Hunter x Hunter

Predictions on how this volume ends? Also, pray for viz user to drop by.

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Probably a cliffhanger.

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On a hiatus announcement

Cammyposters really are getting desperate.

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Don't worry, I've got you covered.

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Am I the only one who noticed Chrollo's sly smirk after provoking the mafia guy?
It made me think - despite Hisoka killing two members, Chrollo is still nowhere near as obsessed with Hisoka as Hisoka is with him. Sure, Chrollo's angry and wants to kill Hisoka, but in a way, he and the Spiders have already started thinking beyond Hisoka, as evidenced by the fact that they're excited about stealing treasure even though their current priority is to kill Hisoka. From the Spider's POV, Hisoka is just a temporary obstacle before their real mission.

In contrast, Hisoka's mission for 90% of his manga appearance is just to kill Chrollo. Poor guy.

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Delet this

>kill Chrollo

Hisoka's mission in 90% of the manga is to have fun

Did you even read the manga? Of course they do their characters are entirely different. Hisoka is a battle obsessed guy who lives to snuff out "the strongest" people he can find, Chrollo is a stealing obsessed guy who lives to grab all the things his poor ass youth didn't let him have + a sense of camaraderie for his pals.
He got angry at him killing two of his best buddies but that's not gonna change his entire outlook with life.

You're delusional.


Frank is the only spider makin sense here

>Guy wants to kill us
>lets spread out and make it easier for him

They are in a hurry to kill him because they need to steal "the treasure" within two weeks.

These are good hatsu. Willing to start making the foundation of this game if there are enough people interested. But I would rather a more charismatic user be the frontman.

The template and rules of the lit roleplaying game are already made / aren't the hard part of making a Sup Forums /qst/ thread people will want to play in.

What we would need to start are three basic things:

1. Judges. 3-5 people who have a good understanding of rules and nen. They'd have the job of grading participant hatsus'. Making sure their abilities are properly designed with restrictions and conditions in place. Their job is also to decide the winner of close fights. They will also decide where the overall plot is going. Also they'd need to occasionally roleplay as NPCS.

2. Participants. Atleast 10+ people would need to play. A number of people between 25 and 75 is ideal for a first playthrough. They'd need to be able to write coherently, but only that, we are not elitists here. Participants need to have a good sense of fun, know when they've lost. Also be patient. These roleplays are meant for hiatus season.

3. Prize. People need a firm reason to want to win besides pride and epeen measureing. Generally I offer 0.05 BTC to the winner. There is no fight if there is no stake. Pools are also welcome.

I'll start using a trip code when it comes to organizing this roleplay; if it happens. The first thing I need are judges though. Preferably someone who has made 50+ hxh threads on Sup Forums and also has participated in a literate RP before.

Also collaborators who have made their own RP before would help. However there is no rush here, I'll keep lurking and throwing around this idea if people keep posting hatsus.

You can put it on the forum one user made. It's pretty much dead for now anyway.

Do they realy think killing Hisoka is that trivial?
He already killed 3 spiders, they leader and most powerful member needed a shitload of preparation to fight him face to face andhe still found a way to survive. Hisoka wanting to kill them stealth style should be pure terror for the troupe

Type: Emitter
Hatsu name: Money shot
I can control my ejaculations with nen and accurately aim where the load lands with a lock-on system

Sure, but when you scrutinize the manga, he's been chasing Chrollo most of the time.

>In Hunter Exam, he reveals to Kurapika his association with the Spider
>In Heaven's Arena, he's killing time till the Yorkshin meetup
>In Yorkshin, he does literally nothing but stare at Chrollo
>In Chimera Ant, he's just chasing Chrollo
>In DC, he loses to Chrollo and goes on board for the sole purpose of killing Chrollo and his spider pals

The only role Hisoka played that doesn't have anything to do with the Spiders is Election - and even then he was killing time till his fight with Chrollo. Hisoka is obsessed with Chrollo, even moreso than Gon.

>Do they realy think killing Hisoka is that trivial?
Sure they do.

