Koi wa ameagari no you ni

thoughts on this anime?

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how did it end?

It was 8/10, but ever since the ending of the manga was spoiled I've lost most interest in it unfortunately.

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I didn't know the anime ended already, but the manga did.. i would like to know how this endedddd

>there are people who unironically say that the ending is good becuase its "realistic"
always gotta love these mental gymnastics. now only does fiction exist to give you joy and not be realistic, but in this very case a good ending wouldnt even have been unrealistic. why does every single mongoloid associate unlikely with realism? we had this exact same shit with tsuki ga kirei where people claimed that long distance relationships arent actually a thing. i sincerely hope that theyll go for an anime original ending, because fuck the manga ending.

Atmospheric anime, easily AOTS for me.

knowing how the manga ends ruined the series for me, it's amazing on it's own, but the ending trashes it all

My AOTS, and one of my favorite manga ever.

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The OP already has a special place in my heart. Not only is the song absolutely impeccable, but the visuals are fantastic, too.

Amazing netorare. 10/10

I love it, and I liked the manga ending. Kondo is a great character.

I run from spoilers so it still got me hooked.

Very good. Honestly don't get the issue with the ending, it was obvious this wasn't going to be about the romance from the start.

Kondo's middle-aged bitterness and his interactions with the writer are the best part of the series.

agree, he was so cute desu

Yeah, I love Kondo so much.

he's so cute
nice character

Solid 7/10, great characters that actually acted in reasonable ways, which js almost rare in nowadays romance shows. Both Akira's and Tenchou's chara development were interesting to watch.

Yeah, he is so sweet and charming.

Honestly thought it was a lot better than the manga (which is saying a lot because the source material is really good too). It looked great, the sound track was really memorable, and the characters were all quiet charming. Its not your usual romance, but I think it was an interesting take on the genre and the subject of age-gap relationships in general.

Can't express how, but i feel the same

AOTS by far, props to WIT for this fantastic adaptation I dind't have any hope for this anime before watching it.

this, would have better if manga didn't exist

Anime was great, manga went to shit.


Still watching, still loving.
Haven't read the manga before. Hearing people mutter about the ending is starting to scare me but my hopes are still high.

Honestly, dont bother with the manga. It will disappoint you. Stick to the anime, that way it will stay 10/10 for sure.

Will we get season 2?

No way. The anime has already been skipping ahead a lot and pulling stuff from chapters really late in the manga. Sure, there's still a lot of content they haven't covered in the anime but they could never write as coherent of a story as they've done up to this point. And I don't think KoiAme is a series that would work as a meaningless slice of life without proper story/theme to back it up.

I would guess there's going to be an anime-original open end that hints towards how the manga ended but doesn't go as far because the manga had 80 chapters of buildup behind it and there's just no way the anime would rush it all in one episode.

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>fiction exist solely to give you joy
Nice meme.

If you view manga as anything but cheap entertainment you should reconsider your life choices.

Maybe you should read better manga.

Name a single manga that stacks up to actual novels in anything but low brow entertainment. Even stuff like punpun would just be considered mediocre for an actual novel.

And that's not even considering that stuff like koi wa ameagari no you ni is basically the light novel version of young adult literature. If you read this for anything deeper than just straight up fun, I recommend you to pick up an actual book.

There is no reason you can't do both.

are you suggesting mangaka aren't allowed to pursue their personal interest?

anime adaptation today is just marketing. especially in this case where they release a highly polarized ending without considering that the tv run is not over.

So how it ends?.

Is it true that the author fucked off from the internet after the backlash she got for the ending? I mean, if you're going to decide an ending for your own story, at least stand by your decision instead of running away.

responsible adult route. it's well within expectation since it's been hinted from the first third or so but the backlash cant be blamed either since the execution is quite mediocre

>Is it true that the author fucked off from the internet after the backlash she got for the ending?
She deleted her blog, she's still tweeted a few times since then.

>wait the entire season to ask about an anime that had threads daily for three months
Why do you faggots do this

The issue is that if you've seen something done very well, inferior execution will just stop you from enjoying it.
I'm not trying to be mean or condescending here, but I'm pretty certain that if you enjoyed this manga on any other level than on a "pure" enjoyment one, you're probably lacking some experience.
Of course, I'm willing to be proven wrong. But what did you exactly like about it?

>are you suggesting mangaka aren't allowed to pursue their personal interest?
what? I legitimately don't understand how you could come to that conclusion based on what I've said.

Yes. She's a fucking coward.

I haven't actually read this manga.

It's a bad slice of life masquerading as a romance.

youre statement that all manga should be low brow wish fulfilment/happy ending doesn't strike you as an attempt to impose restriction on creative rights? i hate shit like pointless drama but i dont say stuff like "it shouldn't be allowed", i just avoid/drop them. it's always better to have options. and just because manga/anime is shallow in general doesn't mean creators shouldn't try

I think you should reread my original statement.
I've stated nothing but that if you're reading manga for something different than enjoyment, you should probably read actual books instead.
I'm not saying anything about how it should be, but simply how it is. If there ever comes out a manga that I consider on par with the actual greats I will gladly recant this.

Also, there is a difference between something being low brow wish fulfillment and low brow entertainment. I'm not saying that all you should ever read is isekai LNs.

Definitely my favorite from the season

I'm dreading this whole week knowing it's about to end. Dark times lads

Solid 8/10; and the director should get a reward. this one was easily the best directed anime of the season.

