Didn't see a thread in the catalog so here. New chapter's out, translation soon.

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Look harder.

Dear retard, have you tried >170315093

Oh shit, It’s time

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This doesn't work as a manga series at all.
It's a premise that only works as a oneshot than a series.

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the irony is rich

Well that's just great. I got NTR on filter. Do you guys want me to dump/translate in this one, or in the other thread.

This one is fine.

Alright then.

>Sen: It's been a while since I came to the school cafeteria.

>Sen: I came here to eat by myself, but...

>Chapter 11th: Senpai, over here~

>Sen: There's no

>Sen: seat...!!

>2 Extra Chapters drawn for the 1st tankobon!! Now on sale (music note)

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>Naga: Senpai,

>Naga: Over here~

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>Naga: Senpai~
>Sen: Over there's no good...!!
>Friend 1: Who's that...?
>Friend 2: Ah! He's the manga artist!!

>Sen: But...
>Sen: I can't see any other seats...

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Oh shit, she's back!

Chapter 11 is not up for me for some reason

If he's imagining those girls in those outfits, senpai really is a pervert.

Holy fuck my dikk

>Sen: I just have to eat it quickly
>Sen: E...
>Sen: Excuse... me...

>Sen: and get out of here!!

>Friends: Your boyfriend?
The website is one chapter later than the mobile version, which is one chapter later than the mangazine, I think.

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Jesus Nagatoro's friends are just as hot as she is.

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Nagatoro is the ugliest, made me think.

>Sen: I...
>Sen: I'm not...

>Naga: He is~
>Naga: We're going out~(heart)

>Naga: Riiiight~?
>Naga: Senpaichi(heart)
Note: Adding -chi behind a name or a nickname is a sign of friendship in the JK species.

>Friend: Ahahahaah
>Friend: That's hilarious~

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>Friend 2: Senpai,
>Friend 2: How far have you done it with Hayachi~?
>Sen: W-what!?

>Sen: W-what do you mean...
>Sen: B-by done it...?
>Friend 1: Uwah, his face's totally red~
>Friend 2: So cute~

>Friend 2: Hey~ Senpai
>Friend 2: Want to go out with me~?

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It feels like their relationship escalates every chapter.

i love the faces the small nagatoro does.

Nagatoro made a mistake.


When we saw the teaser for this chapter, I just assumed Nagatoro was being insecure about having her senpai stolen. But she really should be afraid of her friend.

>Sen: Uwaaah!!

>Friend 2: Ahahahahaha.

>Friend 1: He's cheating on her when he's clearly a virgin!!
>Friend 2: So funny~

>Naga: So funny.

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She's digging her own grave doing this.

>so funny

You know, I'm beginning to think senpai it's not only more clever than nagatoro, but also more attractive for women than she is for men in universe. Maybe we're in the wrong here and he is too good for her and not the other way around.

She is so thirsty is ridiculous.

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>so funny

>Friend 1: But yeah,
>Friend 1: rather than a boyfriend,
>Friend 1: isn't he more like a pet?
>Friend 2: A pet!!

>Sen: Wha...

>Naga: He really might be like a pet.
>Naga: I can fluff him up too (heart)
>Sen: Stop iiit.

>Friend 2: Fluffy~
Nagatoro is afraid of no one, she'll stand and fight for her mating right.
That image wouldn't work so well after this chapter.

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Nagatoro please.

>last panel

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Don´t you fucking dare to touch him again bitch!


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>death and despair

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>reverse ntr
Nice desu

now she's done it

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>naga on the defensive

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>that last panel


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Parried! Here comes the riposte!

>Naga: His hair is greasy so you shouldn't touch it.

>Friend 2: Ah...
>Friend 2: Sure...

>Sen: Who's greasy!!
>Sen: I wash it everyday!!
>Naga: Really~?

>Friend 1: Hmm~ A pet still doesn't fit him.
>Friend 2: It doesn't, right~?

>Friend 1: A slave...?
>Friend 2: A slave!!

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What if Nagatoro bullies Senpai to release her anger because she actually gets bullied by her friends?

>those eyes
she gets better ever chapter

Is the art style a bit different this chapter?

> That last panel

Jesus she's really gonna lose it

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>someone saved my edit
im so proud

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>Naga: They're calling you a slave, Senpai!
>Sen: I'm not a slave!!
>Naga: Come on, you're taking your sweet time eating!
>Naga: Work for me!!

>Friend 2: Work~

Friend 2 is like the Subject F of this manga.

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holy fuck, s-she's fast

I can't wait for the fanart of her being forced to watch her friends fuck senpai. Brunette riding his dick and blonde sitting on his face.


>[Jazz music stops]

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Oh fuck


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Can it get any better than this? Holy shit.


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>pre gon-san tier eyes
Not reassuring.

> [Death]

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I take those two on the left, you guys can have the one on the right

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Friend 2 is gonna go to her boyfriend and get dicked while Nagatoro is thirsty as fuck and is too scared to ask Senpai out. Who is the real winner here?

>ywn touch senpai fluffy hair
This is not fair

For some reason her friend didn’t come to school the next day

If things keep going the way they are Friend 2 is going to end up dead

Slut-chan please.


It's okay, it's greasy anyway

>deflected and [X]Told once already
>immediately tries again to touch fluffy senpai
Bitch, what did she just say?

>Friend 1: This really is hilarious~

>Friend 1: He's just letting us say whatever we want~
>Friend 1: He's not even a slave anymore; he's more like a worm?
>Friend 2: Isn't that too mean~?

>Friend 1: Just look at him,

>Friend 1: a man wouldn't stand for this~

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Oh boy that escalated quickly.

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>tfw we only end up seeing Friend 1 from now on

My dick

fuck nagatoro, I'm in love with Friend 1 san.

My hips keep shaking and won't stop.

the end is coming

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>Touchy gals
I hope they get more screen time

Can't wait for the doujins of blonde hair ntr

Someone will die soon

You can tell which girl likes being slapped.

>that last panel

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She's right, you know.

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