Why do you "people" like her so much?

Why do you "people" like her so much?

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Why do you care so much?

like all franxxposters, they are paid to do so

There is no reason for love

When did this happen?

What is love?

Because she's a copy of Lum, I'd assume.

Wrong thread.


hot trash of the season
crunchyroll astrosurfing

She looks horny all the time.

She was decent back when she was a main character.

Except this is not a romcom

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because they aren't people
see exhibit A here

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Because she started out with more character development than any of the other girls. Now that the other characters are getting developed, people are dropping her.

Nobody here actually uses CR, right?

Because Kanye likes her too and he has good tastes

Fuck off back to your containment board

found it here, my butthurt dino man

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Could i get this without the maga shit

No one here actually does, after all this is franxxfags 4th anime

>Sup Forums crossboarders wasn't a meme
Fucking hell

Why do YOU "people" keep making this thread?

Please delete this, it triggers me



Probably because she's not a disgusting whore like Kokoro.

Gee, I wonder who could possibly be behind this post.

>generic pseudo-tsundere
>pink hair
>muh dahling
I wonder why.

Because the garbage eaters that consist of the anime community will like every two bit plastic doll with an """unique""" look.

Just look at Dagashi Kashi. Everyone liked the two main girls because of their unusual eyes, even though they're both as generic as you can get.

>generic pseudo-tsundere

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I can guarantee you that both Hotaru and Saya would be liked even if they didn't have weird eyes. Visual quirks are a lot less important than you think. Things that are "generic" are common because they commonly resonate with the audience - not to mention that I'd argue that Horaru isn't really that generic at all. Saya much more so, being a tsundere osananajimi.
Why do you think to women ship Mitsuru and Kokoro? It's because the are delivered a typical shoujo-ish pairing of some handsome, brooding guy being "saved" by the nice girl through affection. It doesn't matter that it's generic, because the very idea resonates with people even if they've seen it a million times before. People won't tire of drinking tea or coffee either, because they like the taste.

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her feet.

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I blame the “manic pixie dream girl” trope.


02 fans are all actually cute oni girls.

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Virgin otakus like her
People with taste know better

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since you're spamming this shit now i will tell you that i hid every garbage in the thrashxx thread i've seen. now fuck off

It's not?

I will make another thread then

She is cute.

This isn't Sup Forums imbecile, no one is "shilling" this show because little to no people in Sup Forums actually buy BDs.

literally my type of girl
i'm /fit/ semi-chad irl and i always attract quiet nice girls that i don't care for, I just want a cute, feisty, outgoing chick to take me
my normie friends will never know

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>she's a copy of Lum
She's more a copy of Asuka, her smug personality without the mommy issues

We like Kokoro actually.

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Asuka's a lot crankier and childish than 02 is.
Besides, there is already an Asukaclone in the show.

If by WE, you mean, mitsuru and futoshi, we ALREADY KNOW.

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>>generic pseudo-tsundere
Stopped reading here. You don't know what you are talking about. Fuck off.

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As far as plot mechanisms/trains go. She's got personality and theres clearly more going on under the hood than is well shown.
At least as far as I am into it.

But I do object to certain design decisions.
One. LONGER HORNS. Look at those things. They're nubs. Give her something worth mounting on your wall or that you can grab onto while you mount her.
Two. The hair colour. I mean bubblegum pink? Why? To contrast her personality? Doesn't go with the horns and doesn't make them stand out enough which considering you're trying to emphasis her inhuman nature seems counterintuitive, her pink hair actually hides those horns.

What did he mean by this?

Why do ""people"" keep making this exact same thread?

It's actually oni thread but in disguise so the milkfaggots, fatoshits, dyke lovers and kokosluts leave this one alone with their shitposting and we can post qt dinos.

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Honey on the Feet

She just makes me wish Lum had a new series.

same reason we loved nonon.

pinkshit is always bestshit

>4 weeks of 02/Hiro being reduced to saying 2 sentences an episode

Thank god that boring crap is over with. Episode 12 HAS to be 02/Hiro focused since it's the last episode of the first cour.

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don't even know who is this but there is a pic of her that makes my dick harder than diamonds

I hope you are right user. I miss their interactions so much.

