Mahou Shoujo Ore

>unpopular girl idol has crush on popular male idol
>becomes magical girl, but turns into dude
>male idol has crush on male magical girl, but doesn't like female form
>female idol partner has crush on male magical girl, but ALSO loves original female idol
>female idol sees male magical girl (her crush) in trouble, so becomes new male magical girl to save her/him.
>now 2 male magical girls-turned-male make love to eachother

Is it gay? Bisexual? What do I even call this?

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Exactly what it looks like.

I am not dropping this series no matter what

I can't fantasize about this kind of gender bender.

Omni-gay with a dash of hetero.

Mohiro is going to be best boy of the season. I can feel it.

I can't follow who's turning into what from the synopsis forgive me for being a brainlet.

MC is a girl, turns into a boy
Friend is also a girl, falls for MC's boy form.
Friend also transforms into a boy

Is it really that hard to follow?

Friend is in love with MC since childhood. She loves both her female and male forms

I wanna fuck Saki's bara form.

Or let him fuck me.

Imagine Boipucelle but the very opposite of.

This made me laugh a bit too hard. Sides approaching the orbit, sir.

Best magical girl show in ages

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Doesn't seem to have much going for it beyond the gender bending and weapons gimmicks. Even the wacky humour isn't all that wacky.

The yakuza fairy and MC are great

>Only 2 manga volumes (10 chapters)
I guess that's one of the reasons why they are adding anime-original characters.

Black hair girl boy is better

fucking gay

>Magical girl show without magical girls
Seriously, Japan? I trusted you.

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>Japan? I trusted you.

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Its both /y/ and /u/. The ultimate form of gay. So gay it becomes het.

>So gay it becomes het.

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>Nyotaika Homo
>But with the genders reversed
It's either straighter than straight or gayer than gay.
I intend to not drop this and watch it all the way through.

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Can someone explain this to me like I'm retarded because apparently I am.

A girl can turn into a boy and likes a boy
The boy only likes her as a boy and not as a girl
Another girl who also can turn into a boy likes the girl who can turn into a boy as either a girl or a boy

Your doing it right user. The show IS retarded(in a good way)

The best ending is if Mc remains a cute girl her friend turns into a boy permanently and they fuck

>Not choosing the ability to always be-able to change.

Just think of the possibilities they have in bed.

>The best ending is if MC turned into a guy permanently and fucked the Idol brother

The best ending is if mc mother turns into magical man again and gets with mc’s crush

>What do I even call this?

There is nothing gayer than het.

>There is nothing gayer than het.
Now you have me even more confused than my penis.

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