If you love something set it free

If you love something set it free.

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If you love something get in fucking shape, fatso

if you love something let it be happy

if you love something it'll never love you back

cuck logic

>can never get cucked if you are kissless virgin.

if the *woman* you love is unhappy with being with you sooner or later you'll both be very unhappy. if she doesn't love you back its pointless to continue the sham

Kokoro did the right thing in ending the relationship as soon as possible at the first chance she got.

Tl note: The hawk simbolitzes Mitsuru.

> ending the relationshi
There were no relationship.

>There were no relationship.
Their partnership was the relationship, true there was no real relationship other than the one futoshi was forcing and Kokoro was wrongfully going along with.

also thanks for breaking the combo you fuckwad

no fun allowed i guess asshole

If you love something you keep going at it until you get it.

Hey guys, is this the cuckoldry thread? Did I come to the right place?

> If you love something you keep going at it until you get a restraining order.

Hello, mr niceguy.

Unless you are ugly and fat.

If you love something take it by force.

that implies that there was a real relationship, I guess if you look at it from fatty's perspective its NTR.

Kokoro and Futoshi actually never got along that well, Kokoro was just faking the whole thing. You shouldn't really blame her for that, because her life depends on being able to pilot a FranXX.

Cool, so I did find the right place. Question for all you other cucks, what's the best way to prepare the bull for my gf?

Ask Sup Forums and /gif/, they seem to know a lot

The adjective "nice" actually originates from the latin "nescius", meaning stupid or foolish, and this was the meaning of the word up to the early modern age.

It's interesting how the definition of words can change, but their usage remain the same.

>he thinks he’s actually going to get someone to look that up

The more you know.

So it's like calling retards 'special' nowadays.