What do you mean by 'stacking up to actual novels'. Have you been in a bookstore lately? You seem to be operating under the assumption that there isn't a ton of really shitty literature in circulation. This is also an incredibly asinine comparison when you consider that manga isn't a genre of novel, its an entirely different fucking medium. That'd be like saying that a painting is better than a television show. How can you possibly make that comparison? The only possible comparison you can make is between manga and graphic novels, and there are absolutely a few graphic novels out there which are regarded as literary classics.

do they even kiss once or anything like that, or is the hug the furthest they go lol

How would kissing be the responsible thing to do?

what if they need to pilot a franxx, kissing sometimes helps then

non-sexual hug is the furthest they go.

Only dumb broads like the ending.

Just imagine if they did get together, it's just going to be repetitive endless drama about muh societal norm until Akira looks mature enough. No thanks, I'm fine with this ending and how this story was tackled.

His internal monologue in episode 7 still gets to me until today. It was such a powerful moment

Manager falls in love with her. He starts writing again. She goes back to running, realizing she never really loved him. They don't end up together. The End.

>Age gap couples are a big deal
>In Japan
Dumb broad.

>realizing she never really loved him
i could never agree with this. in the last panel she appeared in she was holding his umbrella, kondou mattered to her, she did love him.

I guess the ultimate question is why are you on Sup Forums when you obviously should be in /lit/, circlejerking about Dostojevsky and Dickens?

What I'm trying to say is, fuck off.

Sometimes I wonder if my decision to not commit suicide was a wise one

P/dos are, dimwit.

>Manager falls in love with her.
This still fucks me up. Kondo is such a romanchikku

He's jack shit. He's a divorced faggot who only sees his son on weekends, has a shitty job and will never go anywhere.

Because he thinks it's easier to pretend to be intelligent for completing his high school required reading here, and that no one here has read any "real literature".

I think what I'm most mad about with the ending is how the tables have turned more than how they didn't get together. It's how Kondo, a perfectly good person with ambitions and principles yet with understandable imperfections got dumped all over again. Akira is fucking a bitch

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I would argue that Kokou no Hitou is up there, even if it's not Dostoevsky-tier. The initial volumes are weak, but after the artist takes over the story it really becomes amazing.

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You'd think being married to someone who shares the same passion as you would understand your desires but no his ex wife is shit for not being there for him probably got snatched away by some chad and just dumped Kondo's ass. I don't get your hating

Poor tenchou just isn't made for having a waifu.

>r9k didn't read
kondou was the one who dumped/pushed akira away. all she did was hit her breaking point.

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Animeonly here, but apparently Kondo falls in love with her later in the manga. Why pull something like that if they're not going to get together anyway? If the story wasn't about romance, and the author thought that age-gap love was inappropriate, why even make him fall in love?

That was in the beginning, which just proves how principled Kondo was. When the manager began harboring feelings towards her she got distracted by track and fields again. Goes to show how she just used him to funnel her frustration with not being able to run to someone.

i dont agree with the user you're quoting but please stop, youre embarrassing me saying climber is on par with karamazov. just enjoy it for what it is

to add impact. if he didn't love her, his decision to prioritize her future instead of his desire would be less admirable.

im quite certain she was inclined into track and field again because kondou purposefully had his writing fervor reignited, causing him to spend less time with her. that qualifies as pushing someone away in my book, much like a husband who prioritize work over family

I literally said it wasn't on par with karamazov, in fact I actually implied it wasn't even close but okay. I guess reading comprehension is hard.

oh shit my bad, just woke up after hangover

It was easily the best show this season but the ending literally killed all interest.

The ED is better than the OP

How is he a great character? He's just an oblivious adult with writers block. Wow such a good character. Same with the other characters really.

They're both excellent, but the ED with aimer is really something else.

anime-only here but how was it obvious at all? The beginning of the show clearly states that Akira is in loved with him.

Agreed. Really tugs at your heart strings

>shinji is just some teenage faggot with daddy issues
>guts is just some crazy homeless guy with a bunch of dead friends

you can do this with any character, congrats

>Genre: Seinen

I didn't think I would actually say this someday but I really want an anime original ending now. I don't want to see this face animated ;_;.

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pedofags BTFO!!!!! Grorious nippon will always remind you that being a pedo is sick and should not be accepted in society

You left out the romance part..

Don't pretend you didn't jack off to this shit too specially the hug and self inserted as Kondo because Kondo attracted that virgin tight pussy by just being himself.

This is retarded. The genre gives you an idea of what the plot is about, not the ending. Sundome is a seinen romance and look how that ends up

Just saying the plot would call for a shoujo genre if they went full blown romance

The author wasn't trying to setup an environment for the pair to be a couple in the future and was just avoiding the issue about age gap on a whole re: Akira not wanting to talk about her relationship/feelings with the manager.

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I think this answer you

Kondo is a prime example of an alpha.

I didn't notice Kondo's arm looked wet here

When's the date for the soundtrack? I need that instrumental ED version

i dont agree with him about it's obviously not about romance but even since ep1 we had clear indications that her love isnt as simple as age gap.

another thing is, even if the author's blogpost about koi not referring to interpersonal love is true, her depiction of akira's behaviour conflict strongly with it. im against the whole "akira is just using kondou" since while what we see of her may be immature, immaturity is not synonymous with insincerity which is why she behaved in this manner.

they all died

Did you even read the manga? He is the one who rejected her, also at the end.