Goblin Slayer

Do you consider him to be a good MC?

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I consider him to be good at killing goblins

I enjoy and am always excited to see him.

He's cool and all, but a good MC would have some more character development/ a proper character arc. Right now he's just the man who kills Goblins and everyone lovin him for it.


Best MC ever
Tell us OP, what did you want? Some faggot isekai'd from 1st year in highschool so he can be friends with all the mobs and get a 100+ harem?

I really enjoy how 1 dimensional he is with occasional bits of humanity slipping through the cracks.

> Shitty manga
> Shitty story
> Edgy teens reading


Good mc trapped with generic characters


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Is it good?

Pretty mediocre.

If you like Re:Zero, you're gonna love this.

I dislike re:zero and like this



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>goblins in Tolkein
Mischievous imps who sing songs and laugh at dwarves
>goblins in Dwarf Fortress
Child snatchers who lovably raise their stolen charges as goblins
>goblins in Goblin Slayer


Arguably the best mc I've seen in years. Literally carries the rest of the manga on his shoulders


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In his series? Yes since everyones generic as shit and most people are dumbasses compared to his ""taticool"" approach. Compared to other non japanese fantasies? No, hes fucking one dimensional as shit with occasionl im still human.

i'd say yes he carries most of the story and triggers all the interesting events but so far only lizard and priest are the only interesting side characters with a story going on

Fuck no, the guy is dripping with autism.

But I love him for it.

The birthrates must be insane in his world. So many people die to weak monsters in dungeons and yet there is a stream of new people coming in.

Are we edgy for reading for the humor?

Good? No. Entertaining? Yes.

does being a turbo autist count as good?

If the author's intention was to make the guy hilariously autistic, no. If not, yea.

Yes. He's like a geralt and gutts lite which is still good. He experienced trauma growing up because of goblins and it turned him into a cold loner with no social skills.Watching his dynamic with Priestess especially is a treat because he's becoming more open so it's seeing someone be saved and let them live life again instead of living like a cold killing machine.

I hated re:zero.

Women will never understand.

Yes and i surprised how good Priestess is as main heroine.

not really, its not a great manga and the source material is a light novel (the lowest form of entertainment) but i love this autistic fucker and the series has great meme potential.
tldr: is fun

I think he is decent. What I have a problem is with the narrative, it tries to sell us the "he doesn't let anyone to roll the dice" but the story feel more like the oposite, it feels like everyone else get the worst rolls possible while he always gets good rolls. Everyone becomes dumb/useless in front of goblins and goblins become masterminds, while when they are in front of him become retarded.

Is not a big issue but still triggers me because the author likes to put enfansis on how much he prepares and how its all thanks to preparation when in the end he is just getting the standard MC luck.

Like that chapter where the goblin attacks the warrior girl covering the rear in the head, allowing the goblins to surround them. But then later the goblin decides to shoot him, in a "see he has helmet so he prevented the worst case scenario". If instead of GS it was other party the gobling would have aimed the Prietess that was right NEXT to him, without helmet casting spells allowing the goblins to take him.

Yes, he is the final solution for the g*blin question

well goblins have the intelligence of a child, a stupid one that is. plus everyone kinda underestimates goblins due to low payment and newbies are just retards. even tho, this has been discused before and i agree is kind of "too convenient" writing

Goblins use the terrain, attack in pack, surround the victims preventing them from escape, etc, meanwhile they fight GS 1v1

The only exception I can think of is the last chapter where they fell in a trap, the rest of the time goblins seem to loose coordination the moment GS appears.

He's proof that all you need for an entertaining story is just one, really standout character (who happens to be an autistic fucker).

Careful. Some people on this board get touchy when you name the g*blin.

change it to this: if you hate re:zero you gonna love this, it's like dark souls,

>stupid methods disguised as pragmatic
I think of him the same way I think of other idiots.

Reminds me of the days I used to play D&D. I remember one time I was using a druid. We where camping in a swamp and a bunch of skellingtons atrted to attack, the druid just learned to cast "from fire to stone", the wizard casted fire pillar the whole deal was finished in two turns. We ended up selling "live" skelly stattues in the market the next day.

really? huh, interesting story, i am playing bloodborne

>”doesn’t roll the die”
>main strategy involves scavenging whatever he can find in the area, a very luck dependent strategy
>flat damage apparently isn’t a concern

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You could replace him with a Killbot 2000 and none would be the wiser

GS basically makes people who never played DND think its like DnD

The fuck are you on about? I'm talking about the part of the priest turning the blood of a gob into water, or the part where GS uses a portal connecting to the bottom of the ocean.

Fucking Sup Forums kids.

>Reminds me of the days I used to play D&D
uhu, hypocrite,

What the fuck, did you forget to take your pills today?

take al look at this,

yes i like how honest and straightforward he is
he has a goal and does everything he can to achieve said goal

Are you pretending to be retarded?

click on this,

Is this kid seriously comparing Sup Forums with /tg/?

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well, did not knew that,

Oh, so you are just an idiot, my bad. Apologies.


>”doesn’t roll the die”
What, he doesn't.
He only relies on finding equipment that Goblins would typically carry.

I wish the series was more grimdark without women or other monster species. Just a lone man out for vengeance against the blight that is goblins

I don't know about the manga, but in the light novel he's definitely starting to act more human than just a masked machine.

one of the gods pretty much wants that but another god keeps putting her shitty OCs in the game

The g*blin cries out in pain as he rapes you.

No but hes entertaining to a good enough degree.

>finding equipment that Goblins would typically carry
Wait so he relies on finding either sharpened rocks or at best rusted, broken lvl 1 noob gear? Said noob gear ranging anywhere from swords to cheap clubs to farming tools? Goblins also charge unarmed many times. That’s really reliant on luck.

He's basically like a more autistic batman in a D&D setting. The fact that he's a one-man death squad whose motivation is nothing short of goblin genocide is just part of the fun.
Is he well-realized? No. Is he going to develop more as a character? Probably but I don't really know if I even care. I just want to see him fuck up goblins.

I consider him an autistic MC

>Goblins also charge unarmed many times.

Good thing GS also used their corpses. Even if they have nothing, they will still be of use.

>Alva Set
>Shortsword + Warpick
>Hawkwood Shield
Interesting setup

Sometimes I wish he was less successful at protecting women

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