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>Darling I want to learn more about you!
>Nevermind, talking with you is a pain darling.
Yeah, she is the absolute lowest tier of tsudereshit. Also, go back to tumblr with your shitty fanart.

Are you implying that I'm not actually a person?
Seems like a bigger issue with your psyche than anything

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Next episode, user. It's going to be the flashback and it's going to be adorable but it's also going to hurt real good.

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>Watching for Hir02 only
Why would you do that to yourself?

I hope we get the /fitlit/ episode next, combined with Ikuno burning bridges with Ichigo and the old Hiro coming back even more. And some plot while we're at it. Hir02 can wait.

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is it wrong that I actually like all girls in that show

No, all the characters are great.

>Hir02 can wait.
It. Fucking. Can't.
First cour finalle must be something big. If we seriously get more of 'side character episode' I'm gonna riot.

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>has horns
>says "darling" all the time
>is spunky
>sees herself as or is nonhuman

seems pretty lum to me

She's got pink hair


>First cour finalle must be something big
user, it's not going on break after the first cour, calm down.

NONONONO Hiro02 or bust
If they do a Futoshi Ikuno episode or something the fans will burn down the studio literally

I like when they draw her eyes bigger like that

Futoshi's VA said that was their episode too. Maybe at another point they will touch on them again. I think Ikuno could use some more focus.

>I think Ikuno could use some more focus
Do you want the deadest threads ever?

I know it's not going on break, it's just it feels right to have something big stored for first cour end.
And we both can agree that only big thing about /fitlit/ episode would be Futoshi's fold of fat.

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This, "muh plot" fags be damned, as janky as it is for pacing to give each character their own framed episode, it's at least given some interest to them.

>that only big thing about /fitlit/ episode
Nah, an Ikuno episode could well have her end up being the reason IchiGoro happens, and like I said, Hiro has shown signs of his old self when dealing with Futoshi's heartache since they're going through similar things.

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I think you got me wrong. I don't mind one bit having Ikuno or Futoshi episode, just do them down the line for fuck sake.
I don't like how for past episodes focus from the main characters shifted to side characters so tremendously, when first six episodes plot was basically just about them. And I think it would be healthy to get back on track with their storyline because it's the most intresting one in the show.
I won't believe you if you say that you would prefer getting episode about Futoshi suffering over episode about 02 past.
tl;dr I need my fucking dose of 02.

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>I won't believe you if you say that you would prefer getting episode about Futoshi suffering over episode about 02 past.
Yeah, but that's not going to happen straight up in episode 12, they'd need like 3 episodes for the whole event. It's not that I don't want it, it's that I wouldn't mind one more episode before all of that hits; and it WILL hit. Zero Two being healed is pretty much the climax of the show, it's going to stop everything else.

Then we need to wait for the PV to give us some hints.
I'm just gonna be really upset if we Hiro or 02 won't have more screentime than they did in past three episodes. Because scenes involving them in these eps were build-up to their inevietable fight. And I can't wait for it.

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Depends on what kind of dramatic meme the staff makes.
If for example Ikuno would literally attempt to rape Ichigo, you could bet your ass that it would spawn hundreds of threads, just like Mitsukoko did.

Absence diminishes mediocre passions and increases great ones, my man.

I just really want to see 02 and Hiro's past be expanded on right now because they just dropped some fucking massive hints that they're closely connected.

>If for example Ikuno would literally attempt to rape Ichigo
you mean, she didn't already?

Also, there's a bunch of ways they can make episodes focused on other characters and still give great scenes with Hiro or Zero Two. A Nana/Hachi/FranXX could be great for plot and worldbuilding and as a set-up.

And I don't think they're going to show everything this early. Zero Two past wholly revealed would have a lot about the klaxosaurs, the Nines and parasites, so it seems that won't be done with until we're past the first half of the second cour.

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No. Being a stamen that can't put out any noticeable amount of positive pulses is like a girl just humping someones butt from behind with no toys or anything at all.

I hate her character design. Just screams "otakubait" to me. Like she's plucked straight out of shitgatari franchise.

she still tried it

Why should I hate her ?

Did you watch the latest episode?

yes, I did

You shouldn't.

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>came for the oni, stayed for the ichigo

Never would have expected that. Show is trash anyway.

>02 will never sneakily taste you
Why live bros?

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