Anime adaptation when?

Anime adaptation when?

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Reika a cute

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(what is number 4 la)

What are you doing?

The Sup Forums roster poll for the upcoming Spring Babby Cup is now active, go vote for your roster, plus feel free to give your own ideas on what players we should include.

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Da wat.

help with 4 lad

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You need to be more showy

You know it's not gonna be sooner when there's ANOTHER REBOOT for Captain Tsubasa and another season of the Soccer Faggots (aka Inazuma Eleven)

Shame because Mai Ball is way better story overall

I'm going to say it'll get an anime in a year if Tsubasa sells well.

It has enough chapters for an anime.

A recent girls volleyball anime has a PV now.

Only a matter of time for girls soccer anime.

Ah yes, I too love Mai Ball's PLOT



Go back to

>A recent girls volleyball anime has a PV now.
Holy shit, source me!

Make Shimarin's bun a ball while you're at it

>can't even vote on gold player
Fucking retards

It's been Cowboy Bebop captain and Accelerator keeper for so long that almost no one wants to change it. So people voted to have them autoincluded and excluded from polling. It should be revisited at some point.

Can you not read?

Mi-TSUUUU is best girl.

no monkeys will vote some flavor of the season XD MEME girl in

If only.

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These are your new kits. You know you want to do it, Mitsuboshi Colors was as Sup Forums as it can be.
Shame I missed out on the nominations again, I'd love to try getting Killing Bites into the roster.

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Maybe in 2022 then, even though I just realized that there was no football show in 2014. Kind of a shame too because Giant Killing in 2010 was great.

>almost no one wants to change it
Almost no /4ccg/core retards want to change it. There, ftfy

Yes. 90% of the votes are /4ccg/ retards.

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They should change them. Some memes should get a chance to appear too.

Full team reboot (plus polling revamp) one day, hopefully.

Suggest something, then


It should've come this year, what with the World Cup and all. Hopefully if Japan actually do well this time it might have a better chance of getting adapted, the matches themselves would be great animated. Franklin was fucking exhausting in so many ways.

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Women's World Cup is next year, if they want to adapt this it should be either this year of next year.

Well it won't be this year, but hopefully in 2019. Given that Japan actually cares about the WWC maybe that'll help Mai Ball's chances.

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Are there any other ongoing soccer (Japan calls it soccer so fuck you Europe) manga?

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>This is what women's soccer looks like
Truly the beautiful game.

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Nice round things to play with

I'd let Reika play with my balls, etc etc.

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Any one else think she has a legit shot at Kuni? These recent chapters have been swaying in that direction.

Reika has had a lot more scenes with her fawning over Kunimitsu compared to Mai at least. I don't think she will win, but given Mai is over his charms and actually enjoying soccer now, I'd say Reika has a strong chance at the KuniCup.
I'd prefer best girl Mitsu to win though. It was nice seeing her be cute again.

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Picked up.

I wonder what happened to Mai kissing Kuni when she was nervous?

It's like they forgot

Playing soccer with her friends helped her overcome her nervousness.

Her love for her teamates is stronger than her nerves, plus she's actually enjoying her soccer now. RIP Mai; she never scored
She hasn't actually had a charm since Franklin I think? Other than Kuni's leg brace during Kuryuin. Mai's actually developed a lot so far, which is why Reika is still more defined by her crush on coach I guess.

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Because Reika is collected and mentally stronger than Mai. Also Kuni is the first person that figured out Reika holds back on what she does. Every match is usually mai doubting herself constantly like in the current match.

Mai definitely had more room to develop than Reika, but it's not like Reika has really had much of an arc yet either. Stuff is implied with her father and the no new teammates thing, but other than that it's mostly just Reika being untouchable.
Hopefully they get shredded by Kijinan and we get a training arc to make the team more balanced.

Thing is, last match clearly should have been Chidori's spotlight instead of including Mai. Just tired of seeing Mai get mopey because of her doubts every single match.


>80% open end
>15% Mai end
>5% Reika end

She better win.

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% open end
Don't even joke about that

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>100% Mitsu victory
The best girl deserves it.

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She hasn't even kiss Kunimitsu. How could she win? Mai ate the man alive at least 3 times.

Chicks sports are like the special Olympics but you’re supposed to unironically actually care

Anime about them is usually pretty fun though.

That is a weird way to write Rinka.

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She's not as good as the playmaking goddess, but Rinka deserves praise for being the only non-shit member of the backline at least.

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When the manga adds more mai kissu scenes.

Did they release the full results of that Animate Japan survey?

>kissing=ensured victory

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You mean this one?

1st - 10Dance
2nd - Fate/Strange Fake
3rd - Bloom Into You
4th - Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu
5th - Taishou Otome Otogibanashi
6th - Psyren
7th - Nogi Wakaba wa Yuusha de Aru
8th - The Promised Neverland
9th - Muhyo to Rouji no Mahouritsu Soudan Jimusho
10th - Umehara: Fighting Gamers!

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I mean for all and not just top 10. Mai Ball! was included in the list so I want to know if anyone other than me voted for it.

Been lacking on those, haven't we.

I want to read this series, but the painfully generic harem MC really ruins it for me.

I'm optimistec when I say that it's because the author is moving away from Mai's crush.

>but the painfully generic harem MC
1. he's not the MC
2. romance is virtually non-existent

I hope so



mai ball kit when

>painfully generic harem MC

Except he actually welcomes the challenge instead of complaining like you would see in another series. And he is not the MC. Also he burns the candle at both ends to wear the girls admire his leadership and resolve.

Seen pics of shirts on Twatter.

Tfw Reika will never handle mai balls

Purple Ritsu is so cute lads