Sup Forums is defending women now

>Sup Forums is defending women now

this board has really declined in quality.

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Franxx is really hard to filter


Why is she so perfect?

because you're a cuckold

She deserved better

No one is defending her. The dude should've slapped her across the face and made her submit with his cock.

Best girl.

Reminder that promises/contracts made under duress are invalid.

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>implying Sup Forums was ever high quality.

I guarantee that she'll drink the milk by the end of the series.

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>Trigger niggers
>Sup Forums
They are Sup Forums, tumblr and other assorted trash

She is thirsty as fuck, she will not wait till the end. Max she will wait 2 more episodes.

It was higher quality than the rest of Sup Forums.

>literally brings studiowars to Sup Forums
>pretends he isn't a Sup Forums refugee.

Fatties don't deserve to fuck

This desu

every single one of Fatoshi defender are fat and always use same lame excuse
>b-but she broke her promise!!!
even though she got pressured hard into saying 'yes' by creepy whale

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This. Autists and newfags who want to complain otherwise can fuck off back to their shtholes.

Misogyny memes were just a fad. Sup Forums wasn't so harsh in the 00's. It all started with the alpha meme.

>this board has really declined in quality.
More like we grew up, do you still see us unironically using "epic for the win" or other underage expression like back in 2003-2008?

God thats creepy.
>"Be my partner forever."

that was the good ol' days