Osomatsu san

Well, this is it. The last episode

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it's been fun

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I'm excited, hope the ending is great.

+1 to that, posting in before doom prophet jinxes it.

Idols are cute but the suspense is killing me. Give me the boys.

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I'm ready for anything, except saying goodbye.


Damn I didn't realize how much shitposting was in the last thread, it's a bit too much for my taste

Are you planning to ruin this thread by being salty?

It wasn't really any worse than the other threads. At least there was no Tumblr.

Im not the user you're always pissing on about, I was just surprised. It got boring after a while

You see him alone on a bench, what do you do?

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Do the boys look better with oblong pupils or round ones?

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What user?

Kidnap him of course.

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I'll admit I really like him with oblong. But beady is good too.

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Some user does some mundane thing (forget what it is) and the other complains about how their salty or some jargon. The same person accused me of being salty when I'm not, it's been happening the past few threads. I guess this is what happens when you have 24/7 generals

Its starting hold me Anons

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Tougoufags leave, we don't want your angsty shit here

Oh, that user that thinks there's some mob after them. Gotcha.

I would if I could, but I'm behind a screen

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They have become beans

I can't believe I'm watching the end of this show's season with Sup Forums right now as it airs fresh off jap tv land. This is like watching history.

Oh no, I don't know what's going on but I'm fearing for the worst


Is there a stream somewhere? I can't find any on Google search

Stream plz?


Register and account and switch to テレ東 to watch

I hope they make another one in 10-20 years

an account** sorry

Baseball again. Fuck this.

Iyami ruined everything for real this time.

This is fucking crazy. Holy shit, why did none of us predict this

Please just tell me it isn't a slap in the face

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Osomatsu has cute nipples. Hoping there'll porn of this.

Are they gonna meet... Akatsuka...

F6 cameo
Holy fuck I'm dying


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FUCK iyami




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what the fuck was that whole experience

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He really does. Love that inappropriate moment to have high detail closeups of his nipples

Not gonna lie, I had fun.

This episode was gold

Does anyone know when it'll go up on nyaa? I can't find it there

it was so unexpected, really caught me off guard

That wasn't what I was expecting at all, I'm not sure how I feel about it. It's was fun but as a series final it feels a bit lacking.

Is it truly the end?

Does it have an open ending?

At least they're alive. Season 3 when?

It's just another Osomatsu-san episode.

They say "See you again someday somewhere" at the end, so it's open to a season 3.

I can't imagine they'd end it on that desu.

Honestly I liked this last episode better than the S1 one

Yeah I'm hoping since they're not dead that means at least an OVA

The Matsus would come back even if they're dead, remember the season 1 finale and then the JRA special.

It's disappointing to me that it's not a closed ending, but eh, can't have everything

It was better overall, way less messy and convoluted.

It might be if you wanted heartwarming

I need to rewatch right now, pretty sure I missed a shitton of cameos.

I only said "salty" once threads ago and I've not used it since, user. I told the user last time that they were being harsh for no reason. Stop assuming everyone copying each other is one person.

I thought it was, in a weird way. You really felt the love everyone has for these boys and the lengths they'd go to for them. They're garbage, but nobody wants to see them leave. Just like us,

It was lightyears better! S1 ending doesn't even compare

Please everyone stop fighting amongst yourselves. Let's just talk about the new episode.
What was your favorite scene? I liked it when they were being tortured, specifically by baseball.

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The nipple torture scene of course. Demon gangbang porn when?

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who the hell are you

The animation in that scene was amazing

Reading their poems out loud

I liked the entire bit with the first opening playing.
I was hyped as fuck

Can't wait for the American adaption!

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>Chris rock for jyuhsi
I can't see jyushi making niggerhumor jokes

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I can't really process this episode, it feels like a fever dream.

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This sounds like a fucking nightmare

The fight to get to the escape rope and all the cameos along the way. And the side characters not being useless and annoying for a change. I really liked their bits in this. Except Iyami, fuck that guy

Does no one realize that they basically pulled another "the letter" on us with iyami crashing the plane before oso could say what he wanted to

Iyami got buried like a dog, don't be hard on him

It felt like bipolar disorder

Half the joke is that these are all top tier Seiyuu. The dub can't really compete unless they get fucking Troy Baker or something.

Dubs are just shit in general, that fact that this is getting one is depressing to me

At least this time it had some kind of build up instead of the letter just randomly being on fire for the sake of "fuck you, let's go back to status quo"

Well, to me it felt different. It's not like they dropped everything for LOLBASEBALL, they just got interrupted, which I expected.

Honestly I'm really excited for the dub, mainly because that means, I'll be able to buy the DVD. It will come with the subs on it so even if it gets the worst possible cast it won't matter.

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Dane cook as Choromatsu seems so out of no where. The others kind of make sense in some kind of awful stupid way.

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It was different in a big way. The reactions of the other characters kept the stakes high and were honestly kinda sad. That teeny tiny touch of sincerity is what made it work so much better than Letter

He died the way he lived: ruining everything

>so there I was, trying to get in a good fap sesh, and here comes my stupid big bro Osomatsu.

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Oh wow subs out already? Crunchy is fast, expecting mistakes.

Can't believe Hesowars is trying to get me to pay for the new set, how cruel can a mobile game be

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It was a pretty good parody of the Spider's Thread. I expected the Matsus to fight but this was so much better

I never got the appeal of games where you have to use real money to get stuff, seems pretty stupid

So you've come at last my Karamatsu girls!

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I just wait. Chances are lower in the 500 regular diamond gacha, but that just means its even more satisfying when you eventually win what you want. It's all about patience and saving up!

Usually you don't have to pay for them, it's kinda mean they'd do this just after the season ended. I'm not actually stupid enough to waste money on this when I could use it to buy actual merch instead.