most of Sup Forumsnons and jap otakus who watch Darling in the FranXX probably look more like this than milkman

> most of Sup Forumsnons and jap otakus who watch Darling in the FranXX probably look more like this than milkman
does this mean they have a secret desire for being cucked?

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>Fatoshi acts like a retard and gets what he deserves
>Autistic nerds keep defending him and shitting on the girl who did nothing unreasonable

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Everyone who defends Kokoro is like Futoshi, the ultimate white knight.
Thus, everyone who hates Kokoro cannot be a fatty. Everyone who hates fatties cannot be a Kokoro fag.
It's not possible.

No I definitely look more akeen to Milkman. I don’t fault people we’re being unattractive/ugly but if you’re overweight and don’t have a very valid excuse for it other than I eat lots you should kill yourself, I mean it. Fatties should hang and yes they deserve to be cucked

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Can I get a quick rundown why faggots are triggered? I dont watch this show but am intrigued

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I'm thin and an asshole so I naturally empathize with Milkman.

We’re all little girls.

I don't care about Kokoro but I hate fat people so I liked this episode.

I'm actually a mature woman.

I'm willing to bet there are more skeletons than fatties in Sup Forums.

Only fatties are upset over this whole changing partner stuff, calling Kokoro slut whore and stuff. the ones having fun watching that loser suffers are normal-sized non-american user

Clingly Fatty who’s mech pilot partner is way out of his league volunteers to be MilkChad’s partner even after promising to be fatty’s partner literally a few minutes in the episode before leaving his fat ass

NTR that hits a little too close to home

>be a useless selfish edgelord, but as long as you are pretty, there will always be a girl, craving your dick

The girl partner of the character posted in the opening post willingly chose the rival character to the male main character.

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Some shows have normalfag filter episodes. This anime has a dweeb filter episode. All it means is that future threads will be that much more civil.

Marry Kill Fuck.

The useless fat fuck character that eats I. EVERY SINGKE SCENE got partnered up with a lesbian, while his girl that's interested in how babies are made got paired up with the arrogant male partner of said lesbian. Both pairs performed much better than they had previously, so people are saying fattie got cucked.

He had forced/guilted/"the implication" his partner into promising to always be with him by propositioning her while they were still in the goddamn mech prior to the swap, so people see it as Kokoro betraying him.

>only fatties
More like anyone who doesn't like typical 3DPD lying bitch woman behavior. In other words, the entirety of Sup Forums.
Now the only people defending Cockoro are roasties and whiteknights that don't belong here.

Nobody liked this character before it happened so why do they give a shit that he got dumped

>Character who is literally just there to be fat

The fat guys character is literally the show making fun of fat otakus who never improve themselves.

He makes his partner promise to stay with him forever. She dumps him a few minutes later for a confirmed Homosexual who isn't even that interested in her or NTR. Some people are very insecure and upset about this whole episode.

Pic related is how both of them reacted to being split up.

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>Kokoro's winning

I see this board still has good tastes

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I'm on Kokoro's side because I enjoy watching suffering of loser like fatoshi getting "his girl" stolen. same reason why I enjoy ntr H. I don't identify as the loser like bunch of you Sup Forumsnons who are on fatsohi's side.

As per usual with Franxx threads, most anons don't understand the points episode raised about relationships and either spout memes or argue over which of their self-inserts was completely and utterly right with no moral middle ground.

Pretty sure most people don't give a shit about the fatty.
They just hate lying whores.

rival character to the male main character means Mitsuru is the rival to Hiro.

>a girl promises to not leave a fat guy 2 times
>ntrs him literally at the next minute and jumps on the pretty edgelord's dick
>the fat guy shown as reliable and good pilot, but clingy and awkward, because he is a kid and it's his first crush
>the edgelord shown as incompetent crying bitch, who puts other in danger because he can't get over his kindergarten gay crush
>the girl almost suicides, when the edgelord refuses to have metaphorical sex with her

Kokoro did nothing wrong. Fatoshi put her on a pedestal and white knighted too hard, at least milkman is a faggot and only interested in reaching Hiro's level.
Funnily enough this episode makes the earlier "ntr" one with 02 much less severe since we now know milkman is hirosexual and only wanted to pilot with her in order to get his attention.
I don't know why fatoshi self inserters are even mad, Ikuno is cuter than Kokoro anyways and there's no reason she can't awaken to the appeal of cock

She has won the hearts of many

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>Kokoro winning

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What do you expect from Sup Forums my dude

When her other option is a fat clingy autist then yeah sure

Ok, I guess I missed a thread a while ago but why are we calling Mitsuru "milkman"?

Oh. Excuse my reading comprehension than

>the two selfish assholes deserve each other so they keep their nonsense contained within the shittiest robot.
It all works out in the end.

>fatoshi self inserters
Where the fuck are any of your retards even seeing this?
You don't need to give a fuck about the fatass to realize Whorekoro is a bitch.

Don't play with my feelings, you fucking SLUT!

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I actually look more like milkman.
Granted, I went up from 14 to 15% body fat, since I started this job, so I might need to dial it back on the checklane candy.

