How do we stop the edgy character trope

how do we stop the edgy character trope

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Why would you? Let boys feel like they aren't entirely alone in feeling like outsiders, and they might end up not blowing their own, (and everybody else's,) brains out before they mature into knowing better than to be edgy.

Light wasn't edgy, he was delusional.

kurapika was edgy for a few chapters during hunter exam arc and most of york shin arc, he is no longer an edgy cunt. he is queen oito bf and wobble is his wife sons

Light is literally the least edgy character their is tbqh. His depiction and demeanor is what's edgy.

But Kurapika is literally the greatest character of all time. Prove me wrong. His manliness elevated York Shin to unthinkable levels of good.

Why would you want to?
Properly executed EDGE is the best

Its a staple of storytelling, the flawed/despicable main character who's failure can only be blamed on their actions and personal flaws rather than a set antagonist

Its been in the public culture osmosis for a while now, you cant really get rid of it

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Edge + loli is one of the best character pairings.
Don't stop edge, just give them a loli.

One thing about these "cool edgy" type is that without the edge, they're basically your typical clingy girlfriend in a male form

Ever wonder why a "cool" second mc is always sticking with the goofy primary mc like a coital knot?

>literally crossdresses at some point during this arc

Nah m8 traps just can't be manly. He does have some alpha moments tho

There's nothing wrong with this kind of edge. The shitty kind of edge is Elfen Lied, Deadman Wonderland, Tokyo Ghoul and Mirai Nikki. Literal cancer.

>>It's uncool to like edgy
>>Another Sasuke bash thread
>>Sasuke had every conceivable reason to turn out the way he did and people still think he sucks

Grow up Anons..

He's not a trap and the crossdressing scene was one tiny flashback.

Mirai Nikki was the worst, I don't know why people keep suggesting it. Yeah, the climax was pretty cool, but holy shit were there so many characters just abandoned undeveloped and edgy shit happening just for the sake of edge.

Yeah, to save his fucking friends. He also nearly punched a man to death, stopped bullets with a fucking chain, threatened mafia bosses, fucked his boss' daughter, became the squad leader, and toyed with the life and structural integrity of an infamous criminal organization feared by many across the world.

I don't dislike Sasuke simply for being edgy, I dislike him because he's a horribly written character that comes across as stupid in just about everything he does the moment he departs from Konoha.

For that to happen, the main character must be literal goody 2 shoes.

People really enjoy shitting on a guy who went bonkers over having his entire extended family brutally murdered, and was forced to relive their deaths by the hand of his dearly beloved brother for 72 hours straight, twice

And then later finds out that his whole life was a lie and that his brother was forced into taking that action by the village, and that since the dawn of ninjas, they've all been tied down by an unending chain of hatred, and sacrifices to prevent what seems like at the time even greater suffering but then end up blowing up on everyone's faces when the leftovers of those incidents inevitably find out the truth and take revenge

Light is just an outright villain, I don't think villains count as edgy
Lelouch is the hero we need
Kurapika resists the edge
Sasuke is just boring

If you want real edge, step up

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We kill the writers