How do you feel about female mangaka?

How do you feel about female mangaka?

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They're surprisingly good when they draw stuff outside of shojo or josei most of the time

What is there to feel about? They draw manga, sometimes they're shit and sometimes they're not.

Most are consistently not-shit though

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I find that to be the case overall with manga authorship and gender where working out of their expected demographics produce the best work.

Which is really fucking weird because I don't get that vibe in any other entertainment industry

Most of the time, I don't even have a clue whether the author is a dude or not.

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What is this even from? Actual series or omake?

>What is this even from?

>How do you feel about female mangaka?
They write some weird shit.

Is that last panel implying she gave in?

Never seen any good manga by a female mangaka. They very often come up with really good concepts, but within 20 chapters it turns into romance drama and doesn't go anywhere.

Full Metal Alchemist and Yamada-kun are frickin great. The characterization and humor are great. Coincidentally they are not shojo-manga.
Do you guys have any inkling what gender Tomo-chans author is?

I don't give a shit about the author's gender, but it's nice that female authors tend to not give their male MCs a harem of girls of different races and hair colors.

>but within 20 chapters it turns into romance drama and doesn't go anywhere
KnJ didn't do that

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>dat blushing horus
Oh my

You mean womangaka?

That's because they have to put out effort to write those kinds of things.


magi was one, so it can be alright

>a -453/10 manga was one
>this somehow proves that >5/10 exists

magi was cool tho

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From what I've seen they're pretty good. They're not just drawing shojo or josei either. There are several seinen series I like that are drawn by women. Don't know of too many shonen though but I'm sure there are. FMA for instance but that's been over for a while.

Some of my favorite manga are from them like Ryōko Kui and Kaoru Mori.
There's probably more older ones i'm just not thinking of at the moment.

Ending was kinda lackluster tho. How tf did Arba get away with everything, she was like Orochimaru 2.0.

Everything was lackluster and 2edgy at the same time. The art was average at best and the writing was unbearably awful. But this is nu/a/ so I guess this is what passes for OK around here.



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So what is this from?
Neither image gets me any search results.

I don't fell much of a difference between male and female mangaka honestly.

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ITT: Beta orbiters

It's usually incidental after the fact stuff where you only discover the author's identity after being curious since their works intrigued you. Not to mention that a lot of artists hide under pseudonyms

I don't know why I would have any particular feelings.

>nu/a/ who can't speak in anything but buzzwords calls others nu/a/
Keep trying

panpanya's male the last I heard.

Tkmiz's the one I'm never sure about. Both are plausible.

>you will never attempt to seduce a quiet artsy and eager to be famous mangaka in your office

Fullmetal Alchemist

Abe approves of female mangaka as long as they remember to MARRY AND REPRODUCE

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I like them. Houseki no Kuni is something I really like reading

Squandered a perfect opportunity to write “I need to have a mating with you”

It's not rape if she cums

This is pretty much the most rational answer

>he things women only write shoujo manga

Women write better shounen than men

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>Sasuga Kei
>Good porn, shitty cyclical plot

>Sasuga Kei
I wish

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Lurk moar
I've never seen these before this thread and I can still tell where they're from without looking anything up. Here's a hint: Fakku off

It doesn't matter as long as it's good
A lot of my favorite manga are by female authors

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I don't know the gender of at least half of the authors I follow

They sometimes draw really hot bodies in great sex scenes

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Female mangaka are a gift to the hentai community.

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The author of VK was a woman? That makes a lot of sense.

Does Shimimaru use her own body as reference?

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they're probably disgusting, especially the day before deadline, that area below their unwashed boobs must smell really bad haha

Are you high?

Some of them are good, see Dorohedoro, FMA, D Grayman, Magi, etc

But a lot of them are garbage

I don't think there's any more percent of shitty female mangaka than male.

What makes you think they don't wash?

Kimetsu no yaiba author is a female so they’re alright in my book

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Overwhelming approval. If one can make good shit like Dungeon Meshi, what is there not to love about the possibility of more such gems?