>He already killed 3 spiders
He killed only 2, and that was without their abilities.

>they leader and most powerful member needed a shitload of preparation to fight him face to face
That was for a 100% victory.

>Hisoka wanting to kill them stealth style should be pure terror for the troupe
It isn't. Chrollo, Phinks, Nobunaga and Franklin are all excited about treasure, even though they know Hisoka's stalking them.

Hisoka only killed 2 spiders, which happened to be the weakest members of the group, and who didn't even have their hatsu at the time. That's not impressive. The troupe is not scared of him.

>He killed only 2, and that was without their abilities.

No, it is 3, Hisoka joined the spider by killing a previous member

Forgot Greed Island, which Hisoka only joined to find an exorcist for Chrollo.

>in GI, he's waiting for the nen baptist to be found
>in Election, he's killing time until Chrollo wants to play
Why didn't he just marry Chrollo?

That's not relevant to the current situation.

I just wanted to point it out since people in these threads keep talking about how Chrollo has gone insane with rage after Hisoka killed Shalnark and Koltopi.

You're not relevant to the current situation.

He did, but then he died and that pulled them apart.

bicuit dies this arc


When Gon gets married to Noko, who will Killua marry? >inb4 his imouto Alluka is going to die

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Hisoka must appear definitely, probably about to do something cool and then hiatus.


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Killua will become the wacky uncle that will get too clingy towards little Gonko.

This. Killua will still be in love with Gon but since he can’t have him, he’ll opt for the closest thing and sexually molest Gonko

No hiatus this time, I CAN FEEL IT
We're going for 20 chapters straight.

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No one. Why do people want shoehorned marriages?

Everyone falls in love at least one point in their lives! We just want Killlua to have a happy ending

I hope we don't go back to the princes until both the Cha-ar and Xi-Yu mafia families are wiped out. I'd honestly prefer the hiatus to the succession war.

To kill time till viz dump or early spoilers.
>realistically we shouldn’t even have threads that aren’t Monday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday.
Every other day just wacky shit barely relating to chapters

I swear I read a fanfiction like this

I'm just excited HxH is back, I don't even really care about how stupid the topic is.

post more cute killuas

Well that's not gonna happen for a while and he's gonna change perspective pretty soon so you better strap in, friendo

Because he's married to Illumi and doesn't believe in polygamy.

Gon doesn't get Noko, he get's Kachou.
And Killua gets Fugetsu, who he can pretend is Gon with a wig. It all works out because Fugetsu is gay for Kachou just like he's gay for Gon.

>Gon being straight in fanfic
Nice fake news there buddy

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no clue. how many chapters till it ends?

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Cursed image, don't click.

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t. fanfic pleb

Either Hisoka finally shows up for 1 panel and meets a mafia goon or we stick with Luni and see if the Cow is quick enough to crack this scheme. And by crack I mean he figures out something related to the upper tiers. I’ve made peace we won’t get another succession war/Pika pov for this final chapter


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Volume ends with pic-related.

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can't wait

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I'd like the succession war more if the characters involved were more interesting.
Kurapika himself has been disappointing. He's just the same cool mafia bodyguard we knew in Yorkshin. There's a good chance it'll get a lot better later, but a good story should hook the reader from the beginning, and this arc has an underwhelming intro.

On the other hand, in the lower decks, we have character development, Chrollo, PT and Hisoka have all changed due to recent developments. There's passion and personality, something that's just not there with the succession war.
Going back to the princes would be depressing as fuck.

>that that busty

The threads won’t survive! Togashi please dont listen to this user!

Attacking people in the toilet is the only way Hisoka can guaratee a 100% victory

It's already been decided, there's nothing you can do. Just give in.

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Send then

This arc needs more Leorio

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Why? Both Cha-Ar and Xi-Yu have been portrayed in such a way that they could as well be wiped out off-panel without affecting the story much. It is not like they could realistically find Hisoka or kill any of the Spiders, and their current plan seems to be sending the Spiders after the Hei'Li, which could easily happen without their presence.

