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>Sumo arc is real
Let's hope this doesn't turn out to be memesashi 2.0 though.

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Baki seems like such a loser now.
He can't even beat yujiro, weapon using memetobe or musashi yet he thinks he's nr 1 cause he played imaginary house.

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End chapter.

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I have one question, our dear saint patron of Baki threads. Is the author of Beastars, Paru Itagaki, related to Keisuke? Or is it just a coincidence both manga are published in the same magazine? Some anons had pointed me to some moonspeak pages which say it is the case but they're just speculation I think. I don't have the links here, I'll post them later if the thead is still alive or in the next one.

Nice, if only I could read Gookrunes tho.

lets clone a super duper sumo to fuck up motobe

kinda looks like yujiros dad

raw cam 1

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But Memetobe is out now, he used all of his accumulated off screen meme training against Memesashi.
If you ask me though, Oliva will probably be this arc's Memetobe since it appears we're going to play on pure physical strength now and Oliva also has offscreen training since he wanted that salty runback with Yuujiro, not to mention he did finally show up for the last Memesashi fight.
Yuuichiro wasn't that thicc

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raw cam 2

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raw cam 3

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motobe with no weapons was beaten by a sumo during the tournament
motobe with weapons will be beaten by a sumo in a real fight after motobe (armas) has been built up to be one of the strongest characters

raw cam 4

someone translate pls

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He sure is

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>someone translate pls
I was looking into the fuckin Paru thing for Everything that comes up on Google says that it's either a rumour or outright false that Paru is Itagaki Keisuke's daughter; here's a blog article from 4 days ago saying that they've yet to find anything but rumours:

>Baki: A clone?
>Tokugawa: This... was originally coal.

>T: In this world,
>T: It was made into an incredibly hard object.

>Narrator: Monk, Koike Saimei (age 26)
>Saimei: Haha...
>S: It was quite astounding.
>S: It was about this size,
>S: Like a tremendous apple, perhaps.
>S: [His fist] covered it like a sponge!

>T: The second...
>T: Nomi no Sukune has been[/will be] born here.

Keep the raws coming if you've got them.

What are the odds this is going to be Hanayama Turbo: Hyper Fighting?

I mean, it's a STRONK MUSCLE man with amazing hand strength. Like Hanayama, but more STRONK.

Wait so Musashi Arc is over (fucking dragged on forever, 3/4 years or even more?) and now we enter another similar arc at slow speed, with a fucking literally who sumo guy

Call me in 10 years for the next arc

Sup Forums will accept this guy as the strongest because he has darker skin than Musashi. All Americans are like that, just you watch.

Screenshot this post, you will see.

>with a fucking literally who sumo guy
wow ok I bet you can't even name two active Oozeki
don't even talk about 'literally who' unless you know what's what, fool

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Oy vey, yet another fighting manga fapping over the glorious Nipponese art of ritualized tit-slapping.

Why do the nips always try to portray pro wrestlers and sumo wrestlers as actual martial artists? Where is the huge wrestler erection coming from?

talk to us again when you've thrown a 450 lb man into the air with one arm

so we will do all historical figures


wake me up when author is dead

Every time a sumo wrestler has been pushed into doing MMA, it's been a hilarious trainwreck where a fat man gets punched a lot while every Japanese spectator seethes..

Inoki beat Ali

>Every time an MMA fighter has been pushed into doing boxing, it's been a hilarious trainwreck where a Conor McGregor gets punched a lot while every Irish spectator seethes..

Why did Tokugawa call Baki aside to tell him this, though? It's not like it relates to him personally.

>a fighter being allowed to do less than what he's used to performs worse
Whoa, holy shit. Now correct if I'm wrong, but isn't the case of a sumo wrestler fighting in MMA the complete opposite of this?

Why do people hate so much on Musashi?
He's literally the same as Pickle or Oliva, in fact, he had a lot more problems with the Baki cast than those two. Oliva only lost to Baki and Yuujiro and never even bled against anyone else. Pickle wasn't even ever really defeated.
Or look at the Ali Jr. bullshit.

Is it really because Musashi looks too white to Americans?

Maybe Baki is the only one among the group who wouldn't disintegrate Tokugawa for doing this again.

too many chapters for nothing

>correct me if I'm wrong
you're wrong

Seriously though, what was the point of the Musashi farce? There was no payoff and it just meandered on for way too long, rambling about how weapons are seriously so strong (despite the fact this series is full of freaks who can tank firearms without trouble) before just kind of ending.

We never got to see Musashi being actually serious. Hell, we never even got to see Baki actually doing shit.