I used to be a male prostitute in tokyo, did 6 months, one mangaka hired me. She smelled weird before I bathe with her. Even made me read her newspaper strips.

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>Dungeon Meshi
>Witch Hat Atelier
What else?

Was she hoy?
>Implying you’re not bullshitting

Man, that manga is so good
Did she went hiatus or dropped, what the fuck happened?

>I used to be a male prostitute in tokyo

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Also the Magi mangaka sure did love drawing tits with nipple rings

Pretty sure Dasei 67% is still ongoing it's just scanned/released very irregularly

Full story please

>Franken Fran
Watamote is a guy/girl author split but I don't know if the girl writes the story at all, I think its the same thing with Promised Neverland

Yeah sure, but there are less great female authors than there are great male authors. May just be a % thing, but it's a thing nonetheless

Do you think this often happen? Imagine being Fukumaaya's editor

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Recently I don't even know if that's true, popularity sure but not sure about quality. But I don't have a large enough sample size to really say but just for me, most of the stuff I've been enjoying recently turn out to be made by women.

A lot of my favorite manga are written by female mangaka, so I tend to look forward to them.

Not to mention that they can draw the best bodies.

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Come on user, you can at least tell who she was.

Rumiko Takahashi, Arakawa, Ikeda, Ninomiya just to name a few: moral of the story, read some good manga faggot

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>ctrl-f ritz
>0 results
Come on Sup Forums.

I don't care. As long as they do a good work.
Same goes for male mangakas

Rumiko is not a good example of avoiding romance and drama.

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Japanese anons have met tkmiz in many events and shows.
He is a married 30-year old skinny man with no mental illness.

>with no mental illness
That's oddly specific.

I'd wife Mori Kaoru

Females have been consistently incompetent and insufferable in fields outside the kitchen, HOWEVER female mangakas are something else. Most are extremely good at drawing,but also the stories and depiction, respect. I don't read female authors because there's always a better book out there , with a male author, but in manga , this is not the case. Not to mention the porn is good and so are the stories.

female lit fic authors are always better then male genre fic male authors though, and there's pnly so much male lit fic until you run out the canon, so you don't much choice.

>white females have been consistently incompetent and insufferable in fields outside the kitchen

>inb4 the fake Japanese scientist girl even though male scientists have done this before too and she's only singled out because white people put a spotlight on Japan for some reason

You haven't read enough shitty shoujos/joseis or BL manga. That's okay, it's better that way for your innocence.

Sure smells a bit rotten here. Show yourselves, fujos.

I hate to be that guy, but sauce? I can only find the raw comic and I can't seem to pick out the artist.

Ye I gotchu since saucenao gives a long ass list of artists.
Sakurai Energy

Thanks user, wouldn't ask for it otherwise.

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Only problem is that the comic tiself is pretty much non-h and I can't find it on nhentai anymore. Probably on the panda though

Dang, all my favorite series pretty much

I was just more interested in the guy's art style more than the comic, but I'm going to try and root around for it

Post if you find it

You can find it on perfect dark, since you can't in sadpanda, because it's from wani, I think.

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There's a bunch of her stuff that's gated behind fakkushit so it's probably there, but I found the raw comic offsite. I could post that.

Title is "The Road to Adult Manga"

>Don't know of too many shonen though but I'm sure there are.
There are plenty, especially the ones from Kadokawa, Square Enix and Mag Garden.

Among the notable female shounen mangaka:
Rumiko Takahashi
Keiko Takemiya
Katsura Hoshino
Akira Amano
Yana Toboso
Jun Mochizuki
Nanae Kurono
Jinsei Kataoka
The mangaka of Kimetsu no Yaiba

decent amount of Sakurai Energy doujins have a page dedicated to cheeks, tongue, or teeth and it's fucking great

CLAMP is good.
Rumiko is good.
Akatsuki's LN is good.

That is all.

I like them because the female POV makes them overcompensate when doing little boy manga so they come off as hot blooded. Male artists are thirsty faggots who use any excuse to draw cute girls and it comes off as distracting in manga.