Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai/We Can't Study/We Never Learn (Chapter 56) (Viz)

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Sleepy Fumino.

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>All of us...
>...quickly forget information stored in out short-term memory.
And that is why we never learned.

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>Ogata Udon
Does Rizu serve her noodles to the teachers for better grades?

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That's all.

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>duh I forgot everything that just happened
Manga can't have filler they said

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Her father serve noodles to get intel from the teachers on any boys that dared to even speak to his little princess.

muh dick

>not making soft-boiled eggs on the go
I knew Nariyuki was poor, but I didn't know he also was a pleb.

I want to rub my cheeks against those cheeks.

>ywn touch and burry your face in these tights

life is suffering

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I' here for Noah Notes possible bump

our boy is starting to IMAGINE things, also it seems that she is /his/, she is the teacher of History and Yuiga is always reading World History when he passes by

sensei is going to end up alone and she’s only getting all this attention early on because she’s going to lose

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nice manga retards lmfao

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Does this mean Yuiga actually changed her clothes and tucked her in? That wouldn't fit his personality tho

he just took off her jacket


>another chapter
>no fumino chapter

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>not talking about his daughter
That's an impostor

>History teacher
>doesn't want history to repeat for those geniuses like it did to her
She might as well be an art teacher because that is pure

sensei pls.


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Good it means he is a westaboo.

Yuiga stronk

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Sensei will win this...right?


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weebs it translate

If this series ended with a Kirisu-Sensei End, it would instantly jump from a "3/10 cliche'd fuckfest just barely above Nisekoi" to a solid "8/10 you do not see that everyday".

Never gonna happen though.

Did he take off her dress as well?

No, no one will win

what a pointless chapter

Pottery is a craft, though.

If no one wins, then imouto wins.

popularity pool when?

There's a color page this week, maybe that'll be the announcement for the results.

I thought he completely forgot about calling her the "Sleeping Beauty" in Ch.1

Fucking enough with sensei already. Half the chapters are about her.

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the last sensei chapter was 2 months ago, she doesn't get the spotlight as often as you think

now sensei stole that from her

Good sensei is better than all of the boring casts.

>panty lines

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>Pantylines against that skirt


Her chapters are pointless. Literally one-shots.

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As opposed to who’s?

The supposed main characters.

>Her chapters are pointless.
They make my dick hard it means fulfill their duty.

We got one over a month ago.

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Can't wait for you muhmaincharacterfags to get utterly blown the fuck out when either sensei or the senpai win.

>fags still don't understand the rotation
It goes Rizu>Fumino>Uruka>Senpai>sensei
With the odd group or side character chapter thrown in here and there. We just finished I think the 3rd rotation

Everyone knows that won't happen. When the almost non-existent plot starts moving again, they'll be forgotten, small plot devices at best.


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Fuck you.

>Vizanon lives

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>another sensei chapter
>dedicating more and more chapters to girls who don't like him or won't come to.


That was February 4th. I think that's close enough to two months.


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So, aside from being in denial, what makes you say they won't fall for Nariyuki?

I want Sensei to kill me after i raped her in front of Yuiga

I want imouto to kill me after I reped Yuiga in front of her.

Fumino in stage 4 stomach cancer

There is no indication Sensei will and many many times she says it is out of the question.

>check this out
Sensei is a cute. A Cute!

Was there an Sup Forums translation for this chapter?

Stupid slut, who use that crap

The "ha ha!" makes it even better.

>not using usb holder pouch with reminder stickers.
Don't tell me you are that messy.

Is this how sensei should be spending her free time?

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Also, template version.

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Why is she typing?

lewd dialogue

Is sensei making doujins of herself and Nariyuki?

Men have fought wars over less.

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Honestly it makes sense, Bokuben is the network sitcom of manga

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Fumino: Hey, Nariyuki!
>the audience chuckles
Nariyuki: Oh, hello, Fumino!
>the audience begins getting excited, laughing without even knowing they are laughing or what they are laughing at
Fumino: What are you doing?
>nervous giggles are heard from all around the room
Nariyuki: I'm buying food using this coupon because we are poor!
>6 people die instantly. A shockwave with the force of 10 Hiroshima bombings erupts from the magazine, causing billions of dollars worth of damage. The surviving readers begin urinating and vomiting on each other, all while laughing uncontrollably from the funniest joke ever told

/his/ is kinda bad, i read only the fap thread