Instead, we got a core character randomly killed off because fuck you, we got the most fucking random minor jobber character suddenly leveling up into the spotlight, and we got the most fucking flaccid cockblock of a fight interrupt ever.

Why did Itagaki do this?

>implying McHypegore is in any way a good grappler
MMA striking is hilariously shit, that's all. And it's exposed every time they have to fight a real striker. Vovchanchyn raped pretty much every MMA fighter he ever met but was just so-so in K1.

It isn't any worse than the prison arc.

asking the real question here

Bring back Retsu

What can you do in sumo that you can't do in an MMA match?

I said it before and I'll say it again: He wrote himself into a corner after Motobe defeated Musashi, so he had to end it quickly. The whole Musashi vs the police and vs Hanayama stuff was likely him making shit up as he went along while wrecking his brain about how to end it.
In the end, he didn't find a way to regain control of the story flow so he pulled this ending out of his ass.

At least Baki fucking fought in the end and actually proved something. The main character had a fight in a fightan manga with his name on it. An actual fight that concluded the arc and meant something.

This did not happen in the Musashi Arc. An old woman whose special power was sucking Musashi off so hard he died had more agency than Baki.

Headbutts, for example.
Also, pile driving.

>Why did Itagaki do this?
Dou started with the premise of Baki not having fun; the Musashi problem solved that. Baki is now constantly having fun playing around in an endless imaginary war. Itagaki also did it because he wanted to pay homage to a short story that he liked.

And in the Pickle arc, Baki arguably lost, yet nobody cares.
The thing here is that while everyone says "Musashi wasn't serious against Motobe", it was a gamechanger for some reason. Musashi could now not defeat Baki anymore, or Baki would have looked weaker than Motobe.
Baki also couldn't beat up Musashi because seriously, it's Musashi and the Japanese fans probably would have been butthurt.
So, Itagaki needed to do something else.

The way the fights turn out is very repetitive and a lot of the developments are pointless. Musashi becoming an outlaw, fighting the cops for more than a volume and then just going back with Tokugawa with no consequence. Or having two separate fights with Pickle when it could have all been done in one. And that non-conclusion was the shittiest ending to any Baki arc.


That doesn't make for a good story, though. Who cares if Baki is having tons of fun masturbating over Musashi in his basement if he doesn't actually DO anything for the whole of the manga?

Well, I didn't say that it did make for a good story. I was just answering your question.

So why was yuuichiro so chill and based while yujiro is such a douche?

Maybe Yuichiro gave less of a shit about fighting so he didn't live most of his life in a constant state of blue fighting balls.

Yujiro is basically sexually frustrated to the point of insanity. I mean, he's gotten like three or four decent fights during all four manga, and the only thing he wants is a good fight.

He's basically a fight incel. And you know how those people are.

It should be safe to say yuuichiro used his strenght for personal gain and he wasn't a dick about it, it was just a tool to him. Yujiro on the other hand sees everything in his life revolving around his strenght to the point he talks about natural order and feels come vague obligation towards weaklings that know their place. It would explain with the ogre despises his daddy so much.

>Seriously though, what was the point of the Musashi farce?
I wonder to this day, it's easily the worst arc in the entire manga so far, not just because of all the stuff you mentioned, but because it was effectively aimless AND pointless.

It could have been potentially amazing but it really all started going to shit after Musashi got out of Tokugawa's mansion, you could have made a great arc with Musashi coming to terms with modernity and also be some sort of mentor to Baki, who idolized Musashi for years, or have some more time with Yuujiro, but no Itagaki had to go full way of the (atomic reptilian dual wielding lava bug) samurai murderhobo for some reason, Retsu dying was honestly the only point in which I thought I'd drop the manga altogether.
And don't ever insult Memetobe again, you runt.

>It should be safe to say yuuichiro used his strength for personal gain
Well, self-defense of some sort, too - either personal or national. I don't think we were given a specific reason as to why he fought the US military.

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Maybe he got paid to do the job? I was mostly referring to the fact he threw a match and his face for money without a care. The point being he had a good relationship with his strengt unlike Yujiro who is both lead and trapped by it.

>I was mostly referring to the fact he threw a match and his face for money without a care.
I got that. I just thought that I'd tack on the idea that he might also have used his strength for nationalism, which is something outside of personal gain.

Yuichiro is really strong but he doesn't really have a goal. He was just one of the strongest men in earth until his son surpassed him. Yujiro in the other hand as a huge problem, boredom, which is something not even him could conquer. Baki Dou had Baki fighting boredom.
He didn't gave up on the fight because of the money, he gave up because Rikigouzan attacks were so weak, he didn't felt the need to block or even attack, he felt pity for Riki. Doppo is actually impressed by that, but at the same angry, because Yuichiro decided to throw the match, and you should always fight until the end.

