in the care of an old friend or something.

Right. So was mentioned by Ace before he died. He asked Luffy to thank Dadan for everything.

>the Marine willingly destabilizing the World balance in an even more extremely unbalanced context
>'Hey guys lets enter enemy territory now that they're weak hahah we will surely win'

Ace also mentioned Sabo before dying.

This. If anything happens then it will be more like the opposite. Marine/WG will Big Mom help to stabilize her territory to keep up the balance.

There is no time yet for targeting a Yonko. Marine still isn't ston'g enough, they still need the balance of the powers. Maybe after Vegapunk finishes his work, then will come the time when Yonko can be eliminated and Marine becomes as powerful they can maintain peace. (by their own poin of view of course)
But now it is not that time.

It doesn't change the fact Oda came up with Sabo's idea only after he decided to kill Ace.

but he was planning to kill ace from the start. the initial plan was to kill him off a year after this debut.

He decided to kill Ace from day one. Confirmed by him and very obvious if you have read the manga. Ace was already after Blackbeard. Ace’s sole purpose was to trigger the summit war. So you agree he planned Sabo from the start? Good.

Hopefully Nami gives Luffy his hug...

This Yuen is my Yuen
This Yuen is your Yuen
From the Big Mom Pirates
On the Whole Cake Island

This Yuen is made for Yuen and me

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Why did Oda change Sanji's personality in this arc.
>Back then he would cook for everyone, even if it is an enemy, because he didn't wanted someon starve.
>Now, I will never cook for you guys, I will only cook for my nakamas! Then let starve his captain for hours.

>Back then, he didn't care about Smoker, and asked Zoro why the fuck did he save him? Then, Nami-chan don't waste or time for these kids, we doesn't even know them.
>Now, I will save everyone just because.

One job, user
One job

Plot. Oda can't make another original rescue arc

Barto burned Shanks flag
Some shit happened in Wano
Big Mom KO'd with the cake
The Strawhats are reported on declaring war on 3 emperors at once

Are you trying to bait me user?

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Hope they just start the chapter heading towards Wano. This arc has been shit. It was okay at first but this yonko cant do shit and her commander are shit as well. Unless someone else dies or they all get more injured this arc will still be shit. I mean i know not to expect luffy to lose it is his manga but man it would be nice if he did lose every once in a while.

Will Kaido calamities be able to open doors?

>this yonko cant do shit and her commander are shit as well.


WB was the same. Only competent from his crew were Marco and Jozu and maybe Vista. The rest were shit.
Same for Big Mom.
And I think the same will goes for Kaido. Only competent members will be the 3 disaster.

Yeah I hope we see what's up with Pudding this chapter too


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>tfw I will never see my waifus Reiju, and Hancock in Wano
It's not fair bros. I want to see them in kimonos.

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I hope so too. She QT

Is Bobbin really dead?
I know Toei used to fuck up things, but I doubt it would be allowed calling Bobbin dead if he isn't.
They have more details from Oda.

There are times Luffy needs to lose for the plot and this was not one of those times.

You will at EOS, in Luffy's harem.

technically they didn't say he's dead, that was the translators. original wording can just mean take out or something.

>there was never that many casualties
>actual allies died
>ennemies are literally too strong to be knocked out
>they have to run away
Shut your damn mouth. Big Mom pirates are literally the biggest threat the Strawhats ever faced (apart for Marineford). And it’s not enough? What do you want? Them killing the strawhats and ending the manga? Fucking retard.

It could have handled more perfectly. It could be a great fight between Katakuri and him, training his CoO. And then the fight interrupted because of Mama goes crazy, and a temporary alliance to stop her at any cost and let Straw Hats get Sanji back and let them escape alongside with Bege, and maybe the Vinsmokes, but without the techonlogy in exchange. A win-win situation.

>eos luffy's harem is hancock, robin, nami, reiju and vivi trying to get luffy's erection up

That would be the best show like love-ru except with OP characters

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Kuma backstory when

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Nami has never shown interest in Luffy so not her

>tfw eating some delicious krispy kreme right now.
Feels good

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>be kuma
>parents kicked out and left island when little
>face and personality too bland to care
>always wanted to be an adventurer and go to forests and shit
>fast forward joined up with this weird face tattoo guy
>always talks shit about refining the world and destroying the world government
>go along with it cause i have nothing better to do
>end up selling my body to this weird guy
>am a human cyborg

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Au contraire it would have been better that way, like Luffy being forced to escape, Katakuri would have more reasons to go after him. But now after this fight what could Katakuri do? Job again? Not wanting to fight against Luffy again? Katakuri, like Pudding, were used in the most boring way and Oda literally used 1 page of a flashback to make things go well for SH

>am a human cyborg
More like a full fledged cyborg. The Kuma we once knew is dead

>she doesn't know

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>even the hole is a treat
What did he mean by this?

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What’s the point? Luffy still has to run away. So? Apart from wanking Katakuri no change at all.

Oda cocksuckers are the only ones who accept luffy's win vs katakuri