B: the Beginning

I just watched this. It was quite entertaining, and the juxtaposition of two different narrating planes was the interesting feature of this anime - after the excellent animation.
The ending of episode 12 foreshadows a season 2, and i really hope we are getting it, there is a serious lack of police procedural anime.
Also Lily A CUTE

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Neverthless there are still too many things left unexplored, it's clearly waiting for a season 2. Netflix should better not jew this one

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I can't understand if Yuna is a different being from koku. Aren't they all kind of copies of god? Or there are 13 children that are perfect (Yuna=4, Koku=13) and the others are imperfect copies?

They attempted to merge two completely separate genres, and were somehow less innovative. How the fuck do you manage to make two boring, trite finales at the same time?

They were not boring, but surely not unexpected. Although this is the "beginning", so i felt like this whole season 1 was a setup for other events, that's why I'm hoping in s2

>muh defying fate
>muh we're just alike villain monologue
>not boring

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the show didn't need that edgy power shit. sure maybe keep the reggies but i was more interested in the detective stuff. really reminded me of why psycho pass s1 was good

Specifically because the absurdly competent detective team was fun to watch interact. That's all you really needed. They should have kept birdman's plot happening in the background with only a hinted resolution.

What's entertaining is subjective. It was predictable, yet I found it enjoyable. Refrain your shitposting attitude, let's have a serious talk about this underdog show that needs to fight giants like VEG and Devilman Crybaby. I honestly feel bad for the creators, spend years for your project, than getting all attention stolen from KyoAnus and Yuasa.

Why would you feel bad that a trite show gets less attention than its betters?

>It's shit, and that's a good thing!

Keith Flick's plot wasn't that interesting until he met Koku. And the supernatural aspects that allowed Market Maker to exist and explained the Reggies was made it interesting. Kinda putting the carriage before the horse if you say it could have done without. The whole FMA Homunculus-style conspiracy that hooked you and I, and this also wouldn't have been possible without powers of the first few Reggies undertaking those crimes to expose Koku for Minatsuki's delusional beliefs. Canopus' role was to be level-headed voice of reason there to tell Koku not to be a fatalist.

>Refrain your shitposting attitude
>proceeds to try and start a "my show vs popular shows" argument
Countless artists spend years on projects and never recieve any appreciation or acknowledgement, I doubt that B: the Beginning stands out in this regard, and it's impossible to consider it the most unfairly treated in that regard.

Keith's plot wasn't interesting at all. It was the team of cops and their interactions that was fun. Everything else was as predictably dull as it comes.

Netflix has put out like half a dozen anime in the last few months that have gotten even less attention than this, because they're all shit. Why not feel pity for them and talk about Children of the Whale?

Koku's plotline was worthless. A lot of things were just threw on the wall for no real reason, in general. Remember when bullets made with blue flames could hurt the mutants? Yeah, the show doesn't either.

I saw an interview with the creators where they basically said they had full ability to do whatever they wanted so they just did everything. Too much money churns out garbage yet again.


Well I don't think Keith is the main character, but I thought it was..

If not for Keith, Koku might have believed the prophecy himself and caused it to be self-fulfilling because Minatsuki's higher ideals. In the end Koku thwarts him because of his growth in learning from Keith. The whole show is a commentary on the tenability yet fragility of various beliefs, and the inescapable reality that becomes of those who can't let go of their convictions. This is what Gilbert and Minatsuki both had in common.

tl;dr you can't have Koku winning without Keith.

Yeah, and Koku's plot was boring too.

I thought it was obvious the blue metal was because the Flick Sr had found a way to engineer the alloy in Koku's body. Koku is the original model. So of course Reggies are vulnerable, ala Homunculus in FMA. The question remains if the other children like Kisirame are vulnerable (Koku killed Izanami but he didn't start to vaporize immediately). I think that's why it wasn't brought up again. To leave some mystery open.

ok then

Actually this could be the thing that left me more disappointed. It's like I've watched half series, now i need the rest of it to appreciate it fully. Surely it can't stand on its own if the show concluded with the first season.

I'm just telling you the problem with the show is that it focused on two incredibly trite and well-worn plots instead of what it had which was good: a fun cast of hypercompetent cops.

I can't tell if you're agreeing with that guy saying it was bad or that it was good because it left you wanting more like a good show is supposed to.

I don't think the plot was trite or well-worn but I guess I understand if you watched it because the first few episodes had a GitS vibe. Maybe the second season will do more for them.

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>I don't think the plot was trite
Haha, what? Seriously? Every beat was completely predictable. I've seen this shit dozens of times.

Keith is the main character.

Name one (1) non-Production IG anime.

Why add on that caveat? Is the plot less trite for being more dominant in live action? Or for the fact that the show so obviously plagiarizes Psycho-pass?

The Keith/doctor guy story was basically the plot Monster, with Johan's main motivation being forcing Tenma to kill him.

No, I'm just saying that within studios you have the same people working on projects and good ideas are bound to be repurposed on another storyboard. Haven't watched Psycho-Pass yet.

Yeah, I thought this too, as I watched but I only sporadically watched Monster. Maybe you're right.

Well now I fully understand why you thought this was even remotely original

What the fuck are you even talking about, the only pointin common is the need to kill the other, but even there the inner reason are totally different

>want to fuck the hot skateboarder chick with the white hair and weird makeup , who gives MC her leg

>finds out it's not a girl

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I always figured anime would eventually turn me gay.

My brother would not believe me, but it was so obvious it was a trap the whole time

Koku and Yuna are the closest copies of the Winged Gods scientists have managed to create, though they are probably other copies who are not as close as them, hence the 1 - 13. Kirisame is probably one of these inferior copies.

As to why they're different - Koku only got most of his powers after literally incorporating parts of the other kids into himself, which Yuna probably hasn't done.

Reggies are literal trash results. Into the garbage they go (well until Market Maker happened).

They're not completely similar - like says each has different motivations for wanting to protag to kill them.

Gilbert's main goal with Keith has always been trying to bring Keith down to his level - first he attempted to make it so that Keith only found pleasure and fufillment in life through solving mysteries (like how Gilbert only found fufillment by killing), and when he finally goes off the deep end in the finale his last attempt at corruption is attempting to make Keith a murderer like he is (through his own death).

In Johan's case he just wants to die at Tenma's hands and take the world with him as a bonus. His manipulation and corrupting people around him is a just means to an end.