If the new antagonist is a sumo we should call Tanba?

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>He didn't gave up on the fight because of the money
Yuuichiro's line, in response to the question of "Why did you [do that]", is "Because they gave me money".

>he gave up because Rikigouzan attacks were so weak, he didn't felt the need to block or even attack, he felt pity for Riki
Doppo ventures the theory that Yuuichiro did not *defend himself* because Rikigouzan's attacks were weak. Nothing about pity, nor was it even spoken by Yuuichiro.

>Doppo is actually impressed by that
Doppo is not impressed by that; he says that he loves Yuuichiro's absolute lack of subtlety in that respect.

>angry, because Yuichiro decided to throw the match, and you should always fight until the end.
Doppo is angry because Yuuichiro's throwing of the match has, in his words, "brought down the pride of Japanese martial arts".

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I missed quite a lot, is Musashi gone yet?
Also, is there an archive link or something anywhere?

Can't wait for every popular character to lose against this sumo guy only for him to suddenly be beaten by someone that no one ever expected. It will be Ali Jr who beats Mr Sumo

What are the chances the wandering spirit of Yuichiro will somehow find a way back into life due to Tokugawa and his sister fucking with the dead too much? You know, just to go around pissing people off.

I don't think someone like Yuuichiro would throw a match just because of money.
I think Doppo is right in his theory, Yuuichiro did not defend himself because Rikigouzan was weak.

He brought down the pride of japanese martial arts because he throw a fight. In previous arcs of Baki (For example in the convict arc), Doppo and other characters (Retsu for example during the Doppo vs Dorian fight) mention that you should always fight until the end, which for someone like Doppo is the essence of fighting, is not really a surprise Doppo was angry at Yuuichiro for giving up.

Mt. Toba comes back and defeats him with pro wrestling.

Makes sense. That one sumo guy meme'd memetobe back near the beginning of the series after all.

Can't Tokugawa just clone Retsu?

Didn't he die?

So what?

I hope they revive a bunch of ancient warriors to have a tournament or something, otherwise I don't see how this is not a step down from Musashi.

Come to think of it, are we even sure they're gonna clone Sukune? I remember from the start of Dou it took quite a few months to have Musashi's body ready. Perhaps it's something else, like Sukune's descendants.

Didn't Musashi and Sukune die as well?

Kaku said that Retsu would be unbelievably upset if they were to bring him back. That is the reason why they have not done so.

Yeah, but if they're gonna start reviving their acquaintances Retsu should be first.

Didn't it say "the second Sukune"? It would have been "he will be born again"

Which chapter?

Is this Fate but made by Itagaki?

Using Google Translate for a VERY limited understanding of the dialogue, as well as looking at the context, it does feel like this isn't a case of cloning, but an actual descendant or heir.

If you look at the pages, it seems to demonstrate that over the years, the ability to crush coal into diamonds has waned, but someone capable of doing it has appeared again.

I missed that line, but I guess it's true.

I remembered it slightly off, but chapter 66.

>Tokugawa: Everyone. Tell me. Did I make a mistake?
>Kaku: Fool.
>K: A match, and the allowance of weapons.
>K: Retsu himself asked for both of these things.
>K: Tokugawa-san.
>K: If I were to say "you made a mistake", Retsu would leap right up and sink his teeth into me.
>T: Then... say it...

And then it cuts to Tokugawa and Musashi. The implication is fairly obvious.

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>>T: Then... say it...
>>T: SAY IT!

Can I just say, Tokugawa is the most fucking hypocritical, self-centered, annyoing piece of shit.

Like, he's all UWU THEY ARE MY SONS ALL OF THEM MY STRONG FIGHTER SONS and all, and yet he gleefully pushes them towards fucked up death matches at every opportunity, all amused by it. And when someone actually gets hurt, he's all surprised, cries a bit and claims it's all his fault, before doing it all again.

Tokugawa is a fucking midget piece of shit.

>this is what butthurt haters actually believe
Cry more.

>could have had baki fighters facing off against history's strongest and most renowed warriors
>get musashi wank for years
>only just now introducing other beastly fighters
Fuck this shit

Death matches are like what they live for.

So he hard counters Motobe?

Wut, is Baki going to get HUGE? Or is he going to trash a Sumo temple to be the strongest?

I love Baki, but once you skip a couple of chapters, you don't understand squat what is going on.