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I think it's pretty natural to get affected to someone, who's fighting with you monsters to death on a daily

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Because Ikuno isn't actually that sexy.
She wears glasses, has a huge forehead, is flat, and she doesn't even like guys.
She's like that plain otaku lesbian friend you have, who just hangs out with you after everyone else became a pair and is now happy together.

Sup Forums is a little bit too much invested in the last episode, don't you think?

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cause he was drinking a glass of milk in episode 1 or 2

>only fatties are mad

My money is on IRL fatties shitting on Futoshi harder than anyone else. Those fucks are masters of projection and self loathing like no one else.

Watch. If he manages to get /fit/ and better himself as a person they will just shitpost HARDER. Because now he'll have gone from an object of self loathing to a fictional character whose done something they can never do in the real world: get off their asses and fix their problems

He drinks milk

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The quick of it: Pretty girl dumps fatass for gay edgelord. He deserves it for being fat, but people here try to dress it up as something else like the good old personality meme, when it's blatantly apparent it's a matter of looks.

Is he gonna start eating even more due to the depression?

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You need a very high IQ to understand it at all.
I don't think Milkposting would be for you.

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how did you now?
pic related its me

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Futoshifags kept telling me how ripped he is.

Thanks. Going straight in the reaction faces folder.

I look more like Mitsuru (I am definitely not attractive in any way, but in terms of general looks and body type) but I still empathise with Futoshi more. I don't think it would have been better if Kokoro's relationship with Futoshi would have went on as it was, but I hate characters like Mitsuru (who reminds me of a typical shoujo love interest in terms of personality) and I hate characters like Kokoro (who reminds me of a typical shoujo heroine), so I don't want things for them to work out. That's what really bothers me. It's not so much that the pairing of Kokoro and Futoshi failed which bothers me but Kokoro and Mitsuru working out would bother me.

Finally someone who thinks reasonably. Sucks for Futoshi but at least he gets to straighten out the hot lesbian. I think he wins either way but I'm sure the writers have other plans for him and Ikuno

>muh strongfat

Doesn't mean you're owed affection in return

Yeah, there's something called a "work husband/wife" that people end up with...even if they're actually married already.
I think it's kinda indicative of how unnatural it is to have the home so far removed from the workplace.

Because he drank milk early on when people hadn't bothered remembering names, and in the U.S joking about infidelity with the milkman or mailman is fairly common since they visit every house in a neighborhood.

The fact milkman had NTR flags and actually followed through on them makes the name extra fitting.


>another milkman, whorekoro, and fatfaggot thread
Can someone make a thread that isn't destined to be shit?

Triple tie, what the hell.

I agree with everything except the last part. Genista is CUTE and doesn't deserve to be the sad kid this this shit divorce

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You could.

>Implying most Sup Forumsnons who watch Darling are not cute onis.
Speak for yourself.

>tfw becomes too fat to enter a FranxX
I don't think my sides would survive seeing that. Would be the best thing since alcoholic chinese electric batman that hits young girls.

Futoshi doesn't even need to straighten Ikuno out. Let them just be badass friends who make the best of their respective shitty situations. Then, as they improve, they realize how much easier it is to fight without having to carry around dead weight.

Make one yourself, you arsehole. But don't worry, everyone will post the same milkman, whorekoro and fatfaggot posts inside anyway, because it's just been two days since the episode aired, and people still wanna talk about it.

Bro look at my pecs I bet I can bench more than you lmaoo

Bro I played football in highschool that's why I'm so large now, I'm still strong

You know The Rock is technically obese according to BMI?

Yeah I'm large but it's all muscles don't worry


Do it yourself, lazy faggot.

>Like Ikuno alot
>Would probably hate her if I knew her IRL.
What do we call this phenomenon?

>All of them tying apart from Ikuno

I know 02 is obviously the most popular girl but why are all the girls in this show so good?
I mean everyone has complaints about different ones but it's still amazing.

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Its a heated contest

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>02 not included

Will Ichigo bullying ever make a comeback?

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irl dykes are disgusting

Futoshi did some pretty good moves with Chlorophytum on his first go

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This is the original


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>rival character
Bullshit, they were on good tedms, milkman was even concerned about fatty being fucked over. If anybody doesnt deserves any blame for this, it's him.

kokoro should be last

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>466 votes
lmao, this is so "legit"

Don't you need to be rich to be a fatty? I'm certainly not /fit/ but I don't have enough disposable income to like fatoshi. I thought that'd be more indicative of the crowd here.


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Its a month old poll

Speak for yourself you fat whale

Miku a best! Best!

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At what point does it stop being an homage and start being a ripoff?

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Dead and buried.

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Hold the fuck up
I've seen that flower in my backyard.
Why is some shitty South African flower in a Franxx thread.

It's unrealistic to ask a fat kid to hang himself you should know this by now

thats literally real life, my dude

Two irrelevant characters got involved in NTR, people care because the show has been all about boring filler for 5 episodes

It's time to move on user. She suffered enough. It's time to support her fledgling relationship with Gobro