Reminder than Miki × Miko is canon

Reminder than Miki × Miko is canon.


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Which one of them is a boy?


>a thread is now dead
>for /u/ shit
Mods ban this fucker

Yuri will rule the world.

Yeah how many threads do we need about some gay cartoon character?

>what is yurifag/yaoifag bait
Just because they tweeted something on Valentines Day and Tvtropes says they're gay doesn't make them canon. They probably meant the love each other platonically anyway

>They probably meant the love each other platonically anyway
The creators with this tweet confirmed that this wasn't the case.

They all die anyway, who cares.


Look, if you want to ship them that's fine. To each their own. But the fact remains that Miki is in love with Akira, not Miko

Nice headcanon here


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Have you never read the manga?

>BD sales arent great
>put shit like this on twitter

Miki never loved Akira, she loved Amon.
and in this Anime she's a lesbo.

If that's your interpretation then that's okay

I'm totally cool with that because my OTP is AkiraxRyo

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So what do people think about netflix employees marketing the cartoon on Sup Forums and twitter with the power of GAY?
Makes you excited for the future, yeah?

Crybaby isn't the manga. She loved Akira in the manga, but in Crybaby she familyzoned him at every opportunity while telling Miko she loved her. She's gay in Crybaby, but straight in the manga.

If that's your opinion, sure

This isn't a matter of opinion, it's literally what the show presents to you. It's not something that's open to different interpretations, unlike a lot of other aspects of the show.

Who gives a fuck? The shitskin one of the left literally takes miles and miles of dick just for fun. Why would you want a yuri pair with something like that? Just so the other girl can get a mouthful of second of jizz in her mouth?

>and in this Anime she's a lesbo.
Someone post that webm where she's fucking a dude, kills him, and then keeps fucking him.

That's Miko, you dumbfuck. Miko is bi. Miki is the one who loved Akira in the manga but is a lesbian in Crybaby.

He said Miki.

Most people disagree with you. A similar thread to this one cropped up maybe 4 days ago. Got to about 350-400 posts. At least 80% of people think it's platonic, though some said it might be one sided from Miko

Not him but most people are retarded. Between what happened in the show and the tweet in the OP it's pretty obvious what the intention was with Miki and Miko.

>it might be one sided from Miko
Miko's love for Miki is romantic. How the fuck can anyone argue this? That said, the Spanish dub used explicitly romantic terms for love whenever Miki reciprocated. This isn't ambiguous.


I really don't care if Miko is bi.

I didn't say I cared about them, just that people who argue this are retarded.

I wish I could have standards as low as yours.
Actually, wait, no I don't.

>implying she's just bi
Literal cock hungry slut. How's it fair to the other girl when her cunt is a gaping chasm?

In Japanese they use daisuki though, which is also used among friends.

Daisuki is used for romantic love way more than aishiteru in real life. Yes, it can also be used commonly among friends, but the fact that one of the dubs went for an explicitly romantic version of love (one that is actually common to use among real couples), makes it clear what they were going for.

ah yes, the "two girls can't be good friends without being lesbo" meme in anime

Except they're actually gay in this.

I mean love is used platonically too. In fact there's no other way to translate that word without it coming off the same in that situation.

How retarded do you have to be to try and argue that a spic dub effects canon? You do realize that dub authors don't confer with the actual creators, right?

And no, I don't give a shit about the shit skinned whore slut or whether she and the other girl are gay. You're just retarded for trying to use a spic dub as proof of something.

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One's just a slut who will fuck anything that moves.

I don't blame Sup Forums for being reactionary with how /u/shitters are 90% of the time but you literally have to be as delusional as a tumblrina to legitimately believe it was platonic.

Someone is being very projective and passive agressive over their non canon ship.

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Proved what? It’s literal promotion tweet for the show on Valentine’s day. It says nowhere that neither is couple. You are making your own judgement from tweet and trying to pass it as a truth, when in reality it really is nothing but promo to encourage people to watch the show.
That bait is so shit that doesn’t deserve a reply. How can someone be wrong about to get love interest correct.

I bet you think Diana and Akko are hopelessly in love with each other just because there's a promo material with the later teasing and pissing off the former

>Between what happened in the show and the tweet in the OP
>Platonic interactions and promo material for valentine's
So literally nothing?

Why are people so FUCKING AUTISTIC?
It literally doesn't fucking matter. Not the focus of the show at all.
None of you fags deserve Devilman and I feel sad for all of you.

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>How the fuck can anyone argue this?
By actually watching the fucking show.

>but the fact that one of the dubs went for an explicitly romantic version of love (one that is actually common to use among real couples)
If anything that proves that the Spanish dub is nothing but a rushed 3rd rate shit because the context was clearly a "Te quiero" and they failed hard in translating it.

>The most powerful demon aside from zenon and plot armor amon
>Jobs to 3 tinfoilhats humans with oversized lances

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Why didn't he just summoned his bois, Kars and Esidisi?

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it doesn't matter because Satan is best girl

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>It literally doesn't fucking matter.
Neither does anything else Tbh.

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It made me think if Guts would be able to defeat satan assuming neither of them has plot armors
same goes to if akira would be to kill gryffith

>if Guts would be able to defeat satan assuming neither of them has plot armors
With berserk armor, yeah. Though he would die too from bleeding out.
> if akira would be to kill gryffith
Depends on if Akira has any means to overcome the god hand aura fuckery. Also no point to do so because Gryffith is more kind towards humans than satan is

I mean I don’t mind this pairing but, you do realize literally the last thing Miki thought about before getting gangbanged to death was Akira right? Also the aftercredits bike scene.

she was heavenly specialized, those kind jobs to other heavenly specialized against them
had she other powers to rely on ...


Learn to read, mofo.

>Just so the other girl can get a mouthful of second of jizz in her mouth?

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> spanish
Girls say they love each other all the time, in a platonic way. It doesn't mean they're lesbians. You're overthinking it.

t. Someone who speaks spanish

Sorry to break this to you but girls can be affectionate towards each other and not be lesbians.

Oh god it really shows you have no idea about how the word "I love you" is used among, you know, close female friends. Girls say this a lot, all the time, without meaning anything but deep affection and appreciation for their friend. Miki and Miko said this to each other in a dire moment where they were unsure whether they'd see again or not. Of course they'd say something like that.

Also, Devilman crybaby isn't subtle at all. If they wanted to make them gay, they'd do it. But Miko is shown to masturbate to boys, fuck boys, and crush boys (and kill them afterwards). Miki brotherzones Akira at every moment, yes, but she also doesn't show romantic interest in anyone. If you want to stretch it, you could argue Miko is bi, but definitely not lesbian. Remember there's an actual gay dude in the show and they rub it in your face all the time, if they wanted to make Miko gay, they'd do the same as well. But it's always men she's attracted to.

It seems to me you fell for a really cheap bait. Even Ryo's feelings for Akira are more explicit than this.

>2 girls said i love you
>this means they are definitely lesbos

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"Te amo" fits perfectly well, too, and it's still platonic. They were both in danger, so it sounds much more dramatic than saying "te quiero".

I bet you think that girl that was humping her friend in joke in the second episode is a lesbian too.

How can that be canon when Miki gives Akira head in the end.

So what. Devilman's always been gay. Big deal.

Yuri truly is wonderful.
Not only because it is such a beautiful form of love, but because of how well it pushes autists into a mouth-foaming rage.

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