Are there no goats in Japan?

Are there no goats in Japan?

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Goats are the devil incarnate.

Goat milk is legit tasty, and makes good cheese.

They do, but theirs are neither white nor domestic.

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That wasn't my complaint.

Look me into the eye and say it again if you dare.

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Are there female goats?

You didn't make a complaint. You asked a question and received an answer.

You're correct. Thank you for the info. I apologize for treating you like you were ignorant.

The abundance, or lack thereof, of goats is a perfect indicator of how shitty a country may be.

Just for clarification, my complaint is that goats don't have upper teeth.

that heidi series is really good

Are you complaining because you think goats ought to have upper teeth, or because you think that image ought not to depict upper teeth? Your wording suggests the former, but it seems odd to blame Japan for that.
Please clarify your clarification.

Goats do not have upper teeth.

>goats don't have upper teeth
How horrifying.

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Goats are cute and friendly like dogs.

Goats are everywhere.

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Oh no user, your onee-chan became a GOAT! Wat do?

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Plenty of jingisukan in Japan

Genghis khan refers to sheep/mutton you mongoloid

These eyes look oddly seductive. Is it a female goat?