What's his endgame?

What's his endgame?

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I dunno. What's his motivation to ruling the universe?
Like he has fun genociding and destroying planets but what's the fun in ruling?

Rebuilding his Empire, duh.
But if Nekomajin Z which takes place post-Z is of any indication, he'll clean up his act and run a much cleaner organization.


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To get killed by Yamoshi in the next movie

Get swol af and kill Goku

Freeza isn't the victim of lose-to-hype-up-next-villain cycle, nor will ever be.

Also thinking that's Yamoshi. Hilarious.

user, I...

After the while thing about trust it can't go any other way than him making an eventual heel turn, or at least mellowing out.
It's a kids show after all, to have Freeza come back, cackling with evulz only to be BTFO for a fourth time, would shit all over the narrative they tried to push.

Being a joke of his former self

Protector of universe 7

to live his life without monkeys bothering him

Be the emperor of the universe without bothering dem monkies and gods

He's likely to mellow out a bit, the ending sequence kind of makes me think he'll be more an overlord version of Hisoka or Orochimaru,a villain who'll quitely bid his time until he can challenge the hero team and occasionally meddle with heroes in occasionally

>Beerus gives him a job
>go to planets with intelligent life and hold tournaments
>Frieza pits his own members against the strongest on the planet
>if the planet wins, Frieza sends the winner on to Whis to be trained
>if the planet loses Frieza tells Beerus who then destroys it when he wakes up
>Mortal level is increased
>Beerus gets to be a lazy fuck and eat pudding

>implying that isnt everyone except Gokus role
>especially in the fucking movies

>More planets being destroyed = increased mortal level

Did you miss the part were U7 had a lower level because Frieza ruined everything and Beerus did a shit job destroying who he liked on a whim

>Frieza ruined everything.

Yeah no, Frieza build up a galactic order and wiped out a race of space savages who likely lowered the level themself (Even that goes back to Beerus). He might have done some shady shit (Namek, thats kinda it though that we know.) but overall the low mortal level can be traced back to Beerus being a lazy fuck, the Supreme Kai not doing/knowing his job AND Buu rampaging across the stars before he wiped out the Kai., wiping out more planets than Beerus in a bad mood.

Freeza sucks

To be Goku's fuck boy.

Why is Frieza so gay? He looks like the alien version of Divine.


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Supreme power and domination of all existence?

How soon?