Vinland saga

Oh shit, it's on!

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I wonder if old Thorfinn will come back next chapter.

No it's fucking not. He's either going to spare him, or someone else kills Floki before he could.

His nephew will probably stop him before he actually kills Floki.

Remember that that's the kid's grandfather. Maybe he'll see anger in the pure kid's eyes and that will bring him back.

You know, otherwise he'll die from a crossbow.

I could see Thorfinn going off the deep end to get dice head. Its nice that Sigurd is getting some more development outside of "Give me back mai waifu!"

Sigurd is pretty great honestly. Great dynamic of being an actual character while still being a character who's main purpose is comedy.

Is Hox dead? I haven't seen his translation thread since a long time ago.

I preferred learning about soil and crop rotation

No. You just missed the thread

You know you can just search the archive, right? You missed the thread.

>based waifu readies her crossbow
He better keep his promise!

God I wish that female sasuke cunt died
But we all know shes going to marry the mc because shes so strong and everything, everyone likes tsunderes dont they.

>he didn't read the chapter
>all the "I came for you" blushing
You're on a wrong ship.

Thats just so it wouldn't be so blindingly obvious to everyone.

Yeah she's a bad character.

Confronting Thorfinn with somebody effected by his past was great but keeping her along for the ride is horrible.

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She was in the middle of reloading after shooting the guard and that panel is her freezing in place because she shat herself when she realized that Thorfinn has actually really held himself back until now.

it's fine though, since she's pretty

I doubt Thorfinn will kill Floki, but chances that Thorkell will finally find out who killed his bro and how he was killed will make him go apeshit on Floki.

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I want to see this so bad. Floki deserves everything Thorkell would do to him.

Don't worry, she dies

I want to see Thorkall ripping off one of the metal doors of the fortress and smashing Floki with it

At the bottom, it says ""Next Issue: It all breaks down", so I think Thorfinn is going to be the one that does him in, as much as I want Thorkell to go full berserker and rip Floki, limb from limb. But knowing the rest of the story, it is probably going to be some Lion King bs with the whole
>"Run away, and never return"
>Floki will try to attack him when his back is turned
>Mini-Thorfinn will shield him and die
>Collective gasp from everyone
>Floki is killed
>Thorfinn takes over as reluctant king with Sigurd as wife
>They try to Christianity all the Jomsvikings, bringing an end to the viking era.

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is it me or is Hilde crossbow weak ?
I mean shouldn't it be able to tear limb ?

>>Thorfinn takes over as reluctant king with Sigurd as wife

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It's an auto crossbow, fast reload speed but weaker power

I know he won't but i want Thorfinn to kill Floki, and Hild (if she tries to kill him)

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Whatever her name is. My bad. Everyone here has funny names and have been reading it as soon as it comes up, meaning the last time I even saw whats-her-faces name was a couple months ago.

Gudrid! There we go! Had to go through two different character lists because the first didn't even have her.

You mean Gudrid. Sigurd is the guy chasing her.

I could see Hilde shooting down Floki before Thorfinn can kill him.

d-don't do it!

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She won't have the time to reload, the conclusion is going to be instantaneous no matter what happens.

>shouldn't it be able to tear limb
nah nigga that'd be the huge, barely portable version that needs a windlass to even cock it, hilde's crossbow is light enough to be cocked with only a one-hand lever

She's going to marry the mc because wikipedia says so.