If there is a reason they exist at all besides mocking Shueisha, it must be to tie into the Princes plotlines. Probably through Senritsu, Kachou and Fuu.

>troupefags will defend this

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It’s just orange juice

I feel completely different. There have been character development on more than a couple characters. And I didn't expect some radical change with Kurapika. If anything he's alot more mature and cerebral than he was in Yorkshin, he has to be given the people he's dealing with. And I can see the draw to the other subplot. The Troupe are more reckless in how they approach threats, the contrast is intentional. I can appreciate both aspects of the arc and am waiting to see how it progresses if and when the plots merge.

I don't think they'll have anything to do with the princes. They're in charge of deck 4 and 5 which are the furthest away from the princes.

>current plan seems to be sending the Spiders after the Hei'Li
Aren't they trying to collaborate with Hisoka as well?

>mfw hiatus next chapter

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I love Machi's furious expression in this panel so much


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>Hisoka wanting to kill them stealth style should be pure terror for the troupe
huh, I can't tell if you are a retard or a hisofag. Hisoka got killed by chrollo without even damaging him a bit, then he killed a manipulator without manipulation and a conjuror with no attacking hatsu, both without hatsus, both taken by surprise because they saw his dead body.

>they leader and most powerful member needed a shitload of preparation
Yes, to guarantee a PERFECT WIN on hisoka, that is the difference. Doesn't mean that he wouldn't be able to win if they fought on the streets.

>There have been character development on more than a couple characters
Please point out the characters that have gone through development on the first deck.

tthank you

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>Predictions on how this volume ends?
Hisoka is together with pariston keikaku-ing in a room (confirming hisoka not in the boat)

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Their main objective is clearly pitting the Spiders against the Hei-Li as evidenced by their dialogue at the start of 378 wit the "birds of a feather" line. And they are trying to find Hisoka, but it seems unlikely that they do. And it is not like Hisoka would need the influence or help of the Mafia to chase the Spiders. Both are clearly pointless tasks on their own because they could be happening in a slightly different form with minor changes to the story.

If that is all they do before getting killed by the Spiders/Hei-Li/Hisoka, you could combine them into a single faction without any allegiances or inner workings.

That is UNTIL Senritsu, Kachou, and Fuugetsu get to the lower tiers, where you could have things like the Xi-Yu investigation leading them to the twins, and then there could be tension developing because their fates would then depend on the Zhang Lei / Kurapika relationship.

This is some sad shit to be honest.

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Why does Tse throw in the Spanish soccer league alongside Hegel and Kant? What did Togashi mean by this?

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Her brother is a monster. Never post this again

I think you're approaching the story from the wrong perspective.
Look at it this way. The Spiders want to get to deck 1. The mafia wants to prevent that.
However, it's incredibly obvious to us readers that the Spiders will reach deck 1. Ergo, the mafia will be killed. This also ties in with the "minagoroshi" signboard.

Togashi probably thinks anything that sounds cool and foreign is automatically patrician

>2 years without Cammy

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>We fucked up and let the enemy fulfill their condition to teleport into our base
>The spider points that out also to clear themselves from suspicion


Just fooderize this dude already.

Bateman is C. Bale
C. Bale is English
Bongs never shut the fuck about soccer

Tse is cute! CUTE!

>Hisoka/Pariston troll session

Oh, I just realised that Pariston could totally set it up so Hisoka could mess with Ging, just to see what Ging's ability is. That's yet another strong person Hisoka could potentially fight on the Boat.

Ripped this a couple of hours ago, forgot to link:!vFsgkTxY!RNcmPmyFibU3ZXGCQK4v_DLq8RKfjmY-ZaqlXzLaqDg

Whole folder with all Viz DC chapters if anyone wants that:!PUc0EaTJ!2chtlJCjGqbBaXPsmsMOYg

Thank you

No source for this?

Thank you, viz user.

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np lads but i'm not the usual viz user just an OCD nigga who rips every chapter

Thanks, user.

Oito, Babi, Shimano, Bele, Kaa, and Fuu.