Dragon Ball Super

This saiyan in the upcoming movie is using the legendary/berserker/green super saiyan god form.

We know this line of forms is >> normal ssj forms

So a lssg should have the power to fight MUI Goku

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>This saiyan in the upcoming movie is using the legendary/berserker/green super saiyan god form.
No he isn't
No green hair

>No green hair
He hasn't transform yet but his aura is green. If he was just evil they would use a purpler aura.

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It's broly 2.0

Would he be related to Kale? Since she also has green ki.

Worship me filthy ningen.

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lssj is not canon

>If he was just evil they would use a purpler aura.

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U7 version of kale, not relaalted directly. This new guy is meant to replace broly permanently.

it is now

Doesn't matter, they'll just ask Jiren for help.

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>U6 saiyans loses their tails due to evolution
What kind of shitty upgrade is this?

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no, it has nothing to do with kale.

>Killer for hire
>Not evil

Jiren is weak now that he has started trusting friends. He's probably around ss3 level now but can improve from here along gokus line (trust, friendship)


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>J-Jiren is weak now

t. Toppo

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What the fuck am I looking at?

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>what rubbish


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how do you have a movie about the history of the saiyans without this saiyan?

Looks like someone needs to be punished.

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Furries ruin the tournament.

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>even the place where they hold their celebrations looks like a blasted wasteland

ZAMASU was right, remove the ningens

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because he got killed by a scholar who doesnt like fighting

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Frieza a cute. CUTE!

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Same one humans went through, just google Coccyx and vestigial tail.
Yes, this means saiyans are now oficially space humans.

Note is pure!

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>oh boi here i go killing again

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Pure she is... NOT

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So in the end, who WAS the Limit-Breaker X Survivor?

He is 56% saiyan.

I want to breed that rabbit


Limit Breaker is Goku because he surpassed his limits
X is Freeza because he was the wild card of the tourney
Survivor is 17 because everyone thought he had died.

U7 was the survivor, Jiren was the limit breaker, he broke past the limitations of his flawed ideology and attained that which exists beyond strength.

Or Goku is the limit breaker and the survivor is 17, and this is setting up a gay romance for the next series.

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Can we all agree that the ToP was great for Vegetafags

>for the first time he has access to a transformation Goku doesn't have
>Is the only known mortal that ever defeated a GoD in combat

I know Belmod admitted Jiren is stronger than him, but he didn't said anything about having fought Jiren in the past so maybe he just figured out that Jiren is more powerful than him

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Why did the furryverse get the best looking shot?

Toei knows their furry audience.

>for the first time he has access to a transformation Goku doesn't have


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>but he beat Toppo!

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>Frieza and Goku had to suicide tackle him out of bounds to finally deal with him
Why is he so damn strong?

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So will Frieza be smarter about ruling the universe this time around? He seems to have become wiser even though his goals are the same

>there was no plot to overthrow the gods
>el grande padre wasn't evil
>angels aren't evil
>nobody pulling on the strings of the zenos
>Vegeta had 1 good moment then got jealous of the Goku+Freezer teamwork
>no android potara fusion like Whis hinted at
>Jiren is just a strong asshole and nothing else
>tons of spoilers months in advance
>everything was undone at the end like most anons predicted

May as well have been GT 2.0 except with cool ranch saiyans

Why does universe 11 look so nice?

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5th highest mortal level.

>please kiss my wife for me bejita sama

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If he got royal cuck before incomplete UI it would have been great. But since Goku got UI first, then Vegeta only got a lesser form, born to be outdated

I thought they were gonna reveal that but literally just Sasuke syndrome: training plus trauma.

City scape universe

I wish the rabbit and dyspo had hooked up. Can you imagine them going at it in the middle of the ToP

Admit it, whether you like it or not, she was the best thing about this arc.

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I'm gonna be upset if he tries to fuck with Earth again. Fucking learn your lesson, Frieza

>dead thread for a dead series

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i'm not a footfag but Jiren's toes are weird

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If I were frieza I'd try to find new planet namek immediately and forget about earth


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>Jiren is SS3 level now
Are... are you fucking joking? You don't magically lose power just from learning to trust people again.

What you watching/reading
now that DBS has finished?

he doesn't speak namekian language so he can't use the namekian dragon balls anyway

Why is Sorrel the only one smiling?

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>Yamoshi will steal his god form in the movie

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Man... Sidra and his supreme Kai look so fucking sad.

Lots of autism, and he never skipped neck day which made it really easy for his neck muscles to absorb the energy of blows to his head.

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So the manga vs anime fags were the first to go.

she is the only one that is stupid enough to not realize the fact that being erased is better than living in the Africa of the universes

My hero academia and darling in the franxx. I had to migrate to series with similar amounts of shitposting.

>decides to copy Goku's routine but with a twist: go around the universe beating up civilizations and making the toughest people of that planet into his friends and parts of his army.
>he has his own Dragon Ball F side series of adventures, but without any positive message at the end

Why do people even care about new forms? Pretty much every one of them is just a stronger version of the previous one with merely aesthetic changes. Ultra instinct was the only one with actual originality by making goku's fighting style have more dodging, but even that was quickly changed and MUI turned out to be generic as fuck.

Kill yourself franxx shitter.

She's just a positive bunny

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That's cool artwork.

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Sorry for hurting your feelings, buddy.

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When BTFO'd? I guess.

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In the end he just gets btfo by Goku and the gang again. That is forever the fate of the lizardboi.

It also has beam surfing apparently which is cool

Actually it was the Gohanfags they fled as soon as U6 got revived

The furry enjoy seeing destruction.

I dunno, if he's pulling the same power up bullshit while fucking around in space that Goku does, he could be getting stronger

>Kefla is literally one of TWO people who made Goku have to go into his ultra hax mode to beat her
>call it getting 'btfo'
Nah senpai, she just lost. Goku had to go cheat mode to beat her.

>That's why the saiyan villain in the movie is wearing frieza armor

What a madman

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fuckin neck

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I guess the cutegang won in the end. As expected

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I expect the new Saiyan to be Freeza's new right hand man.
He probably gets wind of Goku and decides to challenge him for the titel of the strongest saiyan.

Captain Tsubasa done by David Prod.
Tokyo Ghoul S3
Hero Academia Season 3

anyone who needs to scream they won, lost.

The two were taking too much screen time. Goku was /ourboy/ that day for removing them.

>Goku and the Gang go to another planet for vacation
>turns out Frieza has conquered every planet in the universe except for Earth, which he just sort of skips around
>the Saiyan in Frieza armor didn't pay attention to the no fly zones


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>mfw necklets

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These are /ourguys/, soon to be the post EoZ main cast. Say something nice about them.

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That aint shit to jiren

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